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  • Saturday, September 13, 2008

    Latest Trends in Plastic Surgery

    Well there has been a lot of changes in the plastic surgery field, I'll be updating the blog frequently now. The latest "trend" these days is a couple undergoing surgery together.

    • AAFPRS shows that the majority of people look for an experienced, certified facial plastic surgeon over general practitioners when it comes to facial plastic surgery.
    • According to American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the top five surgery procedures back in 2007 are:
      Breast augmentation (347,500)
      Liposuction (302,000)
      Nose reshaping (285,000)
      Eyelid surgery (241,000)
      Tummy Tuck (148,000) (this is the data for US)
    • For Non-Surgical treatments, the list goes:

    Fillers like Restylane
    Laser hair removal
    Intense pulse light therapies

    well a lot of catch up to do.. thank you everyone for reading my blog.

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    1. It is pretty amazing how Botox has become so popular in the 8 years since the FDA approved it for treating frown lines. Unlike with the fillers which are represented by over a dozen well known brands, Botox seems to be the only major muscle paralytic on the market at this time. I wonder if we will see a competing product in the next few years or of Botox is here to stay in the #1 slot.

      Daisy McCarty
      San Diego Plastic Surgery


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