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  • Saturday, November 1, 2008

    Sex Change Surgery Before and After

    I got this info page from and I thought it would be helpful to my visitors who're here looking for information and pictures of sex change surgery. So I made it my blog post.
    Beginnings of Sex Reassignment Surgery in Japan

    By Takamatsu Ako, M.D., Harashina Takao, M.D., Inoue Yoshiharu, M.D., Kinoshita Katsuyuki, M.D.**, Ishihara Osamu, M.D.**, Uchijima Yutaka, M.D.* **Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Gynecology*, Urology**, Saitama Medical Center, Saitama Medical School, Japan


    The first sex reassignment surgery (SRS) performed officially in Japan - for a female-to-male (FtM) person in 1998 and for a male-to-female (MtF) person in 1999 - are reported. For the FtM, two-stage conversion was applied. In the first operation, salpingo-oophorectomy, hysterectomy, colpectomy, metoidioplasty, and mastectomy were performed. A free flap phalloplasty with the deltoid flap is planned as the second stage. For the MtF, one-stage neovaginoplasty was performed by penile skin inversion technique with sensate pedicled neoclitoplasty.


    Japan, which is considered to be one of the world's most advanced countries in terms of its economy, technology, industry, and medicine, has long been in the dark ages regarding people who suffer from gender dysphoria. In July 1996, the Ethics Committee of Saitama Medical School submitted a report, at our request, on surgical treatment for transsexual patients. The report acknowledges that transsexualism exists and that treating transsexual patients can be regarded as a justifiable medical activity. The report was made public by mass media. In 1997, the medical guidelines for transgender persons were issued by the Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology, with some modifications of the Standards of Care of the Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association. We organized a medical team composed of psychiatrists, a sexologist, endocrinologists, gynecologists, urologists, and plastic surgeons.

    This is a report of the first sex reassignment surgeries (SRSs) officially performed in Japan: one for a FtM person in 1998 and one for a MtF person in 1999. Diagnosis, preparatory psychotherapy, and hormonal therapy were carried out according to the above-mentioned guidelines.


    SRS for a Female-to-Male Transsexual

    In the first operation, regarded as the first stage in the two-stage conversion, bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy, hysterectomy, colpectomy, metoidioplasty, and mastectomy were performed.

    First, the gynecologists performed a transabdominal oophoro-hysterectomy. Then they began to elevate the anterior vaginal flap through the abdominal approach. The elevation was completed transvaginally, just to the dorsal part of the urethral orifice, by plastic surgeons. The vaginal mucosa was resected, and colpocleisis was accomplished. After the abdominal wall was closed, we performed a metoidioplasty, as advocated by Hage (1996). By resection of the chordee, the clitoral shaft was released and abdominally advanced. The neourethra was constructed by suturing the vestibular skin, the vaginal mucosal flap and the labial flap around the urethral catheter in a watertight fashion (Figures 1, 2). A suprapubic cystostomy was performed and the urethral catheter was removed.

    Figure 1 Figure 2
    vaginal pipe insertion

    For the bilateral mastectomy, we used a modification of the concentric-circle periareoral de-epithelization technique reported by Davidson (1979). Resection of the breast gland and reduction of the nipple were performed by the transareolar approach described by Pitanguy (1966) and Hage and Bloem (1995) (Figures 3, 4).

    Figure 3 Figure 4
    breast reconstruction

    The estimated blood loss was 740 ml, and the total operating time was 6 hours. The postoperative course was completely uneventful. The suprapubic catheter was left in place for 7 days. The total hospital stay was 14 days.

    We are planning a free-flap phalloplasty as the second stage of the conversion. The patient desires the phalloplasty but at this time cannot afford the necessary fee which will amount to 2,500,000 yen (US$25,000).

    SRS for a Male-to-Female Transsexual

    A one-stage operation was performed in June 1999. The operative technique involved the following procedures: bilateral orchiectomy and penectomy followed by vaginoplasty, clitoroplasty, and vulvoplasty.

    For the vaginoplasty, we employed a modification of the abdominally pedicled penile-skin-inversion technique added by a triangular perineal skin flap (Karim, Hage and Mulder, 1996). A dorsally based triangular perineal flap measuring about 10 cm long and 4 cm wide was used to line the posterior wall of the neovagina and widen the introitus (Figure 5). The testes were isolated and then removed with a double ligation of the spermatic cord at the level of the external inguinal rings. The skin of the penile shaft was mobilized from the corpora up to the level of the corona. A circumcising skin incision was made at the corona, completely denuding the penis of its skin and leaving the glans penis attached to the corpora (Figure 6).

    Figure 5 Figure 6
    shaping the vagina sex change surgery picture

    The dorsal part of the glans penis was used as a clitoris. Sensate pedicled neoclitoplasty using the reduced glans, which remained attached to its dorsal penile neurovascular pedicle, was performed (Brown, 1976). The corpora cavernosa were resected to prevent postoperative pain due to erection of the remaining corpora tissues.

    A neovaginal cavity was created by dissection between the two layers of Denonvillier's fascia using a laparoscope placed in the abdomen as a guide. The created neovaginal depth was approximately 10 cm.

    The lower abdominal skin flap was dissected to about the level of the umbilicus, and this advancement of the flap in the inferior and posterior direction made it possible for the base of the penile skin tube to overlie the introitus of the neovagina. The perineal triangular flap was sutured to the posterior wall of the penile skin tube and the widened tube was then inverted to line the neovaginal cavity. The skin flap was incised in the middle and the urethra was brought out through the buttonhole and amputated at the urogenital diaphragm level. The urethral stump and neurovascular pedicled neoclitoris were sutured to the skin with interrupted sutures. A soft, individually selected urethane mold, placed in a condom, was inserted into the neovagina, and the mold was securely sutured to the perineum to prevent prolapse (Figure 7).

    Figure 7 Figure 8
    SRS surgery M to F result of penis to vagina

    The estimated blood loss was 760 ml and no transfusion was necessary. The postoperative course was uneventful and the patient was discharged on the eighth postoperative day. She wore the dilating stent every day for 3 months postoperatively; nevertheless, the neovagina decreased in depth to 6 cm and in diameter to two fingers' width. The neoclitoris was found to have returned to a normal level of sensation (Figure 8). The patient has returned to her previous occupation.


    We believe that most FtM transsexuals desire closure of the vagina. However, we recognize the different view of some surgeons who consider the risk benefit to be rather high. Their reasoning is that most patients are not necessarily aware of the presence of the vagina because of decreased discharge after hysterectomy and atrophied mucosa due to long-term hormone therapy. We have found vaginectomy to be technically difficult and bloody and autotransfusion has a valuable place here. We have also found the vaginas of the Japanese FtM transsexuals we have examined to be very narrow compared with those we have observed elsewhere, so we have chosen to do transabdominal hysterectomies. The other advantage of the transabdominal approach is that the partial elevation of a sufficient size of the anterior vaginal flap and vaginectomy can be carried out from above, under direct vision (Figure 9).

    Figure 9 Figure 10

    sex change surgery image
    vagina turned to penis Figure 11

    In SRS for MtF transsexuals, we employed a laparoscope to assist in dissecting the vaginal cavity. Its light can help avoid injury to the prostate and rectum and can provide a direct view of the vaginal cavity up to the peritoneum.

    We are planning a free-flap phalloplasty as the second stage of the FtM SRS (Figure 10). We have experienced 13 cases of deltoid flap and 5 cases of forearm-flap phalloplasties in non- transsexual patients during the past 15 years (Figure 11). These techniques always result in extensive scarring of the donor area. Our first choice of donor site for phallic construction is the deltoid flap (Harashina et al.,1990) because it results in less morbidity in the donor site, is a true sensory flap, has hairless skin, and is less likely to result in atrophy of the neophallus. However, this technique may be technically more difficult than that with the forearm flap, and it may be impossible to make a roll on obese patients. We think the deltoid flap is especially suitable for Japanese FtM patients because they generally are not obese. In fact, they usually try to reduce their weight so that they will not be regarded as females.

    At the time of writing this paper, we have performed six SRSs: one for MtF and five for FtM. Four of the five FtM patients had already undergone mastectomies elsewhere. The SRSs were performed at the Gender Clinic of Saitama Medical Center, which was the only provider of transgender-specific health services in Japan as of March 2000. In total, over 400 clients have visited our clinic since the first patient arrived in 1992, and about 100 new gender dysphoric clients have been seen each year. Sixty percent of them seek SRS. While there are many candidates, we take our time before performing surgery because there are very few psychiatric specialists in this field in Japan and we must apply for permission from our ethics committee in each case.


    The first SRS operation in Japan was affirmatively reported all over the country and there was actually no public criticism. The operation was an historic turning point for the proper understanding of Gender Identity Disorder in our country.

    We are just on the starting line. Many issues remain to be resolved in promoting the welfare of our patients. Whereas public interest is steadily increasing and some acknowledgement of SRS seems to have become established, there is still no policy regarding health insurance and legislation for those who have undergone the procedure. SRS is not covered by National Health Insurance, and postoperative persons cannot yet change any of their documents. Our team is still the only practising gender surgery team in Japan, although two other teams are now being organized. Despite these difficulties, the role of SRS, performed justifiably, is becoming more prominent in the treatment of transsexualism in Japan.


    Brown, J. (1976) Creation of a functional clitoris and aesthetically pleasing introitus in sex conversion. In Marchac, D. (Ed.), Transactions of the 6th International Congress of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Paris: Masson, pp. 654-655.

    Davidson, B. A. (1979) Concentric circle operation for massive gynecomastia to excise the redundant skin. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, 63: 350-354.

    Hage, J.J. (1996) Metoidioplasty: An alternative phalloplasty technique in transsexuals. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, 97: 161-167.

    Hage, J. J., Bloem J.J.A.M. (1995) Chest wall contouring for female-to-male transsexuals: Amsterdam experience. Annals of Plastic Surgery, 34: 59-66.

    Harashina T., Inoue T., et al. (1990) Reconstruction of penis with free deltoid flap. British Journal of Plastic Surgery, 43: 217-222.

    Karim, R.B., Hage J. J., and Mulder J. W. (1996) Neovaginoplasty in male transsexuals: Review of surgical techniques and recommendations regarding their eligibility. Annals of Plastic Surgery, 37: 669-675.

    Pitanguy, I. (1966) Transareolar incision for gynecomastia. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, 38: 414-419.


    We are grateful to Doctor Joris J. Hage in the Netherlands for his valuable help in accomplishing this task.


    1. These people who go through sex change operations obviously have very brave, courageous and strong spirits. I wish them all the best and a life filled with lots of love and happiness.


    3. I Think that those women who have gone through their SRS are very brave and inspiring to me. Transexual women are special people in my heart.

    4. This is extremely unnatural and it is an abomination unto God!!! You might be able to snip and clip your genitals but that won't change your DNA and who you will always be because of that!!!

    5. For the bible thumper above. What about intersex conditions where XX men and XY women exist? What about XY women with Swyer's Syndrome who can bear, with the help of hormones and donated ova, children. They do have a uterus. How about males with XXXXY chromosomes. As far as I can surmise the bible is silent on people born with the above conditions. Remember...when you point the finger at someone else maybe you should check out your own closet first. Jesus did say "...why do you look at the speck in your brother's eye, but do not perceive the plank in your own eye?"

    6. If a procedure will make someone feel whole and complete with themselves and finally happy - a few months of pain and a surgery is nothing in comparison to living an unhappy life in a body that is not yours. If it's what they desire, by all means it's something they should pursue after it is researched and well thought out. Best of luck to all who are contemplating this issue.

    7. This is not right..God put you on this planet as a man or women for a reason...even if you dont feel right...

    8. what makes some of you think you can speak for God?
      the same God that, according to your Bible, allowed his 'chosen' people to have sex with their own daughters in order to have children?
      didn't Jesus' own family line have a prostitute?
      how dare you judge someone!
      how dare you speak for a God who loves unconditionally!
      go preach to rapists!

    9. First of all... What are you bible thumpers doing on this site to begin with? Second... I believe in evulution, which means I believe in the development of mankind through billions of years of species. Our chromosomes tend to be a bit "Off" sometimes. In such cases there are very few options from which to choose from. Live a lie on the outside, or be true to your inside.

    10. My heart goes out to all the people with problems like this. Keep your strength. May God bless you.

    11. I want my brother Blair in Illinois to have this surgery. I think he'd be happier as woman than a man. But he disagrees. Is there a way to have him legally forced to undergo this surgery?

    12. I agree and I think God made you how you are for a reason, and remember once u go thru with this u can never have children

    13. UUUUUMMMM OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!

    14. Seriously....I think all those people who decide for a sex change are all sick. I mean, why don't they jump of a cliff. Where is all that crap gonna end?? I don't believe in it when men say "I feel like a woman" and women say "I feel like a man". Come one, what do they know?? If he is a MAN r she is a will they know how a real man or a real woman feel?? They can't.

      I also think that most of them are just afraid to confess that they are homosexual...they think "God, I am gay...BUT HEY...if I change my sex I'll be straight"

      My opinion is that those fake men and women will never be real. can even tell they are fake. Even though the peole from Asia look pretty good after their surgery...You can still tell. Cause they just act super gay. They are trying too hard.

      And just think about how their parents would feel. If my child comes to me one day and says "hey mom, I'm gay" It'll be ok with me. BUT...if he or she would cme and say "Hey mom, I'm about to get a sex change" They are gonna be dead for me.

    15. This comment has been removed by the author.

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    17. O.K. after carefully reviewing my comments three times, I've finally decided to stick with one.

      To the March 28th anonymous poster, WOW! You're oblivious to your own hypocrisy. You've expressed a personal opinion, that's fine, but to insist that they don't know what it truly feels to be the opposite sex when you yourself hasn't the faintest clue as to what it feels like to be them. I often see this hypocrisy as a result from the battle between ego and being uneducated and uncultured. You don't even know if you'd jump off a cliff if you were in their skin, minds, in their hearts.

      Think objectively, and critically before you act because your words are like toxic venom to the minds behind the eyes of those who read through these forums with open hearts. Oh, and since I'm approaching the topic of hypocrisy here, to all you God heads out there...I would like to suggest studying as many religions as you can possibly muster up before casting judgment.

      The institutions from which many base their beliefs have very deep historical roots in the mechanics of worshiping under a certain religion within a community or family. In other words, these beliefs are nothing more than a systematic approach to teaching morals and values and are not intended to be taken beyond face value.

      Bear in mind, the distortions of biblical stories that were designed to instill fear in people as well as aid in the political gains of the religious sector. Also, consider studying the history of western civilization. Throughout history, anytime a government ignores the importance of remaining secular, trivial problems will arise because not everybody shares the same viewpoints. It's natural for human beings to question everything in life, even if it means questioning our own sex.

      Don't you think it's long past the time that we start evolving as a more compassionate species?

      I do, and I'm not afraid to be anonymous about it.

    18. Thanks Eric, I appreciate your comment, just read it and felt good. Cheers. Ana.

    19. Brave people,It seems to hurt a lot!..and honey no you can not force your brother Blair to have a sex change even legally that's just silliness!It's a persons own decision!But it's nice of you to be open minded,but I'm sure he thinks he's fine the way he is,if not he'd open up to you!
      good luck to all who decide to do this procedure!

    20. Just want to say I hope those of you getting sex-changes find what your looking for. Best wishes.

      And for the @holes who just say hurtfull things and try to back it with "god" is just cowardous. Your no better than terrorist, with their suicide bombings, killing random people in the name of god. Such ignorance is rewarded with more hurt and hate. Im sure if there realy is a god, this is what he would've wanted right?

      Much love Rob



    22. For all the Bible bearers that feel the need to comment on someone else's misfortune (because no one likes feeling uncomfortable with themselves) may I remind you that no where in the bible does it say you can't cross the line between the genders. And by claiming he has you are breaking one of the 10 commandments. "Thou shalt not create God in thine own image". God is the only one who can judge us. So let him do so.

    23. People have a right to be loved, feel comfortable within themselves and not be judged. What are all of the religous folk doing on this website anyway???? Maybe they need to be a little more honest with themselves rather then be juding others.To anyone considering this type of operation - all the power to you!


    25. i think sex change operations is disgusting and wrong if god wanted you to be a boy or girl that is what your supposed to be the poor children growing up with these freaks dont have a chance to ever be normal i am totally disgusted!!!!!

    26. Hell yes, Eric. Amen.

    27. discusting! Brave you call it? i'd call it mental illness. That is not brave to go throgh the operation. They inflicted that pain on themselves. This is discusting in other countrys you get beaten or killed for homosexuality. This is so agianst what bible says, i just wish God has mercy on them and for all the other people who agree with this, being brain washed by this sin!!

    28. God bless those who are able to use the gift of medical science to fully embrace their true self!

    29. I was just browsing plastic surgery sites, and stumbled on this page.

      What these people do is an amazing thing. It just shows how emotions and feeling can be transformed into a physical thing.

      Although I have heard that most sex changes never go all the way, especially with m2f operations, because the loss of the penis can lead to so many mental problems and even lead to suicide and things similar like self harming.

      Anyone that can tell me this, I would very appreciative, as its for my socialogy essay :)

      A lot of my respect goes out to these people for the pain and they go through, emotionally and physically.

    30. I googled this because i was bored and i needed a good laugh. To all you preachy assholes, get off your pedestals and listen to me cause i know the way. First of all i hate gay people and i know all of you do too.....i mean seriously....THERE GAY, whats to like anyways. If they want to turn there package into raw meat so they can take it in two holes instead of one whatev, but we all know they do it because they have tiny peckers and are self conscious so they think, "eh....i guess i could give a vagina a try."

      And the women... don't even get me started. oh you won't me started? Oh, alright. We ALL know they do it because they are way to gnar to get laid the NORM way. so they are just like, "eh, I guess i could give a penis a try" and plus, these days, all lesbians are just plain EWWWW. Except the fake ones, on the internet, who are paid large sums of moneys, thanks to my many subscriptions to multiple porn sites. I have no problem with hott lesbos, but to you dikes, take off your hiking boots, grow your hair, get a dick, and get poon that way. seriously.

      And to all you , people who are going to tell me to find something better to do......NO pissing faggots and lesbos off is way more fun then TV or anything else i could be doing so eat a dick....wait, or a vagina.....wait i guess there all the same now aren't they according to your little queer club. Oh ya and the people who say they are brave, fuck you. going into a cave and fighting a dragon is brave, not chopping your dick into spaghetti.

      And to all the faggot assholes and lesbian dikes you should all hop in the delorian with doc brown and go back in time and fuck each other. because now you can, with your wittle fake dicks and wittle gross hairy cooters you won't even be able to tell who's a dude, or a chick... with a dick.

      and to the bible thumpers...thats a cool name. nobody has a name that has THUMPERS in it, thats a good cause. think about it, black thumpers, whit thumpers, thats like the name of porn sites... that i'm subscribed to. but not you, your name stands for something. right on... rock out with your cock out. careful though, they be snipping it off these days

      so if you would like to hear more of what i have to say, or just have a problem with me, and my amazing, but ever so right beliefs. CALL ME at 541 977 5309. I appreciate a good debate... NOT I'm gonna rip you a new one. not surgically... figuratively. sickos...

      Brandon and Scott....Queer haters of the northwest

    31. wow man that shit is fucked up

    32. I was going to post something extremely well written and long here to retaliate against all the people who are saying things that, of course, do not belong here, mostly by said bible thumpers.

      Then I thought about it, and realized it wasn't worth my time to argue with people who have the intellectual capacity of a rock.[As my sister so lovingly says]

      Being transsexual is more than you could ever imagine. It is so much you will never understand. You know nothing of what these people go through.

      Next time you decide to put in your little tid-bit about "God" or whatnot, think about what the situation is first. Then again, most of you don't care do you? All you care about is what your God wants, or I should say, what you THINK God wants.

      Also, apologies to all I may or may not have offended with this, other than those meant to be offended.

      [I myself look up to those who get the surgery they need to become who they truely are, the ones able to become complete and live as they wish. Anyone who can go through with the entire process, all of it, despite the pain, despite the cost... is a hero to me.

      If only I could go through with it. Maybe some day I will be able to, and finally be able to live as the 'big brother' I want to be to my sister...]

      Yeah. go ahead and bash me, pricks. Your comments make me laugh.

      [I am thankful that this blog was posted. It has shown me a lot, and taught me things I had neglected to learn. So, thank you.]

    33. This is an abomination to humanity. It's not natural. If these people think it's natural then they have to have something out of whack, as in, something along the lines of what makes someone retarded. But hey, go ahead and get it. Usually the group of people who would get a sex change tend to stay in that area of society, so, yeah, stay there... And for the record, people who say this is an abomination to God can kiss my ass. Religion is a side effect of human nature; the need to have something to hold onto, or something to justify what we think we perceive, or to justify what we don't understand. I would say being transsexual could be considered a side effect of human nature, that rare anomaly that just happens by chance, or a "glitch in the system," or something to that nature, but you don't see within any other species (by choice). So you guys can go fucking fuck your fucking selves!!! BITCH!!

    34. The people that go through this and speak about it are brave and courageous. Not because of what they are going through physically or mentally relating to this type of operation, but because of what other people put them through physically and mentally. The so called 'religous' fanatics posting here speak about hypocrisy. Ironic...

      Also, most people aren't doing this to change into someone else, they do it to make their bodies match the person they already are, and they should not be faulted for trying to be their true self.

      I personally would not do this type of thing, because I am happy with that part of myself, but hope very much that this has allowed someone else to be happy with that part of themselves as well.

      To the last poster, who happened to be dead on about religion, I ask how this is an abomination to humanity? These are still people effected by the 'human condition'. Do they have any less of the qualities of a 'human'?

      I would reply with the question of compassion, and the lack of it shown by others... wouldn't that make them less 'human'?

    35. no what i think is unnature and sick is the stupid small minded people who just have something negative to say..example the dummy who said just go jump off a cliff people like him need to jump off a cliff my hat gos off to the men and women who is brave enough to deal with the situation instead of killing yourself theres to much of that in the world question to all the negative people out there who the fuck are you to judge anybody i bet there is not one person on this site that worships god 24/7 if not then u to are a sinner i have not read one post to make me believe that there is a angel here plus yo ass on this site then looking at the pics like the people saying ''oh i was browsing the internet and came up on it'' wtf how do you just come up on sex change surgery then click on it my advice to you make it easier on yourself and come out the closet do us all a favor

    36. all you gay sex changing losers are going to hell, not to mention are sick and twisted!! aparently yall arent reading the same Bible i am because it clearly states your body is a sacred temple and you are not to harm or change it in any way.. on top of the fact being a queer is wrong! so ur right, God will judge us all one day!

    37. This might take a minute.Anyone that objects to a persons happiness with suggestions of suicide should be shot.People like this is what's destroying this country.Narrow minded"all about me"way of life.Bible bearers how is sex change hurting your body.You don't die after.Your body isn't in any worse shape than piercing your ears.How many of you have that?Same difference.Instead of wasting your valuable time on this subject how about kids in "OUR" country that don't have anything to eat or a descent place to live.One more thing all of you type in anger so most of your spelling is messed up.Slow down think about what you're saying.Someone might jump off that cliff.Karma has a way of comin' back on you.Or God.

    38. When a person develops vision problems or their eyes were just not good to begin with; do you avoid corrective surgery because "that's the body God gave you". If your child is born with a hole in it's heart or lung or any other birth defect; do you leave it because "that's the body God gave them". When someone is born with webbed fingers or toes it is corrected, not because it's problematic but because we think it's "unnatural". God gave them webbed digits and we say that's not right and fix what "God made" (he could have had plans for them to be Olympic swimmers).
      God blessed us with above all else an awareness of self. A self that is capable of glorifying him and celebrating the opportunities he's given us and facing the challenges that will make us stronger.
      Transsexual individuals are people who are facing the struggles we all must face just in our own different ways.
      Casting stones will not make you feel better. Let these beautiful people be just that and practice true Christ-like behaviour in loving all unconditionally. That's why there's a New Testament. Don't pick and choose unless you're willing to avoid eating shellfish and sacrificing doves during menstruation. (Both suggested practices in Leviticus, look it up.)

      Peace to everyone on here, the amazing people fighting for equality or just acceptance and those who are lost and don't know how to overcome their anger.

    39. evolution is the process of nature, not science. You dont need God to know that this procedure is morally wrong. This is one small reason that society in all parts of the world are faltering. what is next, are the guys going to have a rib removed and the girls going to have another one implanted. Its not my place to judge, but there is a reason why we have mental hospitals. The grass isnt always greener on the other side, and everybody has to answer to someone in the end. And to the people who say that those of us who disagree with this proceedure are terrorists, think of something better than a terrorist to compare us too. In no way shape are form are we close to terrorists, there is a big differrance between disagreeing and killing thousands, because of an extremist view. Okay, there is my two pennies.

    40. I'm keeping my penis.

    41. I'm a male-to-female transexual, and I'm disappointed by all the ignorance and rage from these people who seek to impose their hate and ignorance upon others. I've been suffering in silence for my entire life with this feeling eating away at me. These ignorant people don't know what it's like to have your own mind tearing itself apart because your body doesn't match your mind. Though I'm disappointed in them, I also pity them. I'm seeking Gender Reassignment Surgery, and I hope that these people somehow find it in their hearts to accept us.

    42. who cares what everyone says. people should do what they want, as long as it's not harming others. i hope everyone, including transsexuals can learn to rise above this nonsense pointless debates. do what you want. having certain physical traits does not determine if you're a bad, good, or wrong person. live your life how you want to, as long as you aren't causing others emotional or physical harm and suffering. that's what matters most of all. the end.

    43. who cares what everyone says. people should do what they want, as long as it's not harming others. i hope everyone, including transsexuals can learn to rise above this nonsense pointless debates. do what you want. having certain physical traits does not determine if you're a bad, good, or wrong person. live your life how you want to, as long as you aren't causing others emotional or physical harm and suffering. that's what matters most of all. the end.

    44. Agreed, this is a very controversial topic. I remember an episode of South Park when Mr. Garrison had the sex change. He soon realised he couldn't function like a woman because he didn't have the internal anatomy of one. I vividly remember him saying, "that means I'm just a man with a mutilated penis."
      I personally think that you have to accept yourself as you are because if you're looking for external validation, you can never be happy. I would be very interested to know the statistics on how many transexuals are happy on the long term with their "quick fix".

    45. Hannah, AustraliaMay 8, 2008 at 6:10 AM

      I am really sick of so called christians toting the name of god and proclaiming that god will punish those who dare to be different. Let god do the judging, and get off your high horse.. If you are really a christian, read your bible, and get the "facts" right: Jesus preached compassion and acceptance for ALL people, especially those who were different and rejected by society. He rebelled against the church and tried to improve the lives of everyone. So What would jesus do? Probably laugh at all you christians who are being judgemental, and go hang out with the sincerely nice people, regardless of whether they were transsexuals, gay, whatever. So stop judging, and look deep into yourself as to why you feel you must attack others for their beliefs.. are you that insecure??

      And anyway, as it has been pointed out, this is not a forum for your hate, but for those seeking information on sex changes. Sorry for continuing the religious debate but I can't stand uneducated people who make judgements based on NOTHING!

      All the advice I can give is love yourself, and do what you think is right. That is all anyone can do.

    46. i belive anybody who hates or bashes transsexual people do so because they are absolutly terrified of there own feelings deep down..if your happy and sucure with yourself and you have nothing to hide,then you wouldnt have time too bash others and
      you really wouldnt be full of hate or fear..and thats what transphobia is..hate and fear...fear that whhen they look at a transsexual,they see something that resembles they're own internal,hidden feelings.

    47. 1.I do NOT believe in God.
      2.I DO respect those who do.
      3.God has nothing to do with this.

      It is to do with the person themselves and it is THEIR life!
      If your so called "God" thought Gay,Lesbian,Bi and trangender/sexual people are sins etc.. then why hasn't he "smighted" us yet fools. After all he is supposedly the creator of us, surely he can create a measly bolt of thunder and strike us down...but OH NO he doesn't!

      I hate people who think they have a right to call someone an "Abomination" or "sick", we are who we are, and nothing will change that.

      Please THINK about what you say, and if God is real then he should love us all, AND...


      God NEVER makes why call us wrong?

      I've been to my R.E classes in school, they say GOD IS A JUST JUDGE.

      So shutup you Bible bashing morons.
      And go to school you pathetic people who go on sites to abuse people!

      We are just as normal as you! but we just don't feel secure with the body we were given or the way we are meant to love.


      p.s The people who go through surgery are NOT brave...


      love to everyone!

    48. I "stumbled" across this page, as I was originally looking at "cosmetic surgery, before and after photos".
      I can hardly believe the comments I have read on here, some very intellectual, but mostly posted by ignorant fools!
      I don't believe in any "God", which has gotten me into many arguments in the past, I believe that the bible is just a book, written, changed many times along the way, as a set of rules in which we apparently should live our lives. Believe in it or not, that's every-one's choice, but if you don't, then it doesn't make you a bad person, just not a hypocrate! Why don't you make your own rules, for your own life? I mean, if you're not harming any-one else, what's the big deal?
      Any-way, I'm actually perplexed as to how/why, the subject of trans-gender surgery has to come down to a religious debate with most of you people?!
      It's not like those people have chosen to be the way they are, I mean, they were born like that, it's not a life-style choice and it's nothing to do with being GAY, OMG, what are you lot like on here?! Ignorant and uneducated!
      Why can't people just accept people for what and who they are? At least then, the world would be a much nicer place to be in!
      Trans-sexuals live almost all of their lives as a lie, because of societies ignorance and percecution, LIVE and LET LIVE I say and just count your blessings that it wasn't you that happened to be born in the wrong body!
      Those people ARE brave, not by going through the physical trauma of these operations, but for trying to put right in their lives what they've always known was not right, when years ago they would've just not had the option.
      I'm going to stop now, cos I could go on all evening! My last words are...GO FOR IT and bollocks to all the ignoramuses, there're plenty of them out there, as is obvious, lol!

    49. You know what? I'm tired of all these bible thumpers why are they even here in the first place? I admire these brave people who get this kind of surgery to make themself feel complete. I personally want to get a MTF because i don't feel right, and i've known it for quite awhile. Oh and damn, stop going on about being gay. If someone wants to get a MTF why does that automatically mean they want too be with guys?

      I've been talking about it with my g/f recently and she says she'll love me no matter what i look like and if it's something i want she will support me on it. I really wish everyone had someone like that too support them threw something like this.

      Best wishes too everyone

    50. تحيةطيبة وبعد انا شاب ارغب في التحول من ذكر الي انثي رغبتي وانا في سن 13 سنة ارجو الرد اني الان في سن 40 سنة ولكن من ينظر لي يقول ان عمري 30سنة بس ارجو قبول طلبي في التحويل ارجو الرد وشكرآ

    51. This is truley a sad commentary on our times and proves exactly how narrow minded an ignorant some people really are.  Here you have a fine example of why I have stayed hidden most of my life.To anser a couple of questons.  Current statistics show that about 98% of transpeople that have SAS (Sex affermations Surgery) or SRS or what ever you decide to call it are very happy with post op results.I think my favorite, albeit ignorant, comment is... Your just trying to make your life easier (this is in referance to social circumstances).  If any of you truley think this way let me say this.  I will never truley pass as a woman.  I KNOW this. This surgery is purely for me and no one else.  This is about my SELF identity, not yours.  I have lived most of my life avoiding mirrors because I cannot stand what I see.  Yes, I do see a therapist. Not because it's a requirement, but because I still have to deal with very ignorant people, and some that would take matters into their own hands.  I know my self esteme is in the dump, but is yours so low that you have to berrate and harass others to feel good about yourself?  I am in therapy for dealing with the anxiety associated with dealing with people that have no concept of what it is to be transsexual.For those of you that want to hide behind GOD.  You are NOT the judge.  Yes you are entitled to you opinion, but don't throw the bible around like it's just another book of law.  Fact: Christianity has been the most corrupt and violent religions in the world.  Don't want to beleive that statement.  Take a look at the Vatican and history. That is all the proof you need.  Please people, educate yourself rather than blindly believing what you have been forced to believe.  Oh, yes, I am a Christian.  And I will answer to my God on judgement day. For now, I have to do what I feel is right.For those of you that have post comments of support.  Thank you.  For every single one of us, the reason we do this is differant.  If you think the surgery looks painful, trying living in a prison that we call our bodies.  That is truley pain.  Physical pain fade quickly by comparison.  It's unfortunate that for so many the the choice is suicide.  But consider this.  To transition, it takes years of commitment, patience, enduring pain and harrasment, and lots of money.  Not all at once, but over time this is costly.  I could buy a house for what I am doing, but I will eventually have a permanent home in a body can FINALY live with.Let me leave you with one final comment.  Don't attempt to punish, argue or debate with most of these people.  They have been raise in ignorance really don't know any better, I just pray that they aren't stupid and can eventually learn.  Be content in your opinions and thoughts,  as Jesus said, turn the other cheek.Love Kate

    52. I have only one thing to say is that" Everything is made for a reason " I am not going to preach or anything. But a lot of bad things happen, like people born with a handicap and they live with it, people who can never see or hear or walk their hole life but they can not change it and they struggle all their life and try their best to be happy. What are we doing now ? I understand transgender, I am not blaming these people. If I was a transgender I would live with it because this is God's will and I am sure that I was born this way for a reason. Going through these operation and breaking families around you, I consider it selfishness. May be I don't really understand their feelings because I am not a transgender myself but if I have to understand them so I have to understand criminals and never blame them because most of them come from a broken family and they were abused as children. But if we can excuse them so we have to excuse criminals as well because they are sick and they can not do anything about it.
      In this case, who should we blame, God? Our Society ? Our family ?
      We should only blame ourselves. Every one of us can make a difference.
      I think this is Sick !!! We should not change our human nature, we should not mess with our bodies, every body is sacred. I don't know where the world is going, prostitution, drugs, alcohol and the worst sin a person can do: interfering with God's creation. Guys wake up, we're booking our flight to hell. Stop beeing selfish, you might feel awkward and bizarre trapped in a wrong body, just live with it, try to find a solution, conselling, etc.. Don't you do that, it is not worth all the pain, you will always be the person you are supposed to be, you can not give birth and your inside will always be the same, may be they can change the shape of your genitals but they can never change the inner You, the person that God has created.

    53. Michael StevensonMay 25, 2008 at 3:50 AM

      People do not chose to undergo such surgery on a whim. Neither do people chose their sexual orientation; the rampant homophobia in many societies means gay and lesbian peopel are frequently targets for moronic thugs. And yes, to all those Old Testament loving head cases, PLEASE check you clothing - if you're mixing fibres then it's an abomination to God and it's your moral duty to have yourself put to death. Finally, to " Brandon and Scott....Queer haters of the northwest" I'd like to say that I think it's really sweet that you post as a couple.

    54. Why do you all care so much what other people do to their bodies? I personally don't like it, but I'm not going to judge someone who has had a sex change. If it makes them feel better about themselves that's great, and they are not hurting me any. And as for the people bringing God into this; where in the Bible does it say it is your place to judge? I think that is Gods job and you should take a look at yourself before you go trying to fix everyone else. Putting Gods name in front of your awful judgement is not going to help anyone see your point. I think people like you are alot of the reason there are so many athiests. Hold your tongue.

    55. Brandon and ScottMay 30, 2008 at 9:04 PM

      I have a song, to celebrate this joyous occasion.

      An ode to my penis...

      How I love the way you look at me, when it's morning and I'm feeling horny. You wink at me with your one eye, and you always want a piece of of the pie. (Tee Hee! Get it!) You've been there for me through the thick and thin (Fat chicks too) thank god I'm not queer and don't like gay men. So here to you, I sing this song. Because I can fit you inside my bong. You might be small, but thats just fine. But hey, at least your still mine. Some people wish that you were theirs. But thats only because they are queers.

    56. Dear Brandon and Scott,
      do your parents know that you write and think like this? from reading your very small-minded, ignorant and immature comments, one could only assume that you are probably two unattractive, unpopulars 15 years olds that are mad that you have to be 18 years old to look at porn sites, and somehow you stumbled across this. there must be something in both of you that is very insecure and unsure of yourselves to be feeling so strongely about what another man does with his penis. hmmm? and since it's obvious that with minds like you have, you probably have never seen a vagina up close, you have some sort of strange anger towards women who would like to change their own

      why dont you little boys get a life and realize that when it really comes down to it, it's none of your freakin buisness who anyone goes to bed with or what they do with their genitals. i feel sad for you that you live in such a small world where everything but what you consider "normal" is wrong. i think the world would be ALOT better a place if the people LIKE YOU would jump off a bridge.

      and as far as "god" goes, life is too short to live by a book that contradicts itself as much as your beloved bible does. life it too hard to suffer and be unhappy when there are ways to change yourself.

      to those of you who have gone through this, i have the most respect for you. it takes a braver person to make these changes than to keep it inside and die a sad person who was untrue to themselves. best of luck to you!

    57. Brandon and Scott; You two need a hobby! If you two are so disgusted by this site why do you guys keep returning? I think one of you, perhaps both, have some unresolved issues with either your gender or sexuality. If you can’t afford to get the surgery y'all obviously cant come to terms with wanting, get off your lazy, judgmental, asses and get a job. Perhaps then you will build up your own individual self worth and wont see the need to hate on all those courageous people who are only trying to make their lives a little more tolerable.

    58. Ashley B., Lubbock TexasJune 2, 2008 at 11:06 AM

      I knew that ignorance and intolerance were rampant in our society, but reading these posts has been a slap in the face rude awakening to the severity. I pity those of you who will live your lives trapped in your own narrow mind, but I know that you will never change. It isn't worth trying to explain things to you that you will not understand or appreciate.

      To those of you with open minds, compassion and acceptance of brilliant medical technolgy: Isn't it incredible what they can do now! I feel a sense of relief for all of those who have had life-long identity struggles and who have now found inner peace. To all the doctors and nurses who have chosen to be these angels of mercy-you have my respect. And to all those who are considering or have undergone surgery-best of luck, and pay no mind to these ignorant fools; they don't know any better.

    59. I have known transgendered people all my life, and they are compassionate, brave, and wonderful people.

      I think it's interesting to note that almost all of the Bible-thumpers who have commented here lack grammar and spelling skills. I suppose that shows what religion gives you: pure ignorance.

      These are real people, with a real problem, and if I believed in God I would thank him that these people now have solutions to their problem of being born in the wrong body! I think it is just amazing that we live in a society where people can change their gender because they were born with what to them is a genetic mistake.

      I congratulate anyone who has gone through with this kind of decision, and I am inspired by them.

    60. These individuals are so inspiring. I have known transgendered people most of my life, and they are some of the most compassionate people I know.

      I think it is interesting to note that most of the Bible-thumpers who have posted here have shameful spelling and grammar skills. I guess that goes to show you what religion gives a person: ignorance.

      These people are so brave. I think it is amazing that we live in a society today where people can change their gender due to what to them is a genetic mistake.

      More power to them! They are heroes!

    61. OK so after recieving a gender change do you think it makes you the same person? How does getting a vagina make you feel any better, or how does getting a penis make you any better or change you??

      Does this change your identity?
      how does this fit into perception on the individual? How does emotion play a part in this???

      Debate mother fuckers,

    62. One reason people referencing God might be on this page is that they may be curious about the details and ideas involved in such drastic procedures. I do not consider trying to understand something a sin.

      Also, believing in God does not make any given person ignorant or uneducated. Many of 'us' have gone through college and studied widely religion and anthropology... however, these are generally not the more verbal of religious people.

      Thirdly, gender does not take a person to heaven or to hell. Having Jesus Christ in your heart as your personal Savior makes the difference. If this happens after a person has had SRS, so be it. There are psychologists out there to be sure the people who go through with these procedures are mentally sound and prepared for what lies ahead.

      Finally, I have to laugh at anybody claiming intelligence who cannot even manage to spell simple words, no matter what side of the debate they are on. You can be a born again Christian and have brains and you can be a very open minded and worldly person and have never made it through high school, so whatever you feel on the topic it is probably better to leave assumptions about a person's intelligence out of it.

    63. Do we have nothing better for skilled surgeons to do than to cut and paste on these mental midgets? The focus needs to be on these people's brains, not their bodies. I don't buy the bravery, courage, strong spirit, etc. comments. You people have all been fooled by the weak-minded and equally weak-spirited. Get a grip. Life sucks sometimes, and no amount of cutting can genuinely help. What an embarrassing state of society...

    64. "God doesn't do mistakes so why would you bee one. I think he has a plan with this in your life"
      This was said to me by my "preast" right after my coming out as a transexual.
      I don't believe in God making mistakes and I don't believe my life is a mistake, I think he had a plan with me being TS, and I'm glad for the opportunity to finally truly be who I felt like all my life.

      To all of you who want's me to jump off a cliff, who says this isn't from God because he created me perfect from the start. No he didn't create me perfect neither did he create my brother perfect and my brother had a surgery to become "normal" why can't I have the same opportunity.

      If anyone of you judgers would do like the indians and walk a mile in my shoes or a year. To se how hard it is to even get a sexchange surgery, to learn of you get like a child again, not able to deside over your own life, Going threw a lot of discriminating test, being forced to answewr very intime qusetions about your sexlife and partners, being thrown out of your family, friends or even the hospital. It's NOT a easy quick fix. atleast where I live it takes about 5-6years to get threw with a legal sexchange for some people It takes even longer and still they do it because they don't se any other way out.

      I wonder if you biblejudging people would be as strong if your faith was tested as hard.

      I considering myselfe to be a christian and I can't find any place in the bible where God would rejekt me, My bible talks about love for the outcast. And I'm sure that Jesus If he lived today would be friends with both gays and trans.

      Be blessed everyone

      (sorry for my bad english, it's not my own language)

    65. It's not necessarily about the Bible or God. It's the fact that you can't cope with you're life. Your weak mind told you that you couldn't do it, and you listened. You needed mental help, not drastic surgery. Transsexuals are crazy. Bottom line. And the fact that we let doctors perform body altering surgeries instead of mind altering therapy is absolutely ridiculous. Medicine should be used to help people, not satiate the insane whims of a few nut jobs.

    66. Wow! Good for these guys and gals!

      To the uneducated and narrow-minded: mind your own business, really, you must have a lot of time on your hands to go around judging people like that. Look at yourself first.

      Also, to the "christians": Stop being the most immoral and judgmental people in existence. Also, go to college.

    67. Why is it that sensible, logical, practical people are called "narrow minded?" Mind your own business? Well, when it comes to the demise of society, it IS my business.

    68. I'm sure I wont say much that hasn't already been said before, but I feel I have a right to place my words down here.

      As many have said, you couldn't imagine the pain we transgenders go through on a daily basis. With that said, I come from a God fearing family. Religion really has no place in this, but since such hypocritical bigots want to bring it here, I'll speak on it a little, too.

      Religion, Christianity mostly (more than half of these religions are carbon copies anyway, switch the location and names and you get the same trash. Go see for yourself, google is a wealth of information at your fingertips)is much like Communist Russia. Marx had great ideas, great ideals, that would build for a more perfect society. Just like Christianity had great ideas, great ideals, that would build for a more perfect society.

      Unfortunately, neither of these were carried out well enough. In Russia, communism ruled with an iron fist, using fear mongering, lies, and false faith. All over the world, Christianity rules with a bloody fist below the hems of their robes, using fear mongering, lies, and false faith.

      I think I've used repetition enough that some of the more uneducated people should have gotten it by now. If you didn't, you don't want to see it. Turn back now, go pick up a book, go pick up the TV remote, go do something else, you are not needed here.

      Furthermore, religion is an outdated tool as someone above mentioned for engraving moral codes and cultural rules into the populace as well as to give faith during hard times. It is much like wisdom teeth, sometimes they grow and fit in, and cause no trouble about the others already in place, other times, they come in and shove those in place out of their way. These are exercised forcefully. IMHO, this is what should be done to fanatics such as these rampant in our streets, hungry for blood in the name of some long bygone false prophet.

      To finish my thoughts on this subject, how can people who seriously, literally believe one man was killed, then brought back to life days later look someone in the face and tell them that what they are is unnatural and doesn't exist? Where is your science to prove against it? If you reply to that last one, you are as ignorant as I assume you to be, because you can't prove god from a book of lies bound in blood soaked leather of ages of innocence slain.

      Alice, MtF

    69. I am a christian, and i support this sex change stuff 100%

      what would any body do if they were meant to be a girl but they were in a mans body, none of you people have any clue on what these people have gone through and neither do i.

      yeah god created us as women and men but this is not even a sin in my eyes and its not just to "give a vagina a try" these people have been suffering from this and you @##holes going around saying you hate gays blah blah should just think,
      because you will obviously never experience this yourself but what if your kids need this or grandkids then what will you feel?

      keep your mind open

      no sin is bigger than another, god shows mercy and jesus died to save us all with or without sex change.

      God bless

      Emily catherine xx

    70. You're right, I don't understand, because I have a brain that produces sound judgment. You can badmouth religion until you're blue in the face, but that's not what this is about. It's about you trying to justify a radical physical change to "solve" a problem in your mind. Repeat after me... "It's all in my head". Now get on the phone with a shrink instead of a surgeon. It'll be cheaper in the long run and cause you less pain.

      And for those of you who say "I tried that," you aren't trying hard enough.

    71. i am cherokee (GYW- northern band tribe). Please let it be known that sexual identity and sexual orientation are not the same. You can be born a biologoical woman(who likes men)have a sex change and become a man, who likes men. the surgery does not change a peron's attraction, just their own identity. In my spirituality, which exists pre-christianity- actually places gays and transgender/sexuals on a pedestal. They are said to have two-spirits and are called winkte: the chosen ones to walk in perfect balance across mother earth. respect, honor, and pride i offer to you all from a people who remembers and knows how important you are to the connection of this earthly place and to spirit place. thank you.

    72. Genetics are pure. People are born how they are supposed to die. God does not make "mistakes" in genders that science must correct. If God has given some individuals a different set of hormones or feelings, it just so they can walk a different path than everyone else, not seek medical help so that they may walk the SAME path as everyone else. The human body is a temple that should not be defiled in these ways. Claiming to be transgender as a way to embrace sin and hedonism doesnt negate the sin. Claiming there is no God and the bible is merely stories will not save any souls from judgement just because you say its so. Poor ignortant, aethist, bastards. I shall pray for every confused, sick, broken, mentally unstable transgender out there.
      A man will never know what is like to be a woman and a woman will never know what its like to be a man, no matter how many surgeries, pills, or counseling sessions.

    73. Ok, I have seen and read enough. to all you "GOD" qouting ppl, I have on many occasions wore panties to church.... Am I going to hell? Most likely NOT. Let me tell you a bit about myself, I have been crossdressing all my life, I could go into details but all the ignorant redneck dumb@55 closed minded ppl would not understand me so why waste my time, I am 32 and yes I came from some understanding areas of the world. but we had our share ppl such as yourself.

      I do agree with some of you on the fact that in some (although VERY few and FAR beetween) cases that are ppl out there that can't cope with being homosexual and go for the srs. as for me I just like to EXPLORE broader horizons and getting in touch with my enfemme side, hell you never know they may be your fishin', huntin' buddy..

      So the next time your sittin in your tree stand or on yer big bass boat or what have you drinkin CHEAP a55 beer. I will be out on ladies night, showing your woman whom you think "should be home makin yer SUPPER and cleaning your house doing your laundry cleaning your fish, deer or elk" I will be out on (Girls night out) dancing with your "ole' lady" buying her some good drinks, giving her the enfemme side that she sometimes craves....... crossdresser from Oregon, Geo

    74. I'm so sick of people who use religion to judge others. All the Christians out there who believe that homosexuality is a sin - so if they do prove one day that it is determined by genes, what does that prove? Maybe they will use the same answer when Christians are posed with the question of why God allows innocent babies to suffer - 'He works in mysterious ways'.
      I'm not a Christian, or religious, but I'm certainly not atheist. I think God, whoever he/she/it is, will realize that it is not our fault that some people do not feel right in their bodies and sexuality. These people do not want to feel that way. Who wants to feel ridiculed by society, or be judged by so called "God loving" people out there, saying they're committing the ultimate sin? If you want to view it as a mental illness, then fine, but what the important thing to keep in mind is that these people do not choose to feel this way. And by undergoing SRS, they're just trying to be happy, live their life, and feel normal. We all have a right to this, whether we go to Church and can recite the Bible or not.

    75. I think you guys are crazy. Do what you want to be happy. you only live once. who gives a fuck what people think. Kristen

    76. i seriously think that is really fucked up. why dont u just stay the same sex or gender u are and forget what everyone else thinks about u if ur homosexual. why try to be someone ur not. its like ur to fit in with certain people but u cant cuz ur not real. ur fake just like all the other people that had a sex change surgery.

    77. disgusting? i believe that is what i read because they inflicted pain on themselves? all the bible thumper's are anonymous rite? lmao. guess that means you have never gotten a tattoo? a piercing *dont forget piercings through his wrists and feet and sides saved your life if that is what you truly believe* and i guess you have never boar a child or knocked one up to do it for you? the bible is what you CHOSE it to be. narrow minded people will show that in the way they read it. it was just a damn guide line to keep its people healthy and clean free of diseases and it worked until your lil rebbel Jesus came along and introduced meats bad for your body *but forgiven if you ask in HIS name, not his "fathers" isnt that putting himself before god? made all things possible in his name including STD's "it is all forgiven with the new test where forbidden in the old test. bible thumpers are weak ass followers who look for justice in their lives because they cannot control it themselves! they are the ones that go crazy when they find out their partner cheats, the first to point fingers and fuck up all week long because sunday's and wed's they will be forgiven! true though some are truly devoted, although they are few and far between. lession here, they are not happy with who they are so they try to change! you are not happy with who you are so you look for help with your churches and use it to back up your finger pointing status! JUDGE NOT! LEAST YE SHALL BE JUDGED! You didnt create them as humans it is not your rite to judge them for who they are just because they might not be someone or something you dont like! get a life, get over yourself and learn to LOVE! Hell, even jesus supposidly loved his enemys rite? damn fools. hypricital every damn one of you! society has ruined you! im sure there is someone in your life somewhere who diserves harsher judgment for wrong doing. at least these people are keeping it to THEMSELVES! HEATHER! P.S. i know my spelling is bad sorry bout that! This lil note is only for those on here who are putting themselves above others and judging where they have no place to!

    78. ''Poor ignortant, aethist, bastards. I shall pray for every confused, sick, broken, mentally unstable transgender out there. ''

      WOW! You know, as Jesus's hands and feet on Earth, I can just hear him speaking through you! I remember the countless times that Jesus called people 'sick' and 'mentally unstable', and OH! Of course, he used the word 'bastard' to describe someone of another faith!

      To me, people like you aren't even good enough to jam with Satan.

      -- Jon.

    79. All I have to say is- anyone know where I can find a nice cave with a dragon? Lol. Thats the most idiotic comment on this whole site.

    80. It's pretty cowardly for some of these opponents of SRS to hide behind an anonymous posting. If you have such strong feelings on the matter, try pulling your tale from between your legs and stand up to be counted. I can sincerely say that I wish my heartache on nobody. You people have no idea what its like to wake up every morning and try to cope throughout that day in flesh that dosen't facilitate or coincide with your personality. "God made me this way for a reason"? For what, to suffer like I do? Don't you think that after 30+ years of this grueling hell that I havn't explored numerous theraputic options both clinical and otherwise to deal with my condition? And for the people claiming they'd disown thier children, you shouldn't have laid down to make those children in the first place. You all reflect poorly upon yourselves. If your so content with your own lives why are you on this site attempting to denigrate people like myself, huh? I would like to end by conveying my deepest appreciation to those that typed supportively on those of us in my community.

    81. Its pathetically cowardous for some of these opponents of SRS to hide behind an anonymous posting. Not for me or another in my community, but for yourself and the benefit of those around you, try to factor the grace of reason into your lives. You could start by asking yourself, "Why would someone put themselves through something like that or deal with something as hellish as they claim it to be if it were baseless"? I sincerely wish my heartache on nobody. You have no idea what this is like and again, I'm thankful you don't. To reinforce that point, I'm very grateful I belong to a true minority class. Do you honestly think I desire to walk this life amungst so many miserable people? Yu know, my heart's already broken but I wish people like yourselves would quit tryin' to stab at it. Your unsubstantiated hatred reflects if not conflict, a bitter emptiness in yourselves. I can honestly say I hope you come to terms with such.

    82. Yes! God loves us,And it is only by Jesus Christ you have a chance into heaven at all!God said he would give people up to a reprobate mind never able to come to the truth to be saved.Because they chose the things of this world over God.

      What is more important to you,your sex change? or your soul?seeing you could not have a sex change if you honored God or feared God.You are in great danger!Dont do it!

      Evil takes over peoples mind in these cases,this is something you would not do if you were in your right mind with God.This is not judging..this is fact!

      As far as anyone judging--let me say hell is worse then anyones words.Please go to God and pray and seek the truth and stop giving into the flesh.Let me tell you the devil trys to paint a pretty picture.But hes out to dam your soul!

      This is an evil and ungodly thing to have a sex change.And i stand on that, knowing that is the truth.You wonder why christians find sites like this corrupt one..

      its because of people like this that need help,,we are not called of God to let you purposely jump in the fire like an idoit! We are led of God to help people..that means going where they are.Be glad a few christians have spoke out..take heed..

      they are in their right mind and you are not..but Jesus can change you and put you in your right mind real fast! Be saved and delivered today! Jesus is coming back..

    83. Arnie, don't give me that crap. We post anonymously because it's faster and easier. I'd tell you the same thing to your face. You may have tried "therapeutic" options, but you failed because of you are weak.

    84. fuck all u perverts who support this crap. u all r screwed up

    85. why waste all that money in opperating. just slice ur dick and balls off witha nife duhh. i think its funny how a dude gets a surgury and then he has a vagina then he has sex with another dude then that other dude finds out later that the dude he just fucked used to have a dick lol. if that happended to me then my dick would go into hiding and i may never see him again lol. this shits fucked up

    86. Everyone has the right to do what they want with their own body. I think these people should be proud of themselves for having the guts to embrace who they truly are and going to such great lengths to embrace it.

    87. Everyone has a right to their own opinion so I'm not gonna talk shit about homophobes and say that i'm right and they're wrong. To live in a world without homophobia would be perfect, but perfect is just not achievable. I think without homophobia the LGBT community would not have come as far as it has so I say let homophobics say what they need to say and get it off their chests because they, like us, are human beings. I am in fact gay but not transsexual. I think that people need to define and express their gender to a point that they are most comfortable with. I may be a 'flamer' but I am in fact comfortable with who I am, and if someone calls you 'sick' or 'wrong', don't even pay any mind to it, it's NOT worth any tears or pain at all. Transsexuals all around the world, please remain strong and don't let some criticism get you down because you WILL have your day and you WILL be happy and if you have already achieved happiness, congratulations.

    88. I do wonder what it is that brought all those with hate in their hearts to browse this site in the first place. It's not exactly something one would stumble upon by accident, is it? Judging from the level of literate ability of most of the hate-posters, I don't really see that their comments are worth much. The fact they all wish to be anonymous demonstrates how much moral courage they have. Good luck to those tormented people who find themselves in the wrong body. No-one would go through the pain, both physical and mental of gender realignment unless they were truly driven.

    89. Like, WOW. OMG. That is so gross!! I would like never want my vagina made into a penis. That is sooo gross. OMG. They don't look right after the surgery, OMG. Sooo nasty. This should be illegal.

    90. I'm happy in my body so far but am getting a nose reshaping this month at the age of 61. I wonder how I'd feel if I thought my genitals were wrong. Having a penis... I can only say EW, but for you folks that have or want one, it is the same as me wanting a new nose and being willing to go deeply in debt to get that little beak. We live in an age of miracles and wonders beyond anything we dreamed of even a few years ago. The creative urge is the God urge, I'm a born-again Christian, and convert to Catholicism, got tired of all the actively Gay priests and went my own way.

      Think of all the societies that practiced body alteration for so may reasons. Are you going to bitch about them?

    91. THose FREAKS who come here with their insults and God stories -
      Why are you here? What are you doing here??

      You are the sadest prejudice brainless idiots this god, you talk about, had ever put on earth

      Nameless OMG - suggesting it should be illegal YOUR OPINION SHOULD BE ILLEGAL - who in gods name are you to JUDGE!!!

      I can understand why things like 9/11 happened to you lot because you are such a selfrightious bunch of low life self appointed judges.

      I pity you and no thanks to you I am a HAPPY SUCCESFULL post operative gender change ... so go stuff your heads up your own behinds where they belong.

      Nixie (Strange how those brainless judges have the same name - Anon!! LOL Idiots would suit you better)

    92. Reading this blog makes me angry. Why do people get so mad about what other people are doing to themselves? I thought it was live and let live. I am a nhilist, and the best revenge I can think of for the hypicritcal "bible thumpers" is there is NO after life. We die, we decompose,and nothing. Maybe we are nothing, and our feeble minds played some kind of "trick" on us. There is so many possiablites, we can't even fathom true nothingness. Why do so many people think they have the "right" answers? That just seem so narcassitic to me. The only thing I can do is, not let this blog bother me. I am only hurting myself, by letting anyone else affect me. I know this post will make no differnce to anyone, but me

    93. haha wow. I can't even believe some of the stuff on here. first of all like to the like cheerleader above like get a life freedom of expression will never be illegal. and to all you ignorant gay bashing and bible hugging pricks you call us sick but we are on this site for education and why are you here? you are the ones who are sick if you're looking at mutilated genitals for fun you freaking idiots. and I don't care what any of you haters say because you walk down the street with trans people everyday no matter where you live and you don't even know it so saying we will never be what we are is hilarious because you probably didn't even know we existed until you saw pictures. if you're not here to learn something then why even waste your time if you hate us so much? obviously its not that disgusting if you took the time to look at the pics AND then post a comment. why even bother. to the creator of this site thank you for posting the pictures I appreciate it and thank you to all of the positive people out there you have no idea how much easier you make things for us. my full support to all (except you ignorant bible hugging freaks who call us sick but were not the ones following the rules of something in which there no proof of existance. haha you idiots)

    94. That shouldn't be illegal!

    95. Rachel from the USAJuly 15, 2008 at 8:52 AM

      I am absolutely stunned at the ignorance of some of you haters out there. I AM a transsexual. I did NOT ask to be this way. But I am. And I do plan on having my SRS within the next three months. I am finalizing plans with a great surgeon and before you know it, I will FINALLY be the woman I was meant to be. I am still young, and quite attractive after a few years of hormones. I have a wonderful and caring boyfriend, and a good job as well. If you were to see me, there is no way on earth that you would be able to tell that I was ever a male. That part of me is gone forever. Now, I have just one little remaining thing to get rid of, and I will be the happiest girl around! You have no idea what it feels like to have been born like this. It's been a long road for me, but I am finally there. You people can say what you want, I really don't care. I find that most haters are the macho men whose ever so precious masculinity is threatened by girls like myself. You would love to get into my pants, trust me - you would love to do me. But, I wouldn't even give it a second thought. I would laugh in your face and walk away from you. You would be left horny and desperate, with nothing left to do but go home and yank on that pathetic little thing you call a dick of yours to get relief. You think with your little wee wee's You let them control you, haha. But, you won't ever get near me, no haters ever will. So, go crawl back into your cave, all you haters, and pretend that the world is filled with nothing but ignorant little morons just like you are. Not all of those who wrote comments are haters, and I thank all the people who are in support of girls like myself. Thank you, you make the world a better place. Bye to all the haters, LOL. And the next time you see a nice babe walking down the street, just think to yourself. That hot babe could have very well been a - oh how I hate this word, but they could have been a man at one time in their life. But, now they are turning your heads, and making you drool. Not all TS girls are hot - no way. I've seen my share of the ones who never should be considering this kind of thing. They are and always will be males. Girls like me, well, we are and always have been girls - right from the very start in life. Have a nice day :-)

    96. I cant beleve people are soooo closed minded...Getting a sex change doesnt mean your "damned" ang going to hell lol come on..I am a heterosexual female...with gay friends and transexual friends..and if u think 4 a second that thet choose to be gay...and be taunted at by idiots like you...your more of an idiot...its genetic...and if you are a man but been gay all of your like an feel like you need to be a woman...THEN DAMN IT GO BUY SOME TITS! more power 2 u!!!

      p.s i luv my fabuolous GAYS

    97. I feel that yall should just mind your own business. We have much bigger problems in this world to care if a man or a woman wants to have a surgery. All yall so called christians should not JUDGE either. None of us could tell how anyone else feels in their heart and they are being their true self.

    98. gooluck, PPL WHO HAVE CLOSED MINDS GO jump off a cliff!!!








    99. the person who commented on this date ; March 28, 2008 10:54 AM

      u want ur kids to disapear forever and be unhappy so u dont have to tell people they have now got a vagina or a penis oposed to what they had before and them to be happy!

      u r a joke, u dont deserve to be alive for judging ppl like this in the first place!
      stop talking about god, he made us to live so we do!

      so u never wear makeup? u never wax? or maybe u never shave ur underarms either? oh wait....u do/....oh hang on that means ITS THE SAME THING U DUMFRIGGEN IDIOT! ONLY WITH THESE PEOPLE IT AN INNER DEEPER THING, SHUT UP U HYPERCRIT GO JUMP URSELF!

    100. TO COMMENT ON: April 12, 2008 2:51 PM









    102. I'm MTF Religion has no part on person who feels that their in the wrong, who are you even dicuss that this wrong because the bible have transsexual people in it but their called eunuches. That means castrated men.Also Jesus didn't even mention that homosexuality was a sin or an abomination or transsexual or lesbians, Bisexuals he only talked about love. it was Paul who wrote that homosexuality is wrong. Guess What paul was a sexes pig and he believe that you should not marry the only person that you should is god. Of 32,000 verses in the Bible, only five directly mention homosexuality.

      The Qur'an only directly mentions homosexuality once.

      Leviticus, the book of the Bible which stipulates death for homosexuality, requires the same punishment for adultery, pre-marital sex, disobedient children and blasphemy.

      The Biblical Jesus does not condemn homosexuality.

      The destruction of the Biblical city of Sodom was due to their mistreatment of strangers.

      The Bible never condemns same sex marriage.

      The Biblical David and Jonathan had a formal same-sex union.

      'Traditional marriage' in the Bible includes polygamy.

      No known sacred text forbids same sex marriage.

      Very few sacred texts even mention homosexuality.

      Hindu and other far eastern sacred texts do not condemn homosexuality.

      Homosexuality is not unnatural, it is practised by hundreds of species of animals.

    103. Again, it's not about religion.

      Logic condemns homosexuality
      Logic condemns same sex marriage
      Logic condemns transexuality

      But go ahead... engage in homosexuality, keep up the same sex marriage, and go through unnecessary operations to mutilate yourselves.

      Eventually you will weed yourselves out of the gene pool and there will be no more Democrats.

    104. Logic Does not condemn Homosexuality
      Logic Does not Condemn Same-sex marriage
      logic Does not Condem Transsexual

      by the way transsexuality isn't the correct term becuase a transsexual has nothing to do with sexuality

      The logic is that people love people and there nothing wrong with that.
      Your just insecure about yourself so you have get your horse about and preach but people are tired listen the your bullcrap we know what jesus said he only talked about love not homosexuality or transsexuals

      Also logic has speaks for everything and I'll give you logic want logic bring on. You nothing else then degrade people for who they instead just leaving us alone
      why the hell are even on this website or even commenting. To it sound that you have insecurities about yourself you need to check, One your on a website for transsexual to look and comment about, To me it sounds like you are one of us, if then why the hell are even posting or even on this site

      you religious fanatics will burn in hell because you just only see black and white not the grey areas in between. there are a lot greys area that you won't even open your eyes. To me it seems that your just dumb and ignorant and let be because I know that I'm rise above your ignorance and discrimination.

      plus you have no right to even dare
      talk about other people unless you have three finger pointing at you
      and karma is going bite you right your butt and probably fall flat on face and no one going to help because for to enwraped that don't see that world is changing it's not 1890s 1950s where people are hiding who they anymore.

    105. Two homosexuals can of course commit to each other for life if they have the ability to do it, but it's not logical or necessary. It has nothing to do with the egoism and sexual hedonism that is homosexuality. And one would think that a true homosexual would oppose all such talk of commitment as nonsense.
      Well, two heterosexuals can commit to each other for life if they have the ability to do it, but it's not logical or necessary for them either. A simple look at America's divorce rate (especially among evangelical Christians) should make the point well enough. We can be fairly sure by this point that Theist is using the incorrect definition of "homosexuality" that is so pervasive among conservative evangelicals. For Theist, a "true" homosexual is someone uninterested in the commitment that goes long with a loving relationship; when Theist thinks about "homosexuality," all s/he sees is the sexual act of sodomy (thus the close identification of homosexuality with "sexual hedonism").

      Now, we might wonder why Theist has such a fascination with sodomy and homosexual sex, but that's not the point here. More important is the fact that this allows Theist to pretend that gays who are interested in commitment are, somehow, not "true homosexuals" - a very nice example of the No True Scotsman fallacy. For the gays I know, talk of commitment is not "nonsense." On the contrary, it is an important part of who they are because their relationships are an important part of who they are. This won't be surprising for people who understand that homosexuality is an orientation, like heterosexuality, but I'm guessing that it would be quite a shock for Theist to learn that gays are people, too.

      This being the case, why are the homosexuals pushing gay marriage so much? It could only be that they can not stand having something around that smacks of moral superiority.
      Speaking for myself, I can't stand something that smacks of moral self-righteousness, which seems to me to be a pretty accurate assessment of Theist's entire discussion about homosexuality and of the above statements in particular. Theist apparently can't fathom the idea that gays might want to marry because marriage is a traditional expression of social, psychological, and emotional commitment between two people who want to spend their lives together. Why? Because Theist can't seem to fathom the idea that gays might actually desire such a state of affairs with a member of the same sex - for Theist, being gay is simply a matter of having lots and lots of sex.

      They will apparently stop at nothing short of leveling all forms of meaningful sexuality.
      And just what is "meaningful sexuality"? Again, the concept is undefined (notice a pattern here?). Presumably "meaningful sexuality" for Theist is limited to genital sex between members of the opposite sex and purely for the purpose of procreation. It makes me think of two people who try to have sex with their clothes on so that they won't have lustful thoughts at the sight of a naked body. Frankly, I pity Theist's narrow and narrow-minded view of sexuality, but if it satisfies them then it's none of my business. If only Theist felt the same way when it comes to others.

      Well, I don't suppose that level of compassion, generosity, and good sense should be expected so we'll just have to deal with what we have: narrow-minded moral self-righteousness that pretends to have something intelligent to say about homosexuality but utterly fails because it relies upon half-truths, un-truths, and an inability to explain even the most basic concepts involved.

      The "logic" of homosexuality? I don't think so.

    106. The Bible, the Qur'an, and Baha'i and Zoroastrian scriptures have a few passages which condemn homosexuality. An out of context interpretation of these passages has been used as justification for persecution of homosexuals, ranging from ridicule, exclusion, and attempts to alter behavior, to imprisonment and even execution. Typically these quotes are employed not because the entire range of scriptural injunctions are being applied consistently, but because the power structure needs cherry-picked scriptural justification for their actions.

      Colonialism subsequently imposed this prejudice on a number of non-western societies which did not previously have this sort of persecution. Other major world religions, particularly Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Shinto, don't condemn homosexuals in their sacred texts, let alone mention the subject except in passing. This doesn't mean that societies where these religions are dominant or practiced are (or are not) tolerant of LGBT people; simply that whatever discrimination or persecution may be present is not based on religious grounds.

      Modern studies of the nature of gender have found that human sexual preference is innate; homosexuality occurs in hundreds of species; and gender and sexual behavior is a continuum rather than two compartmentalized poles. Psychologists no longer consider homosexuality a personality defect or mental illness.

      There will always be some that prefer not to accept the findings of science. For instance, there are a handful of Christians who believe that the Earth is flat because the Bible refers to the 'four corners of the Earth'. Some literalist Christians reject the Copernican solar system for similar scriptural reasons. However, many religions, even the most conservative, have shown a capability to incorporate advances in knowledge-- for instance, astronomy, geology and biology--that were previously contradicted by, or simply unknown to, scripture and religious tradition. For instance, modern Roman Catholic doctrine states that scientific theories of cosmology, including the 'Big Bang', are not incompatible with the concept of a creation by the deity-- this from the church that only recently lifted its pro forma censorship of the works of Galileo.

      Values of tolerance and acceptance for others can be found at the core of all world religions. Many religious groups have not found it difficult to extend tolerance to LGBT people, even if this does not lead to acceptance within their religion, or sanctioning of same-sex unions or homosexual clergy. And most religious groups and people, across the spectrum, are opposed to violence against gays and other violations of their human and civil rights, regardless of their other beliefs on the subject.

    107. The Bible, the Qur'an, and Baha'i and Zoroastrian scriptures have a few passages which condemn homosexuality. An out of context interpretation of these passages has been used as justification for persecution of homosexuals, ranging from ridicule, exclusion, and attempts to alter behavior, to imprisonment and even execution. Typically these quotes are employed not because the entire range of scriptural injunctions are being applied consistently, but because the power structure needs cherry-picked scriptural justification for their actions.

      Colonialism subsequently imposed this prejudice on a number of non-western societies which did not previously have this sort of persecution. Other major world religions, particularly Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Shinto, don't condemn homosexuals in their sacred texts, let alone mention the subject except in passing. This doesn't mean that societies where these religions are dominant or practiced are (or are not) tolerant of LGBT people; simply that whatever discrimination or persecution may be present is not based on religious grounds.

      Modern studies of the nature of gender have found that human sexual preference is innate; homosexuality occurs in hundreds of species; and gender and sexual behavior is a continuum rather than two compartmentalized poles. Psychologists no longer consider homosexuality a personality defect or mental illness.

      There will always be some that prefer not to accept the findings of science. For instance, there are a handful of Christians who believe that the Earth is flat because the Bible refers to the 'four corners of the Earth'. Some literalist Christians reject the Copernican solar system for similar scriptural reasons. However, many religions, even the most conservative, have shown a capability to incorporate advances in knowledge-- for instance, astronomy, geology and biology--that were previously contradicted by, or simply unknown to, scripture and religious tradition. For instance, modern Roman Catholic doctrine states that scientific theories of cosmology, including the 'Big Bang', are not incompatible with the concept of a creation by the deity-- this from the church that only recently lifted its pro forma censorship of the works of Galileo.

      Values of tolerance and acceptance for others can be found at the core of all world religions. Many religious groups have not found it difficult to extend tolerance to LGBT people, even if this does not lead to acceptance within their religion, or sanctioning of same-sex unions or homosexual clergy. And most religious groups and people, across the spectrum, are opposed to violence against gays and other violations of their human and civil rights, regardless of their other beliefs on the subject.

    108. The King James Version
      King James I, who commissioned the King James Version translation, was undoubtedly homosexual. It was whispered that "Elizabeth was King: Now James is Queen."

      James I was responsible for reaffirming the Buggery Act of 1533, which criminalized sodomy in the UK. However, James I had several well-documented homosexual relationships. Although he had eight children with his wife, Anne of Denmark, they eventually decided to live apart. In 1607 he met Robert Carr, then age 17, at a joust, and had an on-going relationship with him for nearly a decade, which ended in a messy breakup. In 1614, he started a relationship with George Villiers, a commoner, eventually making him Duke of Buckingham in 1623. In 1624, James wrote Villiers a letter in which he asked "whether you loved me now...better than at the time I shall never forget at Farham, where the bed's head could not be found between the master and his dog."

    109. this by:Sexual Politics And
      Scientific Logic:
      The Issue Of
      Charles W. Socarides

      A significant portion of society today is of the belief that homosexuality is a normal form of sexual behavior different from but equal to that of heterosexuality. Many religious leaders, public officials, educators., social and mental health agencies, including those at the highest level of government, departments of psychiatry, psychology, and mental health clinics, have been taken in by a widespread sexual egalitarianism, by accusations of being "undemocratic" or "prejudiced" if they do not accept certain scientific assertions thrust upon them, as if deprived of all intellectual capacity to judge and reason. It is my contention in this paper that this threat of revolutionary change in our sexual mores and customs has been ushered in by a singular act of considerable consequence: the removal of homosexuality from the category of aberrancy by the American Psychiatric Association (December 1973). It is furthermore a fateful consequence of our disregard for psychoanalytic knowledge of human sexual behavior.

      In what follows, I shall present a detailed account of social and political forces both within and without our organization responsible for this act and critically examine the spurious and pseudoscientific reasons put forth for the removal of a diagnosis from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual.

      This act was naively perceived by many psychiatrists as the "simple" elimination of a scientific diagnosis in order to correct injustices. In reality, it created injustices for the homosexual as it belied the truth that prevented the homosexual from seeking and receiving psychoanalytic help. At the social, group, and community level, it proved to be the opening phase of a two-phase sexual radicalization; the second phase being the raising of homosexuality to the level of an alternate life style, an acceptable psycho-social institution alongside heterosexuality as the prevailing norm of behavior.

      In 1963, growing concern in the press and the medical profession prompted the New York Academy of Medicine to entrust its Committee on Public Health to study the subject of homosexuality. While the Commit-tee in its report (1964) concluded that "homosexuality is indeed an illness, the homosexual is an emotionally disturbed individual who has not acquired the normal capacity to develop satisfying heterosexual rela-tions," it sounded an alarm: it warned that "some homosexuals have gone beyond the plane of defensiveness and now argue that deviancy is a 'desirable, noble, preferable way of life.'" Spokesmen for homosexual groups argued that homosexuality was not an aberration; those so oriented were merely a different kind of people living an acceptable way of life, and, for one thing, they claimed it was the perfect answer to the problem of a population explosion (!). Clearly a disturbing trend was developing, with homosexuals banding together, not to demand help from psychiatry and the medical profession and public recognition of their condition (alongside those individuals with any form of neurosis or emotional disorder) or simply to protest against legal injustices, but to proclaim their "normality" and attack all opposition to this view. Those who took this view in the past constituted a vocal but very small minority of homosexuals compared to the large number of homosexuals who desired more help, not less, or who remained silent. To my mind just as alcoholism and drug addiction has become recognized as illness over the past several decades, so was sexual deviation increasingly to be understood as an emotional disorder and, similar to other mental disorders, not to be penalized when practiced among consenting adults. Freedom from persecutory laws as well as the granting of full civil rights constituted an integral part of this approach to homosexual individuals.

      As a young analyst encouraged by the therapeutic response of my homosexual patients to the freedom they found in being relieved of the yoke of their homosexuality, I decided that the moment had come to act directly on the behalf of the homosexual and anyone else suffering from a sexual disorder, with the idea of making help available on request to many. I wrote to Stanley F. Yolles, M.D., then Director of the National Institutes of Mental Health, asking to meet with him to discuss some suggestions for a national program for the prevention and treatment of homosexuality and other sexual disorders. I wrote, "Of the whole range of sexual disorders, homosexuality is the most misunderstood. Homosexuality not only causes suffering for the individual but is inimical to the preservation of the family unit. The psychological conflicts which lead to the development of homosexuality, the anguish of the homosexual himself and the damage to his family and close associates produces tragic consequences. It should be the task of psychoanalytically informed psychiatry and modern medicine to dispel the mystery that surrounds homosexuality and dissolve the fear which attends any attempt at free discussion. Homosexuality, I predicted, could well be alleviated in many instances by fresh approaches to therapy. Hope could then be offered to many who had often surrendered in despair, the very real hope that a favorable prognosis was quite possible in most cases when homosexuals voluntarily sought help, Yolles' encouraging reply was that I meet with members of his staff with the possibility of implementing such a program, but representatives of our nation's central mental service (NIMH) dismissed it out of hand at a meeting in Washington, D.C. (February 3,1965). I went on, however, writing and publishing my findings (1968, 1978) and was invited by my colleagues to address the Adult Psychiatry branch of the NIMH on the problem and treatment of homosexuality in 1967. Shortly thereafter, NIMH appointed a Task Force on homosexuality. In October 1969, this Task Force submitted its final report in which it acknowledged at least in part the validity of my earlier proposal by recommending "the coordination of NIMH activities in the broad area of sexual behavior for the establishment of a center for the study of sexual behavior."

      This task force did not by any means represent the forefront of knowledge on the issue of homosexuality. Only three psychiatrists were participants. One of them, Dr. Judd Marmor, had for years espoused the view that homosexuality was "normal." The Chairperson was psychologist Evelyn Hooker, Ph.D.,(1) who was of the same long time conviction. The Kinsey-Hopkins faction was represented by Dr. Paul Gebhardt, Ph.D., Director of the Institute for Sex at Indiana University, and John Money, Ph.D., from Johns Hopkins, an early proponent of transsexual surgery and the acceptance of homosexuality as normal. The law was represented by the Honorable David M. Bazelon, who at one point during the Task Force deliberations resigned. Psychoanalytic clinicians such as Bieber, Hadden, Bychowski, Rado, Lorand myself and others who had worked for many years in depth therapy with homosexual patients were pointedly left off the committee. On a subsequent occasion I was told by Gebhardt that this action was taken as Bieber, I and others were considered "professionally biased" because of our "Freudian approach." The NIMH report concluded: "Some of the primary goals of the NIMH service study of sexual behavior should be to develop knowledge, generate and disseminate information, mollify taboo and myths, provide rational basis for intervention, and provide data to policy makers for use in their efforts to frame social policy." The report asked for society's toleration and understanding of the homosexual condition and the gradual removal of persecutory laws against such activities be-tween consulting adults. These positions were good and well taken, but where the report failed abysmally was that it never concluded that exclusive homosexuality was a form of emotional illness, arrested psychosexual development, or a pathological condition of any kind, thereby lending tacit approval to emerging concepts of deviancy.

      Meanwhile, militant political homosexual groups continued to disrupt a number of scientific programs both at the national and local level in which findings as to the psychopathology of homosexuality, its origins, symptomatology, course, and treatment, were going to be discussed, e.g., national meetings of the American Psychiatric Association; Association for Psychoanalytic Medicine (Columbia University); Panel on Homosexuality: "A Current Controversy," New York Academy of Medicine (November 27, 1973). Psychiatrists who dared to speak of their clinical findings were "discredited" even in the pages of the official newspaper of our own organization, e.g., "Psychiatrists Blast Colleagues' 'Prejudice' Against Homosexuals" Psychiatric News, June 7, 1972).(2) Some of these public attacks were augmented by hate-filled letters, threatening attacks over the telephone, and even threats of terrorist action against those who continued to speak of their scientific findings. Marmor, utilizing the nationwide distributing capacity of the newsletter distributed by SIECUS(3) (Scientific Information and Education Council of the U.S.), a private non-governmental organization heavily in favor of "new liberal concepts of sexuality" including homosexuality, denounced a Journal of the American Medical Association article entitled "Homosexuality and Medicine (1970) by this author as "an unfortunate potpourri of prejudice and misinformation [which] stems ... from obvious personal prejudices."

      As a counter to such tactics, which tended to silence all scientific debate, I proposed to the New York County District Branch of the American Psychiatric Association that it should establish a task force as an official committee of that organization in order to shed light on the nature, meaning, and content of homosexuality to psychiatry and an increasingly bewildered public. Thus the first all-psychiatric task force on homosexuality was born. It was and has been the only such medically oriented body in the country. After two years of deliberations and sixteen meetings the task force, composed of a dozen experts affiliated with the major medical centers of New York City, attempted to submit its report on homosexuality to the Executive Council of the New York City District Branch, a report which unanimously documented the fact that exclusive homosexuality was a disorder of psychosexual development and simultaneously asked for civil rights for those suffering from the disorder. The report was "not acceptable" to the new members(4) (and some old) of the Executive Committee. Other business took its place in the Executive Committee meeting and although general statements were accepted as to its content it was not accepted into the minutes of the meeting. The message was coming through loud and clear: the only report acceptable would have. been one which was not only in favor of civil rights but one which declared homosexuality not a psychosexual disorder. The committee was then dissolved. Its members, determined that the report see the light of day, eventually published it as a "study group" report in the late Spring of 1974 (New York City District Branch APA Task Force Report).

      In mid-1973, Vice President Judd Marmor of the APA and John Spiegel, President, APA, and other psychiatrists met with the Gay Activist Alliance, the Mattachine Society and its female ancillary, the Daughters of Bilities, and the Nomenclature Committee of the American Psychiatric Association at Columbia University, New York City, to discuss the deletion of "homosexuality" from the diagnostic nomenclature (New York Times, Spring 1973).

      In November 1973, I was asked by a Newsweek reporter if I would care to comment on the upcoming celebration/cocktail party to take place at the APA headquarters in Washington, D.C. in December com-memorating the "greatest of gay victories"-the "purging" of homosex-uality from the realm of psychiatry. Dr. Robert L. Spitzer, a psychiatrist at the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, and Secretary of the APA Committee on Nomenclature and Statistics, had been made chairman of the Nomenclature Task Force on Homosexuali-ty, apparently setting it apart from the Nomenclature and Statistics Committee itself. Dr. Henry Brill, a respected and dignified psychiatrist embodying the best traditions of the state hospital system, had been removed from a position of authority in respect to the issue. Spitzer, who to my knowledge had never previously published a single article on homosexuality or the sexual deviations, had composed a position paper on the meaning and content of homosexuality. It was upon his rationale that the Nomenclature Committee (or the task force part of it) had proceeded. His new definition was sent to the Council on Research and Development. The head of the group, in a telephone call I made to him soon thereafter, stated: "After all, homosexuals must be protected and this might be the best way to do it." I argued that we were all for protecting the homosexual against persecution, but this was a different matter.

      Should we dismiss our scientific findings for social/political reasons? Joseph Stalin's insistence on substituting Lamarckian concepts in place of those of Mendelian inheritance for political purposes and the serious consequences to the science of genetics immediately came to my mind. We psychoanalytic clinicians had long been and continue to be in the vanguard of protecting our homosexual patients against assertions of degeneracy and unfair laws. After all, it was Freud who first admitted homosexuals and others were sexually deviant into the consultation room as respected and worthy patients on a par with till those suffering from emotional disorders of any kind. Psychoanalysis had begun to understand homosexual condition: was the homosexual to be "buried" by stating that this was a "non-condition?" Such an action would constitute a repudiation of all we have learned about sexual deviation. I said that homosexuals were individuals who out of inner necessity must engage in homosexual practices or otherwise experience anxiety. This was clearly a psychiatric disorder. We got nowhere.

      From the Council on Research and Development the proposed change in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual went to the Assembly, thence to the APA Reference Committee. "Minor changes" were made in these committees, it was later announced. These "minor changes" were hardly minor, e.g. "heterosexual orientation disturbance" was to be included along with homosexuality as a "sexual orientation disturbance" to signify those people who were "disturbed" at the knowledge that they were heterosexual(!) (Minutes, APA Council, 11/3/73). It was decided a few weeks later that this was unwise, and therefore "heterosexuality as a disorder" was deleted. The new position favoring deletion of homosex-uality was obviously clinically untenable and scientifically fallacious, even to a first-year resident in psychiatry. There was no scientific ex-planation for this deletion except the statement that the homosexual did not experience "suffering"; those who disliked being homosexual and "suffered over it" or "complained" were to be considered to have a "disorder." We persisted that respect for the tradition of open scientific debate as well as professional ethics and morality required that we be given a hearing on this matter.

      Our group of dissidents consisting of three members of the APA out of a committee of twelve received a hearing immediately preceding the Board of Trustees vote on December 14, 1973. I reviewed before the Board the serious consequences(5) of this change during an allotted five- minute presentation by stating that as a result of this position: [1] An alteration of theoretical concepts of healthy versus abnormal sexual development would have to "logically" take place; [2] Sex education in our schools would in all likelihood include homosexual sex education (this has already come to pass); [3] Despair would be created within the individual homosexual who wished help. The homosexual would forfeit his mammalian heritage, the chance to engage in the male-female design; [4]Homosexuals would not enter therapy or be dissuaded for long periods in doing so: tremendous resistances to therapy would result, injuring the patient's progress; [5] Suicides among those with gender identity disorder might well increase.(6) Where would individuals get help if they could not turn to psychiatry? The individual homosexual who wished to be helped, to rid himself of his condition, would be doomed by pronouncements of the Board of Trustees, family and friends would despair. [6] would confuse other medical disciplines such as pediatrics, to whom families and youngsters turned for advice, to say nothing of 'the rest of the medical profession; [7] Homosexuals were already giving lectures on the value of homosexuality as an alternative life style to some of our public schools and in our colleges; [8] Psychiatric residents would be reluctant to enter an area of psychiatric research where they would only receive attack, belittlement, and demeanment. Thus there would be a decrease in both our knowledge and psychiatric research in this condition. We strongly urged postponement of voting by the Board of Trustees.

      The Board of Trustees voted practically unanimously against us, with two abstentions. It is interesting to note that only two thirds of the members of the Board of Trustees were present, barely enough to constitute a quorum for this important decision. Were some members simply avoiding a confrontation with the majority view already determined and adamant in their conviction? Otherwise, how could one explain their absence on such a critical issue?

      A few weeks later, the "rationale" for 'the deletion of homosexuality as a psychiatric disorder was presented to the medical community. The "rationale" for this change was to be found in two items: The first was an official position paper presented by Robert F. Spitzer, Chairman, Nomenclature Task Force on Homosexuality, before the Board prior to its decision (Spitzer, R.L. [1974], "The Homosexual Decision-A Background Paper," Psychiatric News, pp 11-12). According to Psychiatric News, it was "essentially upon the rationale of Dr. Spitzer's presentation that the Board made its decision" (p. 11). This paper in essence repeated Kinsey's earlier assertion that exclusive homosexuality was a normal part of the human condition at one end of the Kinsey "homosexual - heterosexual scale."(7) It did not meet the requirements of a psychiatric disorder since it "does not either regularly cause subjective distress or [isj regularly associated with some generalized impairment in social effectiveness or functioning" (Spitzer). The second item consisted of conclusions supplied by Drs. Marcel T. Saghir and Eli Robins in their book Male and Female Homosexuality (1973). Saghir and Robins' "scientific" evidence did not employ any psychoanalytic methodology, but was a descriptive survey from which the conclusion that homosexuality was a normal condition was derived from one structured lengthy interview with homosexuals (recruited through homophile organizations) and "unmarried heterosexual controls" (solicited by mail and paid for the interview) and coincided with the position paper above.

      The term "sexual orientation disturbance (homosexuality)" was now to be substituted for homosexuality. It was defined as follows:

      This is for individuals whose sexual interests are directed primarily toward people of the same sex and who are neither disturbed by, in conflict with, or wish to change their sexual orientation. This diagnostic category is distinguished from homosexuality, which by itself does not constitute a psychiatric disorder. Homosexuality per se is one form of sexual behavior, and with other forms of sexual behavior which are not by themselves psychiatric disorders, are not listed in this nomenclature" (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) July 1974).

      This diagnostic category underwent several metamorphoses in several editions of the DSM III, including establishing a separate category of "ego-dystonic homosexuality" (for those who were "unhappy" that they were homosexual) to the ultimate elimination of the word "homosexual" from the DSM III Revised 1987 as a scientific category (APA Diagnostic Criteria DSM 'Ii; American Psychiatric Association, Washington, D.C.)

      A reversal of the decision by the Board of Trustees would require two hundred members requesting a referendum. It was for this purpose that a referendum was asked for. Fortunately, the American Psychoanalytic Association was holding its midwinter meeting in New York City at the time and two hundred and forty-three signatures from psychoanalytic practitioners (members and fellows of the APA who were familiar with the clinical problems of the homosexual) petitioned for a reversal of the Board of Trustees vote. It was a credit to psychiatrists in general that in the voting of the general membership (April, 1974) that was to follow on this issue (voting marred by hidden lobbying by homosexual activists)(8) held months later, forty percent of the psychiatrists who voted (10,000) took issue with the Board of Trustees' action, asserting that there were no legitimate scientific reasons for the APA's change in fundamental psychiatric theory. It is fallacious to conclude from this vote that the ma-jority of psychiatrists in the United States were in favor of the action, for only 25% of those eligible to vote out of more than 25,000 psychiatrists sent in their ballots. Despite this fact, the decision stood.(9)

      By declaring a condition a "non-condition," a group of practitioners had removed it from our list of serious psychosexual disorders. The action was all the more remarkable when one considers that it involved the out- of-hand and peremptory disregard and dismissal not only of hundreds of psychiatric and psychoanalytic research papers and reports(10) but also of a number of other serious studies by groups of psychiatrists, psychologists, and educators over the past seventy years, for example, the Report of the Committee of Cooperation with Governmental (Federal) Agencies of the Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry (1955); the New York Academy of Medicine Report (1964); the Task Force Report of the New York County District Branch of the APA done in 1970-72 (Socarides, et. al., 1973).

      To the psychoanalyst, this was psychiatric folly. Psychoanalysts com-prehend the meaning of a particular act of human behavior by delving in-to the motivational state from which it issues. Obviously these decision makers had not viewed individuals in this manner. When individuals with similar behavior are analytically investigated, we then arrive at objective conclusions as to the meaning and significance of a particular phenomenon under examination. Thus is insight achieved. To form conclusions as to the specific individual meaning of an event simply because of its frequency of occurrence (the number of homosexuals was often alluded to as indicating that it was normal)(11) is to the psychoanalyst scientific idiocy only in the consultation room, using the technique of introspective reporting and free association, protected by all the laws of medicine, psychology, and psychiatry, will an individual reveal the hidden (even from himself) meaning and reasons behind his act. The meaning of a particular act of piece of behavior can only be decided on the basis of the motivational context from which it arises.

      The concept of "disadvantage" was introduced as a reason for declaring homosexuality a "non-disorder" by the Nomenclature Committee two years after the deletion (1976). The view that the homosexual of the obligatory type is at "no social disadvantage" is a denial of the realities that surround us when one considers that a society governs the behavior of its members from birth to death through its laws, mores, and other institutions. A human being is born with responses that constitute his mammalian heritage (a product of evolution). He is then introduced into a web of social institutions, a product of cumulative tradition which con-stitutes his cultural heritage. The two, mammalian and cultural heritages, lead man to his sexual pattern-heterosexuality. Heterosexuality has a biological and social usefulness. It creates the family unit and allows men and women to live together under conditions where there is likely to be the least amount of fear, rage, and hate. It furthermore regulates this relationship through a series of laws, penalties, and rewards.

      Additional proof of the politicization of American psychiatry was to be provided later from an unexpected source: a book by Ronald Bayer, a fellow of the Hastings Institute of New York. He stated that Spitzer was "sympathetic to the viewpoint of the gay liberation group" (pp.130-131) and Brill was suffering from "indecision and discomfort with Spitzer's aggressive assumption of leadership on this issue." Even more important was the revelation (never previously acknowledged) that the Council on Research and Development of the APA did not officially investigate or study the issue thoroughly before it gave formal approval to the deletion of homosexuality from the DSM II.

      It was to Monroe's council, comprised of five senior psychiatrists who were responsible for providing the APA with advice on matters of policy and with information on current issues in psychiatric research, that Spitzer's proposal [for deletion] was first under consideration. Though officially coming from the Committee on Nomenclature, in fact it had never been formally approved by its members and thus presented Spitzer's own effort to resolve what many APA leaders considered "a hot potato" (Bayer, pp.130-131, emphasis added).

      Bayer laid bare developments that took place in December 1973. He states that the Board of Trustees "satisfied the formal requirements of providing a fair hearing [and proceeded] to render its verdict," but he omitted the fact that the requests for such a hearing had to be aggressively pursued (there was no invitation" to appear and permission to address the Board of Trustees was granted most reluctantly by its chairman, Dr. John Spiegel). Furthermore, this "fair hearing" consisted of a five-minute allowance for each person testifying, including Drs. Irving Bieber (Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, New York Medical College), John McDevitt (Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, University of Cincinnati), Armand Nicholi of the Harvard Medical School Student Health Service-and myself. The time limit was strictly adhered to and no time was allowed from discussion. The suggestion by the Ad Hoc Committee Against the Deletion of Homosexuality (the "psychiatric dissidents"), headed by myself, that a pro-civil rights statement be made but that the question of scientific merits of the diagnosis(12) be left for further study and reflection, was peremptorily dismissed. Our proposal was unacceptable. For the next 18 years, the APA decision was to serve as a Trojan horse, opening the gates to widespread psychological and social change in sexual customs and mores. The decision was to be used on numerous occasions for numerous purposes with the goal of normalizing homosexuality and elevating it to an esteemed status.

      To some American psychiatrists this action remains a chilling reminder that if scientific principles are not fought for they can be lost - a disillusioning warning that unless we make no exceptions to science, we are subject to the snares of political factionalism and the propagation of untruths to an unsuspecting and uninformed public, to the rest of the medical profession, and to the behavioral sciences.

      Beyond the disservice to homosexual patients and their families, the confusion in the mind of the public, and the pushing back of the fron-tiers of our knowledge, what is the fate of society in all this? Abram Kar-diner, psychoanalyst, former Professor of Psychiatry at Columbia University, recipient of the Humanities Prize of The New York Times in 1966, warns:

      There is an epidemic form of homosexuality, which is more than the usual incidence, which generally occurs in social crises or in declining cultures when license and boundless permissiveness dulls the pain of ceaseless anxiety, universal hostility and divisiveness. Thus in the Betsileo of Madagascar the incidence of homosexuality was visibly increased at a time when the society was under a state of col-lapse. Supporting the claims of the homosexuals and regar-ding homosexuality as a normal variant of sexual activity is to deny the social significance of homosexuality. To do this is to give support to the divisive elements in the community. Above all it militates against the family and destroys the function of the latter as the last place in our society where affectivity can still be cultivated.

      Homosexuals cannot make a society, nor keep ours going for very long. Homosexuality operates against the cohesive elements in society in the name of fictitious freedom. It drives the opposite sex into a similar direction. And no society can long endure when either the child is neglected or when the sexes war upon each other (Kardiner, personal communication to the author, 1973).

      The psychoanalyst's compassion and concern as regards the external conflicts faced by the homosexual due to societal disapproval should not blind us, however, to the internal conflicts, conflicts which occur between various conscious and unconscious tendencies within the individual which are causative of this disorder. The homosexual, no matter what his or her level of adaptation and function in other areas of life, is severely handicapped in the most vital area-interpersonal relations.

      A typical family constellation is that in which there is a psychologically crushing mother (in extreme cases) and an absent or abdicating father who does not assume his appropriate masculine role in relation to his son that allows the son to identify with him. In the female homosexual there is a corresponding inability to identify with what is viewed by the girl as a malevolent, malicious mother and a father who does not respect the femininity of his daughter. The female homosexual seeks femininity in the body and personality of her female partner.

      Pathology, organically and psychologically, may be defined as a failure to function, with concomitant pain and/or suffering. It is this failure, its significance and manifold consequences that are so obvious in obligatory homosexuality-a failure in functioning which, if carried to its extreme, would mean the death of the species. Beneath this obvious failure of function and the secondary external conflicts it may provoke, lie the agony, sorrow, tragedy, fear and guilt of a both conscious and un-conscious nature which pervades the homosexual's life. Psychiatrists who treat such individuals in depth know this very well. Those who do not practice depth psychotherapy or psychoanalysis often do not observe or may tend to minimize the degree of suffering the homosexual en-dures-suffering induced by internal conflicts-inasmuch as the homosexuality also provides temporary relief from severe anxiety. Fur-thermore, obligatory homosexuality (in contrast to episodic, situational, or variational homosexual behavior, which is not considered a pathological condition per se) may cause such disruption in the equilibrium of the individual that all meaningful relations in life are damaged from the outset and are peculiarly susceptible to breakdown. Attitudes toward the opposite sex are often filled with distrust and fear as to render them incapable of any relationship at all, except on the most superficial and brittle basis. The obligatory homosexual is unable to function in the most meaningful relationship in life: the male-female sex-ual union and the affective state of love, tenderness and joy with a part-ner of the opposite sex.

      The homosexual engages in a compromise adaptation, "choosing" a same-sex partner for sexual gratification in order to save the self from anxiety. The ability of the homosexual to neutralize anxiety motivates the homosexual to use this as a face-saving rationalization-that is, that he or she is not suffering from an emotional disorder at all, especially if one is convinced that there is no help for changing their condition. Despite the appearance at any given time of an adequate life perfor-mance, internal conflict threatens to disrupt this fragile adjustment.

      Major breakthroughs have been made in psychoanalytic knowledge leading to the conclusion that oedipal-phase conflict in certain homosexual patients is always superimposed on deeper, basic preoedipal nuclear conflicts. In certain cases of homosexuality, h is apparent that object rela-tions pathology contributes more to the development of homosexuality than the vicissitudes of the drives-in other words, that the central con-flict of the homosexual is an object relations one rather than a structural one. These views apply to relatively pronounced cases in which the perverse development is clear and definite.

      The combination of infant observational studies and developmental theories in the psychoanalytic material derived from the study of adult homosexuals helps to explain that the fixation of the homosexual lies in all probability in the later phases of the separation-individuation process, producing a disturbance in self identity as well as in gender identity, persistence of a primary feminine identification with the mother (in the case of the female homosexual, an identification with the mother perceived as malevolent and hateful), separation anxiety, fears of engulfment (restor-ing the mother-child unity), and disturbance in object relations and associated ego functions.

      The homosexual has no choice as regards his or her sexual object. The condition is unconsciously determined, is differentiated from the behavior of a person who deliberately engages in same-sex sexual contact due to situational factors or a desire for variational experiences. As noted above, these constitute non-clinical forms of homosexual behavior. The nuclear core of true homosexuality is never a conscious choice, an act of will; but rather it is determined from the earliest period of childhood, in terms of origin, of course, not in practice. The homosexogenic family environment has been noted above. The presence of external conflicts which complicate the lives of homosexuals should not be allowed to obfuscate the valid clinical data secured through in-depth psychoanalytic studies, for this misinforms psychiatrists, the general reader, and, unfortunately, a vulnerable public.

      Lastly, it should be stated that it is obvious to some psychoanalysts that the requirements for definitions of a condition or disorder on the basis of conscious anxiety and suffering ran counter to everything we knew dynamically about the mechanisms involved in this serious distur-bance. For example, the enactment of any sexual deviation helps to keep the individual in equilibrium and neutralize anxiety. It has been un-consciously specifically fashioned for this purpose. Therefore, the presence or absence of anxiety cannot be an adequate criterion to use when determining whether the condition is a disorder or not. Some of the most severely disturbed homosexuals have no anxiety because of their constant enactment of the homosexual act. Furthermore, Spitzer's proposal, as noted above, disregarded the following: [I] the presence of a specific need, desire, compulsion, or other symptom formation may so circumscribe pathology that a patient may appear to be functioning well in every other aspect of his life; [2] fully developed neurotic symptoms can mask illness as well as express it; and [3] the mechanism of sexual deviation results in the production of an ego-syntonic symptom, namely, one that allays and neutralizes anxiety.

      The official position of the American Psychoanalytic Association is indicated by its definitions of homosexuality which appear in A Glossary of Psychoanalytic Terms and Concepts, edited by B.E. Moore, M.D. and B.D. Fine, M.D. This glossary, first published in 1968, underwent its third printing in 1983. It states:

      In the male homosexual there is, as a rule, an overly strong attachment to the mother up to and including the oedipal phase, which is not resolved by identification with the father but rather by partial identification with the mother. Object choice is narcissistic in type, i.e., the loved person must be like the self, and sexual excitation is experienced in regard to men instead of women. Due to strong castration fears, the homosexual man cannot tolerate a sexual partner without the tremendously valued male organ. Another common motive for homosexual object choice is the avoidance of rivalry with fathers and brothers.

      In female homosexuality (lesbianism), the woman retains a strong original preoedipal attachment to the mother, which is displaced onto the homosexual partner. As a result of an unsatisfactory outcome of oedipal conflicts, her identification with the mother is incomplete and she holds onto mother as an object of love [p.48].

      In the material cited above, I have described a movement within the American Psychiatric Association which through social/political activism has accomplished the first phase of a two-phase radicalization of a main pillar of psychosexual life: the erosion of heterosexuality as the single acceptable sexual pattern in our culture. The motive force for this movement was the wish to protect the homosexual against injustices and persecution which could to all intents and purposes have been removed by the demand for equal rights for the homosexual, a demand that could well have been fulfilled through humanitarian motivations so deeply embedded in our humanistic science. Instead, the false step of removing homosexuality from our Diagnostic and Statistical Manual was substituted. This amounted to a full approval of homosexuality and an encouragement to aberrancy by those who should have known better, both in the scientific sense and in the sense of the social consequences of such removal. (The relationships between social approval and homosexuality as a developmental disorder will be dealt with in a subsequent paper.) The devastating clinical fallout from this decision was to follow. Those who would wish to retain homosexuality as a valid diagnosis have been practically silenced by lectures, meetings, and publications, both originating within our association and from other sources. Political par-ties and religious leaders have been utilized to reinforce this silence. The press has been influenced as well as the media;(14) television and movies promote homosexuality as an alternative life style as well as censor movies which might show homosexuality as a disorder. Homosexual sex education has entered our schools and colleges-and pro-Gay activists, homosexual or otherwise, portray their way of life as "normal as apple pie" and intimidate others with different views. In essence, this move-ment within the American Psychiatric Association has accomplished what every other society, with rare exceptions, would have trembled to tamper with, a revision of a basic code and concept of life and biology: that men and women normally mate with the opposite sex and not with each other.

      Forces adamantly insisting that homosexuality is an alternative life style have not been stopped by appeals to tradition, enlightened self-interest or even the findings of psychoanalysis.(15) Threats about what would happen to society do not have much effect: nobody considers himself society's guardian. The average citizen says he doesn't quite know what these social interests are and, after all, aren't personal decisions about sex a private matter? The answer to that question, contrary to popular opinion, is NO.

      Psychoanalysis reveals that sexual behavior is not an arbitrary set of rules set down by no one knows who for purposes which no one understands. Our sexual patterns are a product of our biological past, a result of man's collective experience and his long biological and social evolutionary march. They make possible the cooperative coexistence of human beings with one another. At the individual level, they create a balance between the demands of sexual instinct and the external realities surrounding each of us. Not all cultures survive; the majority have not, and anthropologists tell us that serious flaws in sexual codes and institutions have undoubtedly played a significant role in many a culture's demise (Kardiner, A., 1939). When masses of people think similarly about previous sexual customs, their collective behavior will, in the last analysis, have a profound impact on the whole of society.

      Scientists, psychologists, psychiatrists, political leaders, public officials and others with vested interests today ransack literature for bits of fact and theory which can be pieced together into a pro-homosexual or bisexual concept of nature, man and society. Some of the individuals say that homosexuals are healthy, society is sick and that science should cure society. Others raise false or outdated scientific issues in their war with traditional values. Many of our values could use change, but polemical pseudoscience is not the way. No society has accepted adult preferential homosexuality. Nowhere is homosexuality or so-called bisexuality a desired end in itself. Nowhere do parents say: "It's all the same to me if my child is heterosexual or homosexual." Nowhere are homosexuals more than a small minority at the present time. Nowhere does homosex-uality per se place one in an enviable position (Karlen, A., 1971).

      Some pro-homosexual proponents within the behavioral sciences state that mental illness is simply a product of social definition and that sexual behavior considered normal in one society may be deviant in another. Examination of the facts shows that this is not true of all illness and all behaviors. Some behaviors are universally deviant, and every society thinks them disruptive. Incest, rape, psychopathic (apparently unmotivated) violence are considered taboo in all societies. So is predominant or exclusive homosexuality or even bisexuality.

      The counter to such forces is the knowledge that heterosexuality has self-evident adaptive values: decades and even centuries of cultural change are not likely to undo thousands of years of evolutionary selection and programming. Man is not only a sexual animal but a care-bonding, group-bonding, and child-rearing animal. The male-female design is taught to the child from birth and culturally ingrained through the marital order. This design is anatomically determined, as it derives from cells which in the evolutionary scale underwent changes into organ systems and finally into individuals reciprocally adapted to each other. The male-female design is thus perpetually maintained and only over-whelming fear or man's false pride and misdirected individual enterprise can disturb or divert it.

      APPENDIX A Digital Archive of
      Articles & Texts

      Spitzer's rationale for removing homosexuality relied heavily on the work of Alfred Kinsey and his belief in the normality of homosexuality. For that reason, it shall be commented on in some detail.

      The Kinsey Report of 1948 has been likened in importance by some to man's radically altered view of himself initiated by Darwin's discoveries. His conclusions are accepted even among some well-intentioned and educated people. The Kinsey Report has had in several ways a severe and damaging delayed impact on our sexual mores, especially as they pertain to homosexuality. Alfred Kinsey, a Ph.D. in zoology, made a valuable statistical survey between 1939 and 1948 of the sexual behavior of twelve thousand American males. His figures are still widely cited as there are no others of comparable scope to contradict them. In general, there is no reason to dispute his data as to incidence. The value of the exhaustive and informative survey was that it enumerated the manifold forms taken by a force so powerful it cannot be denied expression. The enormous public curiosity about Kinsey's figures blinded most people to some of the erroneous interpretations to which some of the figures gave rise, especially in the area of homosexuality. The Kinsey conclusions and in-terpretations have become a banner under which the gay liberationists and similar pleaders have rallied, citing them as sexual gospel. Kinsey, however, erred in attempting to interpret his statistics, a fault which was perpetuated by his followers. Kinsey concluded that homosexuality is present in ten percent of all males in a persistent (obligatory) form and in thirty-five percent of all males in the transitory form. He believed this was due to the fact that homosexuality is a biological variant. Kinsey in-vented a scale based on the incidence revealed in his own studies of homosexuality-heterosexuality, representing a continuum between homosexual and heterosexual behavior. To him this connoted that ex-clusive homosexuality was a normal part of the human condition, of normal sexuality, and simply existed at one end of the "homosexual-heterosexual scale." Exclusive heterosexuality was purportedly at the other end for apparently the same reason, because it was a "biological given." Conscious and unconscious motivations in the causation and/or expression of homosexuality, whether of the exclusive (obligatory) type or not, were completely disregarded.

      The statistical studies of the type Kinsey offered ignored the concepts of repression, unconscious mind, and motivation. While they supply in-cidence rates 6f certain phenomena, they do so as if behavior has no con-nection with motivation. Since neither conscious nor unconscious motivation is even acknowledged, these studies arrive at a disastrous con-clusion that the resultant composite of sexual behavior is the norm of sexual behavior. The next step was to demand that the public, the law, medicine, religion, and other social institutions unquestioningly accept this proposition. Even intelligent laymen, gulled by the false interpretation of these statistics, were taken in and continue to be so.

      In contrast to the psychoanalytic method of investigating behavior (motivational analysis), the only differentiation Kinsey and his followers admitted to is a quantitative one. For example, among the various forms of homosexuality, Kinsey was opposed to considering a man homosexual in whom the "heterosexual-homosexual balance" was only slightly or temporarily shifted to the homosexual side. Psychiatrically, this is incorrect, for the quantitative approach cannot replace the psychogenetic one.

      Edmund Bergler, a psychoanalytic pioneer into understanding homosexuality, was fond of comparing this quantitative approach to the situation that would exist if someone invented the idea of subdividing headaches entirely according to quantitative principles, rating them from one to six according to severity.

      Medically speaking, a headache is only a symptom indicating a variety of possibilities: from brain tumor to sinus infection, from migraine attack to uremia, from neurosis to high blood pressure, from epilepsy to suppressed fury. Instead of the causal (what causes the headache) viewpoint, we would have in this new order only quantitatively varying degrees of big, middle-sized, and small headaches (1969).

      The Kinsey yardstick omits differentiation of the underlying condi-tions. Moreover, as Bergier notes, "in the previously mentioned rating of headaches, at a specific moment a headache produced by a sinus attack could be more severe than one produced in certain stages of a brain tumor." The homosexual "outlet" covers a multitude of completely dif-ferent genetic problems. Hence a causal yardstick is necessary for the dif-ferentiation and therapy of the confusion and many-faceted types of human relationships.

      From the beginning, when Kinsey's figures were made known, few in-dividuals-except for Lionel Trilling in the literary arts and some emi-nent psychoanalysts, especially Bergier, Kubie, and Kardiner-cared to criticize Kinsey's findings. Still fewer treated them lightly, although H.L. Mencken in his volume Christomathy quipped: "All this humorless document really proves is: (a) that all men lie when they are asked about their adventures in amour and (b) that pedagogues are singularly naive and credulous creatures."

      According to social historian Paul Robinson (1976), Kinsey's heterosexual-homosexual rating scale was a "pathetic manifestation of Kinsey's philosophical naivete . .. a hopelessly mechanical contrivance, which sought to promote a system of classification that bore little rela-tion to reality" (pp.73-74). It was a gargantuan scientific hoax promoted by Kinsey for reasons of his own. In psychoanalytic terms, it was a massive form of denial as defense. With remarkable prescience, Lionel Trilling, social and literary critic, predicted the dire consequences of this idea for the scientific community as early as 1948. He stated that in the future

      Those who most explicitly assert and wish to practice the democratic virtues [will have taken] as their assumption that all social facts-with the exception of exclusion and economic hardship-must be accepted not merely in the scientific sense but also in the social sense, in the sense, that is, that no judg-ment must be passed on them, that any conclusion drawn from them which perceives values and consequences will turn out to be "undemocratic" (Trilling, 1948).

      And so it is today. Charges of being "undemocratic," "cruel and in-human" (Marmor, 1973), "irresponsible, homophobic and prejudiced" (Isay, 1986) are leveled at those who would question the normality of homosexuality. These accusations are then reinforced by the media, mo-tion pictures, and the press, and render the ordinary citizen who disapproves of such practices, as well as faint-hearted members of the psychiatric profession, mute before their onslaught.

      APPENDIX B Digital Archive of
      Articles & Texts

      The ability to engage in variational sexual experiences and substitute them for the standard coital pattern (male-female sexual coital pairs) (Rado, 1949) is a consequence of man's evolutionary development. Evolutionary development is used by proponents of normality of homosexuality for purposes of their own: they turn to Ford and Beach, prominent ethologists, and ransack their studies on primates to support the concept that "a biological tendency for inversion of sexual behavior [homosexuality] is inherent in most if not all mammals including the human species" (Isay, 1983, p.238). Ford, however, says nothing of the sort. He states that same-sex mounting behavior is not an evidence of in-born homosexual patterns which can he generalized to humans. Beach corrected this erroneous interpretation in 1971: "1 don't know any authentic instance of male or female in the animal world preferring a homosexual partner-if by homosexual you mean complete sexual relations, including climax. It's questionable that mounting in itself can properly be called sexual" (p.399).

      Ford has made stunning discoveries-discoveries which prove the op-posite. They noted that above the level of the chimpanzee, only three automatic mechanisms for orgiastic release remain: erection, pelvic thrust, and orgiastic release itself. Everything else is learned behavior. Man builds up his sexual pattern by virtue of his cerebral cortex in combination with early childhood experiences. In man, due to the tremendous development of the cerebral cortex, motivation, both conscious and unconscious, plays the crucial role in the selection of individuals and/or objects that will produce sexual arousal and orgiastic release. Furthermore, not only is man's cortex responsible for the development of heterosexual patterns and the associated social and cultural which support them, but it is the unique action of the cerebral cortex allows man to develop all the sexual deviations as partial attempted solutions to inner conflict as well as facilitating roundabout methods of sexual release in the face of insurmountable fears. Sexual. deviations are beyond the mental and motivational capacities of lower animals. Evolution has relieved us of pheromones, sexual and olfactory responses to sexual stimuli as a major factor in sexual arousal, but it has left in its wake the possibility of deviant practices as well as other complex neurotic behavior. These deviant practices then may become the bane of one's existence when they become stereotyped and inflexible.

      Charles W. Socarides, M.D. is Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Albert Einstein College of Medicine/Montefiore Medical Center, New York City. Author of The Overt Homosexual (1968), Beyond Sexual Freedom (1975), Homosexuality (1978), and The Preoedipal Origin and Psychoanalytic Therapy of Sexual Perversions (1988). Life Fellow, American Psychiatric Association; Member, American Psychoanalytic Association, International Psychoanalytic Association.
      NOTES Digital Archive of
      Articles & Texts

      1. Evelyn Hooker's widely quoted studies of homosexual men (1957, 1958) had been widely used by pro-normalization proponents to buttress the argument that homosex-uals differ from heterosexuals only in that they are homosexuals. They are not other-wise pathological and the adjustment of many is in the normal range, perhaps even superior to that of heterosexuals. Hooker's reports consisted of a detailed examination by clinical interviews and psychological tests of thirty male homosexuals and thirty heterosexual controls. They were not psychoanalytic interviews nor in-depth psychoanalytic studies. A careful review of her work by the Task Force on Homosexuality, New York County District Branch, American Psychiatric Association (1973) concluded that:
      With regard to her major thesis, that there is no evidence to show that homosex-uals are maladjusted ... her study shows nothing of the kind. It is too full of methodological errors (particularly the spurious "controls" and confused think-ing) to warrant any such conclusion ... With regard to the "adjustment" of the homosexual, the study shows nothing, one way or the other. It was not adequately designed to do so (13 p. 471475; evaluation prepared by Ruben Fine, Ph.D., Clinical Professor of Psychology at Adelphi University, Supervisor of Psychology, Elmhurst Hospital; Vice President of the National Psychological Association for Psychoanalysis.)

      2. Homosexual groups began lobbying the APA and its meetings in earnest in 1970, ac-cording to F. Charles Hite, reporter for the Psychiatric News (1/2/74, Vol.9, No.1.) Homosexual militants severely disrupted programs at the annual meeting in San Francisco in 1975.

      3. The SIECUS propaganda of the normalcy of homosexuality and the advocacy of homosexual sex education is a philosophy prevailing in several university centers and medical schools and dominates several societies for the study of sex, e.g., The Scientific Study of Sex, Eastern Region, University of Pennsylvania. It has dominated the Master's Degree Program, Department of Health Education, New York University, Human Sexuality Program to the point where heterosexual students were asked to engage in "homosexual experimentation" and students are "indoctrinated with theories of sexual orientation that are propaganda and not science" (personal com-munication, E.W. Eichel, M.A.; Sexual Education, letter to the Dean of New York University, Health Educaticin Program, 1986, quoted with permission).

      4. Dr. B. Diamond, President, New York District Branch l970~l97l, who had formally authorized the task force, died in mid-1971. This was a great loss to all of us nation- wide.

      5. Similar arguments with different emphases were made by Drs. I. flieber and J. McDevitt.

      6. Over one-third of Harvard-Radcliffe student suicide attempts (25 out of 65, or 375) between 1965 and 1967 were made by individuals severely disturbed by homosexual conflicts (reported in a survey by the National Institutes of Mental Health, 1974) (Bunney, Melitta, Roach). More recently, The New York Times reports that "young American men from 15-24 years old are killing themselves at a rate 50% higher than at the beginning or the previous decade according to a new Federal study" (New York Times, 2/22/87). While the increasing use of drugs may play a role, disturbances in gender defined self identity, in my clinical opinion, are of crucial importance.

      7. See Appendix A for a critical evaluation of Kinsey's material and conclusions.

      8. The details of this lobbying effort are to be found in my paper "The Sexual Unreason" (1974, pp.180-183).

      9. In late 1977, ten thousand psychiatrists, members of the American Medical Associa- tion were polled on this issue. Of twenty five hundred replies received, approximately sixty eight percent answered the question "Is homosexuality usually a pathological adaptation (as opposed to a normal variation)?" in the affirmative. This strongly sug-gested to the interpreter, Dr. Harold I. Lief, Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania, an authority on sexual problems and leading sex educator, that the "previous APA vote was influenced by political and social considerations [emphasis added] and that the vote was [misperceived as a step toward the denial of rights to homosexuals" (Lief, 1977, p. 110).

      10. An exhaustive bibliography of these contributions can be found in my book, Homosexuality (1978).

      11. The significant incidence of homosexuality (8-10% of the population) may well be due to the necessity for all human beings to undergo the separation-individuation phase of early childhood (Mahler, 1967), which is decisive for gender identification. A substan-tial proportion of children fail to successfully complete this developmental process and, therefore, are unable to form a healthy sexual identity in accordance with their anatomical and biological capacities. This is the core of the disorder.

      12. Dr. Nicholi could not appear due to illness in his family.

      13. An alternative argument to homosexuality simply being an alternative life style was that it was simply a "biological variant." This argument is discussed in Appendix B.

      14. The destructive effects of the mass media in this regard requires special study beyond the purpose of this paper. Such a study, however, begins with understanding the mechanism through which mass media exerts its effort. The mass media satisfy a pressing need for expression, keeps people from feeling painfully alone, and distracts individuals from their own problems. Its content arises from the prevailing social cur-rents and its aim is to relieve tension. Needs are constantly stimulated and wishes en-couraged in every way. Although we do not do something sexual or aggressive, we get a kick out of watching others do the forbidden. The knowledge that life and emotion may be thereby devalued makes no difference. There is an implied permission to do the same thing.

      15. At the present time (1986-1987) pro-gay activists groups, even within the American Psychoanalytic Association, are asserting that Freudian analysts who treat homosex-uals for their disorder are "homophobic" and have been "prejudiced" by our culture.

      REFERENCES Digital Archive of
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      let see what you have to offer now ?

    110. Ok first of all I disagree with most of the people that get angry because we talk about what God wants, In my opinion I DONT hate gays,lesbians,transexuals,etc. But to say what the Bible says I would say it, and God doesnt like sin and homosexuality is an abomination to God. Most of you people are right with saying whe are not supposed to judge, but im NOT judging im simply stating what the Bible says. Same goes for me and everyone else, I agree many 'Christians' say mean and hurtfull things. Jesus Christ sent each and everyone of us as 'Christians' to preach the Gospel to every living creature and I'm here preaching it to everyone, if you want to accept it you can if not let it be known that GOD will one day judge us ALL! and he wants to see If you were a true follower of Christ, so PLEASE EVERYONE REPENT, it doesnt matter if your a homosexual,liar,murderer,thief, etc. GOD loves each and everyone of us and wants us to repent. And about the body being a Temple, that is very true but when you do a sex change is to follow perversions of the mind! completely different from fixing webbed feet...JESUS LOVES EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU AND WANTS YOU TO REPENT! that includes myself I consider myself a sinner and in need of GOD's HELP!

    111. God bless these courageous individuals. Best wishes to all.

    112. You know.. you people judge others without knowing exactly what's going on.

      My fiance was once a woman; we fell in love and he told me she didn't feel comfortable as a woman, and it showed. He didn't like wearing girly things and was such a tomboy. After Anna went through the operation and renamed himself as Michael, I was so proud of him. :]

      He's so much more comfortable with himself, and he's just like he was when we fell in love. Just because somebody changes on the outside does not mean they change on the inside.

      You bible-thumpers might say "It's against God's will" but didn't God say to love one's neighbour and to accept others? :3 Think of everything he's said before going off on a tangent that just makes people roll their eyes and lose even more faith in the Christian religion.

    113. To toughs of you who are targeting the christen religion. You talk about the hurtful things that people say but using rude names to fight back is not the way to go about it. I am a christen who doesn’t believe that sex change is right but respects peoples right to there own opinion. I also do not believe that I am any better then any of the people getting these operations. It is hurtful to me as an open christen to read comments lashing out at my religion. If you don’t like what someone has written lash out at him or her individually not his or her religion. Not all christens are the same and we are not perfect. Please be respectful of our believes like I try to be of all of yours.
      God bless

    114. "I also think that most of them are just afraid to confess that they are homosexual...they think "God, I am gay...BUT HEY...if I change my sex I'll be straight"

      this comment above neglects the fact that a LARGE number of post-op trans people go on to live gay lives...female-to-males with other men and so on.

      also, can anyone contemplating plastic surgery REALLY have moral issues with people changing their sex? Really? These are people who had to undergo years of therapy and legal steps to be approved for these procedures, unlike those who can undergo multiple cosmetic procedures just by paying money.

    115. I don't understand why some of you people think it is okay to mock and ridicule these people who want or already have undergone a sex change. Is it not out right as humans to live and be loved? Let these people live the life they want, and be loved unconditionally by those around them without all of the assinine comments. I say kudos to anyone who is brave enough to come foward and voice that they want this procedure - I'm sure it is not a walk in the park. If by changing your sex will make you, as a human being, happier, than go for it. Isn't that what we all want and desire for ourselves and for the ones we love - happiness?

    116. I consider myself to be a Christian, though I lean more towards being spiritual. I don't believe that Heavenly Father makes mistakes, however, since He has given us all free will, it's up to us to choose what is right, or wrong for ourselves. I believe that the people who are going through these types of struggles have a strength that I couldn't begin to understand. I hope they are happy with their choices.

      May Heavenly Father bless you in all that you do.


    117. I think people who go for a sex change or any procedure at all to boost their self confidence are very brave and i wish them all the best, I'm considering a boob job myself and I don't think anyone should be judgemental about these things.

    118. You might want to get an AIDS test cause your wifes a dude... faggot.

    119. Classic, all of you. On one hand we've got the bleeding hearts who support everything because the media or another, similar entity have told them they have to be nice to everyone. Then we've got the brainwashed Bible-toting morons attempting to speak for their deity. Neither God nor politically-influenced opinion have any place in a medical record. NONE. And that is what this is. This is a thorough documentation of a highly specialized surgical procedure, not a playground for such examples of wasted genetic material to beat each other over the head with their highly personal views on morality or religion. Neither side will ever see eye-to-eye with the other, because neither side is willing to admit how closed-minded they really are to what some of us refer to as reality. Despite what Anonymous 2 and 23 seem to think, using the CAPS Lock key will not change that. Do us all a favor and keep your mutually idiocy- and hate-fueled flaming to forums designated for such.

    120. I think Plastic Surgery is fucked, I think this is even more fucked. You people have mental problems. To want this kind of self mutilating surgery is just plain stupid.
      No GOD arguement here. Just plain commen sense, your born a man or woman, if you are willing to do something this drastic to change that then you might as wellgive up on life
      How do they afford this anyway, I seriously doubt a person plagued with such serious self image issues and mental health problems can be able to hold a job. So who the hell is paying for this

    121. dood.

      I know a chick that got that surgery to get a penis..

      she gets so much vagina now.

      like unbelievable amounts of vagina.

    122. Let's get this out of the way. I'm an agnostic. Chances are half of you hardcore christians stopped reading this comment the moment you saw agnostic, but I digress.

      You can't pick and choose what you will and won't quote from your holy scripture. If you're going to preach at us, preach ALL of it, or NONE of it.

      If God, and Jesus do exist, I'm fairly certain that while they may still love you, they are ASHAMED of you for persecuting your fellow man in such a way.

      If I AM wrong in my beliefs, that is for whoever judges me in my final moment to say. Not you. Not the flawed products of Adam and Eve that we are. Taking that liberty is, quite literally, an affront to your Lord.

      We are, according to the bible, supposed to love everyone equally, and not turn our backs to them. I'm an agnostic, but I feel that I am probably a more loving, caring person than half of you people here solely to bash those who choose to have this operation. I give to the needy, donate toys during Xmas, and all other manner of things generally associated with being someone of genuine worth to our society. I'd lay down my LIFE that I give more back to my fellow man than any one of you thumping, close-minded idiots. And that, friends, is exactly what your Lord and Saviour wanted from you.

      Let it sink in a moment, if you bothered to read it at all without writing me off as "just another heathen".

      :::By the way::: Claiming Anonymity when talking about ones own holy scripture is like saying "I'm going to preach this, but I don't want anyone to know it was me." That sounds to me like you aren't sure of what you believe yourself.

    123. Im no Bible thrumper, however, god gave everybody a choice he doesnt make people xxxY for a reason he gave people choices and people chose imbreading LOL so for all of you out there with your bible wars,and everyone who got a sex change YOURS STILL A WOMAN even if you have a penis, and men YOUR STILL A MAN DUH.....what a waste of money and souls..

    124. I am one of those "bible thumpers" and God teachs us not to judge and i dont. i personally believe it is there choice wether or not to do this to themselves. When they get to heaven God will be the one to judge them so stop judging people and being hipocrits. Its our job to spread Gods love not alienate those who need us the most

    125. i dont have any problems with any one trying to feel better with them selfs... get your boob jobs and sex changes if you wish, but dont ever trick anyone into to having sex with you if they dont know.... if i personally would be in a circumstance that i was in belief yo be having intercourse with a woman and found out at a later date that she used to be a man i would find it real hurtful and embarrassing...... to be incompletely honest this is exactly how hate crimes happen when they shouldn't.... im not religious or have any problems with homosexuals but if i were to fooled in such a manner i would probably commit suicide right after committing a homicide..... YES i would kill this person... if i were to be told about this persons sex change before intercourse and still had have been kissing this person i would still feel nasty but i wouldnt kill them.

    126. Abominations, all of them. People should be happy with what they're born with one way or another, or any combination thereof. Operations like this confuse the ego, superego, and id on all levels, and make for an intellectually, physically, emotionally, and spiritualluy imbalanced person. Just because you can doesn't mean you should...

    127. there is no god

    128. If there's a "God" where did Dinosaur's come from? LOL.

    129. lol.. shut up abo9ut ur shit with god and all that... these people that do this should just be shot their fuckin freaks. you don't feel good as a man or a women? your fucked and should go get some therapy to make u happy with yourself. if your fat and unhappy with your life/body... go to the fucking gym you lazy ass and do something about it, stop taking the easy road and getting surgery.


    130. LOL!. thats just wrong.

    131. i can't wait to get mine. :D

    132. you queers make me sick!!

    133. Dear sheep who keep saying that this is an abomination/God will smite them OoOooooO:

      They're Japanese. They're not Christian. Stop trying to force your religion on people. They don't have to live by your rules.

      More power to them for doing what's necessary to be comfortable with their identities.

    134. What i wonder is if these Crazy jesus ppl think sex change is so wrong, why were they looking it up in the first place?????!..... They would have had to scroll down and look at all the pics to make a comment.....(don't lie u know u took a peek. They need to stop their bitching,...times are changing and theirs nothing they can do to stop it. The bible is one big contradiction n e way.....They should jus keep to what their good at...being blind ignorant fools!Jesus taught love didnt he? So stop hateing!!!!!
      I watch the sex change shows on the gay and lesbian channel and i see what a difference and how happy this surgery can make someone.... I am in total support! <3

    135. Thanks Eric! Your post is very inspiring!

    136. hey bible huggers,
      guess what......

      quit your bitching
      men/women and women/men
      whatever the hell they are
      leave them the fuck alone
      you christian fuckers are the real "faggots"

    137. This just lets you know how horrible it must be to feel like you are trapped inside of the wrong body. To go to this extent just to be able to be whatyou really feel you are, makes me have a higher regard for people who are transsexual. god bless!

    138. This is absurd. How the fuck is one supposed to know if they feel like a man or a woman? Isn't that the broadest generalization one can make? Men feel like this, women feel like this. What you are saying is that there is a universal MAN feeling and a universal WOMAN feeling. This is simply ludicrous. It's fine if one is sexually attracted to members of the same sex, but do you people really think it makes a different what whole that person sticks it in? Or if they're the sticker rather than the one who gets it stuck into? One should put his or her time and money into something that betters him or her in a more significant fashion. It is brave to do this, but it's also stupid, unnecessary, and ridiculous.

    139. I wish i could be a woman and i would do anything to be one. i just cant afford it and if i ever found somebody to help me fund it i would do anything for that person. if anyone knows where i can find funding for it please email me .

    140. how is it stupid to get a sex change. I am a male and i hate everything about being a guy and having a penis is so digusting. If i don't like what i have who is gonna tell me that i can't change it. I will be going for my sex change in a year or so and it's going to be the greatest day of my life.

    141. Hey if you can take a "dick" you can take a joke.

    142. There appears to be three dominant forces that have impacted how gender division has evolved and how opinions and beliefs around sexual diversity have developed. First is religion, second is the government, and third is the medical profession; three very powerful systems.
      Limited historical information is available discussing sexual behaviors and attitudes prior to 1000 B.C. It is believed however that intersexed and transgendered individuals have existed since the beginning of man. Literature and artwork depict individuals with features of both sexes. Sexual acts were not restricted to male with female only, nor did there appear to be restrictions placed on the number of active participants. Sex and sexuality appeared to have no boundaries. The sole purpose of sexual acts was recognized as pleasurable and for procreation.
      The twelfth and thirteenth centuries strongly maintained the Christian traditions as the church assumed greater power. At this time there was no division between the power of the church and the power of the law and there was a generally oppressive “official” attitude toward sex except for the purpose of pro-creation. There was however, a certain hypocrisy between professed Church policies and actual practices as religious houses themselves were often active with variant sexual activities both, heterosexual and homosexual in nature.
      The sixteenth and seventeenth centuries saw the Catholic’s ideas around sex and sexuality being challenged by other churches. The more liberal attitude of those religions (outside of the Catholics) believed sex was not inherently sinful and that chastity and celibacy were not signs of virtue. Unfortunately during this time, Europe was caught in a massive syphilis epidemic and sexual freedom was again restricted.
      In the 1800’s the medical and legal opinions shifted to the idea that female and male are two separate sexes and individuals are viewed as defective if they do not conform. The Puritan ethic reigned in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in the Western world. Gender roles were clearly defined in black and white, and one was to fit within that role or be ridiculed and or banished by the community.
      The Victorian era of the late eighteen hundreds brought with it prudery and sexual repression in full force, not only as encouraged by the church, but as a form of upper class distinction. Science and medicine reflected the anti-sexualism of the era. Medical professionals published journals that stated masturbation was the cause of a multitude of ailments and mental deficiencies. Medical journals were printed that again served as a guideline for appropriate and acceptable sexual behaviors. Medical and legal opinion had changed, believing that females and males constitute two entirely different sexes rather than variations on a single sex. Individuals with ambiguous genitalia were seen as defective and needed to be medically altered to fit into one role or the other. Due to this intersexed individuals became more hidden. This idea continues to be the dominate belief in our society today. -Mid 1900’s reconstructive medical surgeries to alter sexual characteristics were developed and became readily accepted. These surgeries were used “in order to alleviate psychological distress.”
      (*note the assumption that individuals would experience distress)
      - European Culture has historically accepted intersexed individuals as natural and have continued to have acceptance for “feminine females,” “masculine females,” “feminine males,” and “masculine males.”
      -Western Culture has considered the male gender as optimum and social status has been tied to gender. Transgendered individuals have not been tolerated - historically individuals were required to live as one gender or experienced sever penalties, including death.
      -Medical and legal opinions continued to espouse beliefs through the 1800’s and 1900’s securing the idea that gender is tied to “types of bodies” and outside of this norm equaled being “defective” according to the medical field. These surgeries have continued to be used on infants and young children with the authority of their parents rather than considering the individual child and waiting for their age of consent.

      Here are some stats -

      True Hermaphrodite:
      XX / XY --------------- 1 in 70,000
      XX / XX XY / XY ------- Not known
      Genitic Anomalies:
      Other genital anomalies
      affecting XX males and
      XY females -------------1 in 500
      46XO Turner's Syndrome -1 in 5000
      47XXX ------------------1 in 1000
      47XXY Kleinfelter's
      Syndrome ---------------1 in 2000
      47XYY ------------------1 in 700
      Genitic Anomalies of Metabolism:
      Androgen Insensitivity
      Syndrome ---------------Not Known
      Genital Adrenal
      Hyperplasia ------------1 in 20000
      5 alpha Reductase
      Deficiency -------------Not Known
      Other Conditions:
      Hypospadias ------------1 in 300
      Microphallus -----------1 in 5000
      Angenesis in Females ---Not Known
      Hypertrophied Clitoris -Not Known

      This statistics shows some quite remarkable figures. Although they are shown as distinct conditions, there is considerable blurring and variation between one individual and another. There is also, of course, considerable variation in different parts of the population.
      Putting it another way two intersexed babies are born each week in the United Kingdom. This compares with other developmental problems such as cleft palate, or genetic problems such as Downs Syndrome. Yet health professionals and parents find it very difficult to find information about it, and those who specialize in this area are seen as a rather bizarre group of fringe psychiatrists.
      Most of the genetic and metabolic errors will give rise to genital malformation, but it would seem that many cases of ambiguous genitalia occur in the absence of evidence of more fundamental problems.

      So when it comes to the bible and God, what would you do if one of these children were yours? Are you going to make the decision as to what gender the child should be? Should the Medical profession decide? Lots to think about.

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    143. Okay, so most of you are all sick and twisted. I am transgendered and I find it neither brave nor wrong. It is a mental condition to be a transexual so anybody who says that the procedure is stupid or useless is very wrong. Leading me to my next point. Saying that transgendered people should just kill themselves is exactly like saying all people with red hair should kill themselves, or all people with downs syndrome should kill themselves, Its not right and you dont know unless you have dealt with it. And about god. I personally DO NOT believe in god, but is god not supposed to love us for the good things we do in life, and not our mental or gender state? god created us all right? therefore god is the one who put trannys, gays, lesbians, bisexuals and all other genderqueer people along with mentally disabled people and diseased ones. Deal with your own problems and we will deal with ours because anyone who believes in god should believe in being open minded and accepting because in the end you are the ones going to hell. That's all.

    144. This site is fucking awesome lol. It makes me see the world so clearly... just kidding your all a bunch of whiny bitches that blog to make themselve feel important! Get fucked. Why the fuck would you even give a shit!!!! This guy wants to love men and this girl doesn't... hot lol. I think you should all just live happy long lives, and get FUCKED! ha ha! Also, none of youwill never know who i am, that will kill you inside when your meaningless post does nothing.

      Mad props to the northwest queer haters on a funny post.

      Brandon who the fuck is chritian?

    145. I'm not sure why all these right-wing fundamentalists are commenting on this procedure. It's not as if it affects them personally, and I don't think I remember a commandment saying, "Thou shalt not change thy gender." If you want to go with the God route, who are these people to say that God does not mistakes? Even in the Bible, God admits he made a mistake in wiping out most of humanity with the great flood that Noah survived. Why can't more people look at reassignment surgery as a method for God to fix an oversight?

    146. WOW!u psychotic religious people! u are the ones who make me sick! u talk about loving ur neighbor and respecting one another but look at u, everything that u do and say is completely the opposite. i dont believe in god and people like u make me believe less. how can u judge poeple like that? i'm sure ur not perfect, so do us all a favor and SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!! and for those who go through these percedures,u have my respect and love , everybody has a right to do whatever makes them happy and i'm glad that some of u are doing that.

    147. For those that do not believe they should be compared to "Terrorists":
      ter·ror·ism –noun
      1. the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, esp. for political purposes.
      2. the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization.
      3. a terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government.

      From the definitions listed you can definitely be compared to terrorists. You threaten and introduce a state of fear to the said population by saying what "THEY" are is wrong and that they will be judged. They are afraid to be who they are, and your judgment may very well be the cause of multiple suicides. Just because you're not shooting the gun or wearing the bomb jacket, doesn't mean you aren't causing death. Open your eyes and think about what you may do to other people with your words. Furthermore, your thoughts and words affecting them is NOT their problem, it's yours for not having the human decency to accept other people as humans because they do not live the same lifestyle as you. We all have brains, eyes, thoughts, emotions consider that the next time you're judging someone.

    148. This is just so #$%@$# up. This is mutilation and it DOES NOT make you a member of the opposite sex. The working definitions of "man" and "woman" contain nothing about those who have mutilated their vaginas or penises to give the false appearance of one or the other. These practices ARE UNNATURAL beyond any extent of appearance altering surgery. SRS should be illegal. You (candidates for this surgery) wouldn't or would be much less aware of wanting this type of surgery if it had not been for the influence of the surgeon who created this procedure. Those photographs are DISGUSTING. Science goes way over the line at times. This isn't about God, it's about one man's very very disturbing idea turned to nightmarish reality.

    149. This is bull$h1%, It's like a white person saying they want to be chinese, or a short person saying they want to be really tall. That is not who you are, those are wants. People often want to be different because they are not satisfied with themselves. If you can't live with yourself and you need to mutilate your body, and then have the balls (or lack of) to confidently proclaim you are of the opposite sex, you really need a reality check. It's sad the world has come to such pick and choose so that anyone willing to throw money at a situation can do so so that they can function with subjective delusionality, actually believing they have become the opposite sex. How then do they go about their lives? Would they tell a person of intimate interest off the bat that they are transexual? Or would they trick that person, later revealing the truth? My guess would be the latter which would define such an individual as highly selfish, manipulative, and not true to their self. If you are a man who has become a woman, or a woman who has become a man, you have done so through hormone therapy and genital mutilation. SRS does not biologically make you the opposite sex because the entire process is by unnatural means.

    150. Wow sheer blatant ignorance from so many people. Judge lest not you all be judged. How can you sit there and persecute someone and still call yourself Christian "...Let you who are without sin cast the first stone." A "stone" could be little more than the pixels that you all decide to slap on here to gratify your egos. If you want to do God's will, pray and go on a mission trip and do some good. Bashing people for there lifestyle, telling them that there wrong, that isnt what being a Christian is about. It's about love and forgiveness. Your all hypocrits if you would criticize one of these people, simply for a decision they made to be happy. You have your skeletons in the closet. Don't lie to yourself, don't lie to God. You try to mock and hate on other people to make you forget that YOU are less than a perfect person yourself.

      If anyone actually reads this. If you were offended in some way by the blatant diregard of others? On there behalf I apologize. One can't say where any of us are going after this life. Its entirely "possible" there is nothing after this. I don't believe so. Your welcome to believe what you will. Just because someone is planning on going through SRS doesnt stamp them for one way ticket to hell. Cheap words and self righteousness doesnt buy you a trip to paradise. It is only by loving, compassion, and understanding that we trly come down to see what makes human nature God's greatest gift to us. Its that we CAN choose. Its that we ARE NOT all the same. I dont care so much what you do so long as it makes you happy. So long as you enjoy this life, rather than just spend it in quite solitude as so many christians would tell you. Of course these same christians would likely then go hit a crack pipe, beat a hooker, and go jerk off for twelve hours.

      But I suppose thats all I really have to say...

      And for the record I don't exactly admire people for getting SRS. A crackhead smokes crack because it makes him happy, but he loses himself in his habits, in his choices. I dont know how these people feel, but if they can turn this into something constructive, if it makes them happier, then I would never be one to judge ( :

      God bless you all, the helpers, the hypocrits, and the haters. May he guide you all on a road to peace and happiness.

      And while Im at it, those who would totally discount God, I ask why? I can accept that you dont accept Christianity, fine, how can you look at the world around you and not belive something or someone had a hand in this all. Its too perfect. Too much order, things arent random. If it was you wouldnt be here right now, you never would have been. Something sets in place the laws that govern our world. But you want to cling to your cold logic jsut as much as any Christian wants to cling to God. Calling us "faggots" and "fuckers". It doesnt bother me. "Blessed are you when persecuted for my names sake" have at it I can use all the blessing I can get lol ( : And your sad language just REEKS of ignorance. People only curse out of shallow ignorance. But hey I curse from time to time too. So who am I to talk eh?

      Well neways Im out. Email me at if you want to talk. I like hearing peopls opions on God, fellowship or feuding, I dont really care hehe. Later.

    151. How do all these God fearing people have the right to talk shit about people who just want to be happy? I was raised a Christian and have never thought that people who have sex change surgery were going to hell. I guess I'm not religious enough to be like all those other Christians out there who for some reason think that people who are different are wrong. Read up on some statistics or something you judgemental assholes. Everyone is entitled to live a happy life!
      For all of you who agree with me and feel that everyone should be who they want to be...Great! for all of you who like to judge just like this all mighty God that you speak of...stop it. Stop playing god. Even he makes mistakes and people end up as the wrong sex. Go read the bible or something, you shouldn't be on this (eew discusting sinner) website. haha that's what you think, right, so go away.
      That was a pretty extreme rant, i do apologize because it does jump around a lot. I think i got my point across.

    152. Hi my name is Trish I am writing a research paper on the reasoning behind why people have sex changes and the procedures to have a sex change. I would love if there are any willing people that could give me information about their personal experiences. I am very interested in this, and would like to show people what a sex change is about. I know sex changes are very emotional, and respect those who get them. If anyone would like to share their story I would be glad to include their information in my paper, and I would greatly appreciate it. You can email me at I would love to hear your story and include you in my paper it is a research paper so I will need to site your information in a works cited page to proof you are legitiment. Thank you very much I wish the best to everyone.

    153. i don't normally post on these things and even though most of the people who have posted comments that i want to address will not be back on to read them but here goes any way. first have if you are going to voice an opinion thats fine but some of you need to learn how to spell. second at least have something to back your opinion with something other than its not natural and God doesn't approve. not everyone has the same religion or beliefs. also don't you dare say these people just don't want to admit they are gay because that is crap. many of them happily live their lives in the gay community it just sometimes isn't enough and they can't be as happy as they should be. i am a lesbian. butch at that but nonetheless i have lived my life very happily with that fact and could probably stay this way forever. however the thought has crossed my mind to have the surgery not because i want to be straight but because it just feels right. so to all of you who don't approve who cares its not up to you. these people don't need your approval. i know i don't. i will gladly listen to your opinion because it is your right to have them but please be have enough respect for the rest of us to have the same privilege. is any of this hurting you or taking away your rights as a person. if so i would like to know how other than throwing unnatural and religion in my face. because you can't tell me what is natural and you can not speak for God. i'll bet anything you all opposed to this have had surgery, or piercings or tattoos. those are not natural. and there is nothing in this world that can be described as normal because we are all so different culture, music, food, you name it what is normal to one person may not be normal to the next person in line. so before you pass judgment on the people around you, you better make damn sure you are perfect in every way because believe it or not there is a whole group of people who do not approve of some of the things you do with your life but that doesn't make them right. sorry everyone didn't mean to go into such a long rant.

    154. hi i have read through a few of the comments on here and i cant believe some of the b%&*£$@t! im a lesbian and im not afraid to admit it. i have a shortback and sides haircut and i hang round with the boys, play football, playstations, fight ( punch not slap lol), and i love cars and bikes, hell i even MC with the boys, sufficient to say i feel no difference between me and them! im shore god would not send me to hell for not being able to be attracted to boys but fall head over heels in love with girls. if it is so wrong to have an operation then it would be wrong that we have mutilated this planet. would god not have wiped us out like noahs ark because im sure in this day and age there are a lot more bad people than then, anyway if you dont like anything unnatural why the hell do you belive in god, am i to believe that magic is natural? because if thats the case i'll start to believe freddy cruger could start turning up in my dreams, if gods possible then anything is and nothing ever really happens without a scientific explanation. so there i had my say, by the way i would like to have a sex change but the penis looks so small, does everybody end up with one that size?

    155. Ok...I just have a question. For those of you who feel that this operation will send those seeking it to hell...why the hell are you even on this site to begin with? Evidently you find some interest in it; it's not a pop-up site; there are no rewards for looking! Obviously you are either (a) curious about the change or (b)still hiding in the closet and too scared to free yourself!

      Which one is it? You tell me!

    156. Brandon and Scott = Bonnie and Clyde, you must be pissing your ''panties'' laughing reading this shit.
      Stick to your subscriptions to porn sites, it only goes to show that you cannot establish regular, normal relationships other than with each other based on your homosexual desire for each other.. you are the sickos . Just reading your crap reminded me of Truman Capote's characters in ''IN COLD BLOOD '' I trust you don't read much, but this comment is intended for non hillbilly readers.
      You present your comment under anonymous and then you sign Brandon and Scott, what BRAIN POWER the two of you have, or do you have multiple personnalities and are the same person, that happens often when men try to hide their homosexuality, they develop Schizophrenia and often have multiple identities.

    157. If you cannot spell, please do not post comments about ignorance. It is the quickest way to discredit your own intelligence.

      A reply in the form of lenghty exerpts from literature is not going to be read all the way through, so do not waste your time.

      Religious people are not the evil of the world, and the idea that the world is strictly athiestic with a few 'religious nuts' is rediculous, so please do not disparage people of faith, especially those who are trying to understand the 'gray areas' of humanity, such as gender confusion.

      All agnostics and athiests are not immediately pro-transexual change, so saying you are either of the above does not make you any better than anyone else, and has no real merit on the discussion.

      Those things said, is there anyone left that actually had an intelligent comment in the first place?

    158. Transpeople can't accept the body which god gives them as a gift. Instead they are just a bunch confused idiots who probably were dropped on their heads when they were a babies.

    159. In case you were wondering, I just wanted to confirm what must be lurking in the backs of the minds of our anonymous bible quoting friends. Yes, us horrible genderqueer perverts are all seriously deranged. Yes, we do everything in our lives just to upset you. We are also all coming to get you. We do frequently think about throwing ourselves off of cliffs, but not as often as we think about throwing you off a cliff.

      I've never been trapped in the wrong body. I've been trapped in a world with people like you. We're not brave for going through what we do. We're kind and benevolent for letting you live, despite how you treat us.

      I'm coming for you, soon.

    160. As a nursing student I find this procedure really interesting. However I don't understand why anyone would want to mutilate/change their bodies so much to please a desire they have had supposedly their whole lives.

      Being a woman is not about the hole between my legs. It is a combination of growing up as a girl, having female expectations about life and love. Having the capacity to fall pregnant, enjoy my pregnancy and also the birth.

      What will you do when you can't give this to your partner? Will you create an artifical womb, uterus,ovaries and eggs too?
      Nothing seems sacred anymore.

      I wish you all the best of luck with your surgery.

    161. so amber.. i guess you've never shaved, or cut your hair, or painted your nails, or dyed your hair, or wore make up.. if you've done any of those things you might want to take a moment and say a few hail mary's..


      i guess you haven't been reading the same SCIENCE book that everyone else has.


    162. Honestly, all the negative peopple sound extremely ignorant. They don't know what it's like for these people to feel out of place in their own body. I met Jessica Lam and she spoke to my class and honestly, they aren't evil, they aren't going to hell, no they're just like us. And they want to feel comfortable in their own body! Leave these people be, and honestly if you just want to be negative, take your words and choke on them. Best of luck to anybody that chooses this route of sexual reassignment surgery.

    163. I am going to start off by saying that I am a Catholic aka bible thumper, to the jackass above me GOD does exist, he/she exists in the sense that he/she is in each of us who have faith in him/her. I have studied many religions and yes, most of them do state that homosexuality is wrong yes you have had a sex change operation but as science is concerned yes i said S-C-I-E-N-C-E due to your DNA you are still your original gender, taking hormones doesn't magically change you into whatever gender you think you just became. So what if I stumbled upon this website, i was curious as to how something like this happened yes i did look at the pictures and let me say... I LOVE MY PENIS.

      In regards to all you transgendered freaks of nature (i didn't say abominations unto God because God shouldn't be associated with this sickness) I believe you all should be forced to live in the desert, and tell you what, you can take the Niggers with you, they dont do anything except collect gov. checks. They would glady go too because there is no trees hence no hanging, no cops so they can grow weed, get shitfaced off 40's of malt liquor, and ride around on some 20 inch spinners. Fucking pathetic.

      No im not racist, I have black friends and i have gay friends men and women. I just hate lazy niggers (Nigger- ignorant black person) it doesnt say anything about me being racist. If i were racist i would hate all blacks, gays, maybe some hispanics, asians, etc. But i dont.

      So to all you transgendered freaks of nature who think you know how to live a better life you need to go kill yourself because to get that better life, you had to chop off your penis or have one made. I love me life and im happy with it im living my life how i want to live it and you know what? im grown up to admit i may not know everything either but hey everyday i learn something new and thats cool with me. So to all you haters, please, please go fill up a 12 oz. cup of water and go drown yourself.

    164. Being transgendered has nothing to do with homosexuality.

    165. THis is very interesting stuff, only you religeous fanatics would find it disgusting. You people make me sick. I am a straight guy married with children and I have heard that these guys that get their sex changed to female feel that are a girl trapped in a man's body. I really don't see anything wrong with it. They are not hurting anyone. You talk as if though they are evil people. If anyone is going to burn in hell it's you hypocritical brain washed church goers that will be there long before any transexual. It is amazing what doctors can do these days. I really can't tell the difference between the surgically made vagina and a real one. Simply amazing! I think you doctors that perform this sex reassignment surgery need a pat on the back. I'm blown away by it all. Some of these Transexuals are just as beautiful as any woman I've ever seen. The individulas that go through this type of surgery are brave as heel, I can't even imagine the pain they would suffer. Cheers, JJ

    166. THis stuff is simply amazing. I am blown away how plastic surgeons can take some dude and turn him into a beautiful she, boggling. I give them a pat on the back! I also give the people who under go such a painful procedure a big pat on the back as well. I really can't tell the difference between the surgically made vagina and a real one, blown away here. I have always heard these people feel they are a women trapped inside a mans body. So good for you to make the change. As for you religeous fucks, WTF are you doing on this site anyway? You people make me sick, most of you are the biggest hypocrites anyway. You believe in some invisible dude in the sky and you live by a big fat book which contains a make believe fairy tale. Most of you I have no use for. If anyone is going to burn in hell it will be alot of you so called Christians before any Transexual ever will. I'm a 100% straight dude, married, and I find nothing sick or disgusting about these informative pics.. These people under going such painful surgery are brave as hell. More power to you. Check out Roberta Close sometime, a Tranny from South America. She is more beautiful than most women I have laid eyes on. Aloha, Jungle Man

    167. You folks should check out Tranny Roberta Close sometime on You tube. She sure looks like a woman to this here bra. Aloha, JJ

    168. To the religous throwing around want they think god wants and what the bible says....SHUT UP you hate filled, incompassionate, idiots. You are allowing a book dating back to 5 B.C. written by over a thousand people so you can pass judgement on another. STUPID! See what happeneds at the Gate when its your turn to be judged by HIM. Nobody on this earth is perfect. we should all strive to better ourselfs, mine, body, and soul!

    169. haha both of you type of people need to chill out! i dont hate gays, but i dont believe what they are doing is right, and for all you bible preaching people out there, you need to be a little more respectful. its ok to preach, but do it with some respect. You dont know them, or what they have gone through, if you had lived in their shoes, you may have thought the same way they have. if you are being so preachy and bringing god into it, remember that god is the only one that can rightfully judge, so let him. if either of you are that disgusted about this issue or what people are saying and just want to write hateful mean things, leave, dont write at all. If you want to let someone know how you feel, just be respectful. i am neither for this nor against this whole sex change thing, it's their life, let them do what they want, it doesnt affect me, if indeed it is wrong, god will judge them accordingly.

    170. This is just wrong.

    171. i am a female, was and always will be, with a handsome boyfriend, who is and will always be a boy.

      but i want to know; whatever happened to dildos and anal sex? too extreme for me to even imagine going through months of surgery for what? loss of sensation?

      please explain.

    172. sounds like those people who talk about god are brainwashed by sum dumb old book that was just written so people wont have to question why we are all here there a lots of other gods for diffrent people not just the bible one wich is made up and people obbses about it .and to the people that have this surgery good for them if it makes you happy then do it you only live once and if you live your life scared to do something because other people think its wrong then you wasted your life you shud make yourself happy . and dont listen to those god brainwashed people who live life by what a stupid book says its like living life by what a harry potter book says you arent kids anymore to believe in fairy tales people like you make me not like god or christians

    173. i hate blogs...and this one is a perfect example as to why.

      anyone trying to be "offensive" doesn't work. all it does is make you look like an idiot.

      anyone trying to lash out against the "offensive"...all the does is tell them that they were successful.

      leave your comments regarding the site's content...and that's it. who cares what others say, it's not important enough to crusade about anyway!!

      ryan...a trans teen from tennessee

    174. The bottom line here is that it is indeed unnatural. God loves unconditionally, but this is not what he intended. I agree, God put you on this Earth as a man or a woman for a reason. Changing that can't be seen as anything else but defying him. He gave us free if you want to do this to yourself you can, but you will pay the consequences for it when you die. I pray for people who are mentally sickened by society today where they feel like they are gay or need a sex change. Embrace who God made you to be. If you are a man embrace that and embrace the love of a woman, which is what you are intended to desire and receive. Gayness and sex changes are nothing more than mentally ill people having extreme psychological issues with their the point where they feel like the only way to stand out is to do something like this or to come out as being gay. No one is born's a mental deformity that amounts from years of being in a society that is so accepting of such a despicable concept. You can tell just by looking at a man and woman that they are meant to be together. If you feel this surgery is for you or you feel like you are gay, I suggest you look deeper inside yourself than when you decided you were gay and realize you were put on this planet to love the opposite sex and fulfill what you are meant to do. God have mercy on those who have this surgery and those who are "gay".

    175. i'd pound that pussy inside out ! oh wait, it already is ! yuck !

    176. Well hello, i just cant keep reading where people just keep bringing up the same whole "god intended you to be this way" and "no doing this is the right thing to do and biblical people are wrong!!"

      What people fail to see starting with religion is that i do agree and as previous posts say, that in the bible you are taught values, and morals by which you may CHOOSE to live by. im sure everyone who does go to church it brings out the same examples, such as power of freedom as a human being the right to CHOOSE from right and wrong. And according to how people are raised,and taught people have their own views on what is right and wrong. such as an example of a person who is taught that killing is the right thing and grows with this value. What do you think this person will do when he is older and kills someone? will you tell him that he is wrong and expect him to believe it? we dont live in a perfect world but we are taught that there are values and morals that work on a global scale. but not everyone agrees to ALL. so saying that god is personally saying this is WRONG is actually wrong. No matter how we all see it, we do not have that right to say that GOD said so. we may preach on his behalf but saying it was God who said it is pushing one's personal belief out to the public. Until a world Event happens where a Mountain is struck by lightning and carves out "SEX CHANGE IS WRONG Ps: By GOD" we dont really have a right to say it was Our Lord's Personal message.

      As for the People poking the religious fanatics, you have to understand that like me i was raised in church and we were taught that being how we are is a good thing it was as god wanted us on this world. but as i said on the above we were also taught that freedom of choice was every human's right. and i see and understand why people would go through with this procedure. and i will not say they are wrong to do so as they were willfully given the right of choice as a human being. Ive seen plenty of different things in my life. Of course i am Catholic and i was taught that a Catholic priest is to never EVER push a personal opinion even if it concerned homosexuality. Ive just recently met a catholic priest who will stand up and voice out that homosexuality is wrong. that this type of "love" is wrong. now being taught that love is a good thing, why would homosexual love be any different? as it brings out the greater good in people? it shows our affection our trust and our kindness towards others. so all im saying to those bashing the religious folk is that u should understand they were taught certain in different ways and so they are going to see this as an unnatural course of nature.

      oh and to the people who have been saying this is evolution..THIS IS NOT EVOLUTION. Evolution is the adaptation made with changes that may affect growth size, skin color, basic feature change to support life in the environment around us. Doing a Sex Change does not involve us adapting to anything. so yes this is NOT evolution please get this right. were not changing in any way. were making man-made changes to our body. its like saying "yah i just got boob implants, now i can fly over mountain tops and just aquired underwater breathing."

    177. 4 the haters;;

      For all the people out there saying "This is an abomination to god, you can't change your dna" Blah blah blah...
      Their DNA is telling them "I think they've made a mistake! You were supposed to be a girl/boy!!"
      OBVIOUSLY they've felt like this since they were young enough to remember.

      I don't think it's something they jus woke up and decided to do oneday!


      And although that man was born with a penis, his mind, body, soul attitude; Everything is telling him he was supposed to be born with a vagina!!
      Whats the point of going through life knowing your living a lie and being unhappy!!??
      These transgender people have the guts to be who they truely are, and who they know they're supposed to be!!
      Stop judging people and things just because you don't understand it!!
      You are all blaming your prejudices on GOD!
      It's not Gods fault your nasty.
      It's like you saying that your actually a nice person but it's god that made you nasty!!
      it's your own fault!!! and I don't think he'd be too happy having knowing what hate you bring into the world!! and that your words are bringing others down, and knowing that you blame him for the way you are!
      Grow up and stop being so naive!!!
      God would NOT be proud of you.

    178. All the people saying they are christians and what not, how can you possibly sit proclaim your christianity while saying all these hurtful and nasty things about some body else??
      You are liars, putting your own discriminations on GOD.
      I am by no means religious, but i believe in God and you are all disrespecting him. If anybody, its' all you so called "christians" that are going to "hell"!!!
      You all believe in God so much, that you are disobeying and disrespecting him in all ways??
      Yeah right!
      You're liars and fakes!!
      and above all else, nasty people.
      Transgender people; you are great. And if you feel you need to get reassignment surgery to be complete, go for it. Your braver than any of these fakers trying to bring you down!! =D

    179. Well, after reading all these i find transsexual people very courageous to do something like this and for you bible huggers tell me where EXACTLY it says you can discriminate against people in the name of God. last time i checked, thats a sin AGAINST God, so all you people saying that its the sickest thing in the world and God says it was wrong and we should jump off a cliff because God said it was wrong, i'm truly sorry to say commit a sin every time you bring god into it, please feel free to tell me where in the new or old testament it says it is a sin against God to be homosexual/bisexual/transgender. I don't want quotes, i want the actual chapter/subheading and everything and THEN i might see your point. on top of that, have you ever thought of why other religions were created? which ones could be true or not? maybe you should expand your knowledge into other areas and start thinking inside other peoples shoes, and stop being so narrow minded.



    180. i just wanted to say that everyone on hear saying that they are freaks and trying to make people feel like shit just for the way they feel about their selves its their body they can feel and do what they want with it !!! its no ones business to say a fucking thing bad about their choice so i think it takes a lot of courage to do something like that so if it makes you happy to change your body i wish u the best of luck because you deserve to be happy like everyone else

    181. hello, just to inform you that I've used some of the pictures from your blog for my blog entry and had linked your blog on my entry that I've adapt those pictures from your blog. Hope that you wouldnt mind. If yes, please leave me a message @ my blog. Thanks alot =) BTW your blog is very interesting..

    182. Wow. Anyone who gets these surgeries is extremely brave. I could never. Best wishes to anyone undergoing the change!

    183. For all of you who are rude and ignorant. I hope your parents realize that they failed in teaching manners. Who are you to judge us. People like you, leave your thoughts to yourself. We dont want to hear them. Its people like you that gives america a bad name not us.

    184. This is to the people who judge...

      Have you ever dyed your hair? Put on make up? Whitened your teeth? Painted your nails. Gotten a tattoo or a piercing? If so, you're all hypocrites. GOD didn't make you that way. Those are all forms of changing your physical self. But I'm sure your self righteousness will have you trying to explain how it's different. Guess what! It's NOT! That's like saying it's ok to tell your kids that they're not having a party but really you're planning a surprise one for them. A lie is a lie no matter how big or small it is. Killing bugs is still murder. But I'm sure you make excuses for that too. Also.... Not everyone believes in the same religion. And who are you to assume that they are Catholic or Christan for that matter. So stop trying to force your narrow minded religions and personal beliefs on other people. My GOD loves everyone equally. Love is blind!

      I tell you, on the day of judgment people will give account for every careless word they speak, for by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.”
      —Matthew 12:36-37

      So Bible thumpers..... Watch what you say! Because GOD is watching you!

    185. Hi. First time writer. I would like to hear from people who are in a relationship that have had this done or partners have had this done. My partner is considering and I have her 100% support. I was wondering about side effects, healing time and emotional feelings on both ends. My main concern is her happiness. Please reespond, this is our lives. Send messages to Thank you so much.
      I also understand that there are some strong belivers that are against this. Your opinions are respected and I ask you respect mine, so sending me bible quotes and hate mail, will not change anything. THank you to all that can help me.

    186. Being a Christian, I know it is not my job to judge.
      There are so many things we do not understand as far as human differences.
      The creator is the only one who truly knows a person's heart.

      There are babies born with ambiguous genitalia. Also there are babies born with both male and female genitals.

      Also people born with NO genitals.

      I believe a persons gender can be confused and no different than babies who's legs have grown together or who are conjoined!

      People have all kinds of feelings they do not understand that don't meet with whatever "normal" is.

      I cannot believe anyone would want to go through the pain of these surgeries unless the pain of being born with the wrong body parts were not real.

      All I know is we are to love our creator with all our heart and soul, and also to love our neighbor as ourselves.

      Nothing is more wonderful than being loved and accepted as ourself or inspite of ourselves.

    187. Wow! I've read through some of the comments left on here. I'm a very open-minded person and non-judgemental.

      I just want to have someone, just one person, define "NORMAL" to me. What is normal? Each and every person on this earth is different. How can you determine what is "normal" if we are all different.

      And those of you who are posting hateful & rude comments, you just don't know how truly blessed you are. You obviously don't wake up every morning miserable and live a life wishing you were something you know you are supposed to be and you aren't.

      These people are people, living, breathing people. They still have feelings, no matter how alienated you think they may be.

      How can you underminded people come on here and discriminate about a topic you obviously have no clue about?

      And all the people pulling out their bibles and preaching, wouldn't God want everyone to feel natural? If God loves us, like you all say, he loves us no matter if we are black, white, asian, gay, lesbian, etc.

      To all of you who have/want sex changes, my heart goes out to you. Don't let what others say get you down. You keep going and may every day get easier for you and remember God loves you for you, not what you do.

      Brandon and Scott
      April 18th
      Get a life. These people have enough problems without having to listen to you ramp and rave about a topic you obviously have NO clue about. And on another note, have you ever heard of spell check?

    188. i am not a bible thumper but i do believe in it. I really believe in the part about judging other people. We dont know what some people are struggling with and what goes through their heads when they are alone in their beds at night. I feel sorry for anyone who is so at odds with their own body that they have to go through all this time money and worst of all the surgery!! Holy shit, the surgery! No one could tell me that this isnt something that is absolutely necessary to a person who undergoes all of this pain and suffering in order to feel "normal" or "like everyone else". the only bad part is that everyone else probably feels the same way at some point and what do you do when you finish all the surgery and pay all the money and lose all the friends and find that it isnt better. Now atleast you have new stuff to try out so you wont be bored...for a while anyway. I pray that you all find peace of mind and peace in your beds.

    189. Only god shall judge.. all of you people putting so much hate out there should really realize that god is forgiving, he's the one that made people who they are, i think that he knows some of them are going to want to change themselves.. Is everybody that gets a tit job going to hell because god didnt want them to have a big chest??

    190. I checked out this site just because I was honestly curious what a sex change operation looks like. I get the man to female, but i just couldn't picture the reverse. pretty amazing what they can do.

      as for those of you who have opinions about those who choose to do this, why are you on this board? it's always the christian zealots who sexualize EVERYTHING. i don't see this as a sex issue. i think a lot of this is emotional and psychological. to each their own people. this is the land of the free... and it's frankly none of your business what people do in a medical facility.

    191. Well, to each their own.
      And, for whom ever said it's because they're "homosexual" and are afraid to admit it, actually their are quite a few transgender people who are not "homosexual", and do you really think people are killing themselves or putting that much time, effort, and money into hiding the fact that their gay?? I don't think so, wouldn't you think it'd be more "accepting" to be a homo, than a transsexual?
      And why bring God into something like this? Not everyone believes in God first off, God is suppose to love unconditionally, which is funny how all you so called christians say God hates fags, or God wouldn't approve of this.. or God wouldn't approve of that, who are you? Certainly not God. How idiotic can you people be? Seriously.

    192. after reading this extremely long page of comments, i am not surprised to find this sort of ignorance again and again, to AJJL who in his first sentence identifies himself as a catholic aka bible thumper...then proceeds to say the word nigger. guess what people your "god", your "savior" created ALL PEOPLE, so he has EVERYTHING TO DO WITH IT, he created white trash, he created gays, he created transgender, he created niggers, and unfortunately for the world, he created idiots like you, if your god is so strong and so amazing then why didnt he create a perfect race? a race where there are no handicaps, no disabilities,no down sydrome, no blindness, no deafness, nothing is normal these days. NOTHING. i come from a pretty religous background but to say that i am religous would be a lie. i do however believe in RESPECTING the human race, as messed up as half of u are i still respect HUMANS. i may think i am better than trailer park Betty down the road because i dont smoke crack and leave my kids in the car running while i get my next fix, but i would never walk up to her and tell her that she is a piece of shit UNLESS she did something to somehow affect my well being. those of you that come on here to bash and hate, u honestly have no business. u & i in a world of billions of people are nothing. the transgender people reading these comments although may be hurt, it is nothing compared to the reality of their everyday struggles. u may hurt them for a few seconds but after all is said and done they dont care what u think, they have the right and the medical abilities to do what they want with their bodies. there are hundreds of religions out there, u cannot say that them doing this is going to send them to hell, that is just preposterous, pentecostals think that if a woman wears pants or cuts their hair will send them to the depths of hell-again PREPOSTEROUS!!! i personally do not have any transgender friends or acquaintances, but if i was ever to encounter them i would say "good for you" and move on to the next topic because they are not harming me whatsoever. they are entitled to this surgery as much as any woman getting a breast augmentation or a labiaplasty or a man getting calf implants or hair plugs. what sort of parent teaches their children to thrive on such hate for another human being that they havent even met. i have 3 children and if any of them turned out to be gay or transgender i would not try to throw religion down their throat or try to say "are u sure? maybe this is a phase" nope id go with it and we'd make the best of the "nontypical what society thinks is best" situation. when ur kid runs up crying because they scrape their knee do we say "oh quit ur crying, u'll be fine" and neglect that wound? no, because if we did that nasty wound could get infected and cause much more serious problems. there are thousands of little boys and girls out there right now who know in their hearts and brains that they are not in the right skin, we need to teach our children to accept people like this and not turn our backs on them, in my daughter's class last year there was a little boy who she said wanted to be a girl, and that this boy was outwardly spoken about it, and i advised my daughter not to tease but to support, and if others teased then she should be a rock of shining support and try to get the others to see that this boy didnt ask to be different or "wierd" as some kids would say, God made him the way he is and we should love him just the same as the boys who play with the trucks and like to toss the football around. the hypocracy on this page is astounding. real true christians do not say the things that some of these self proclaimed bible thumpers are speaking. like i said i am not a huge religous fanatic but the respect that i have for myself and all things that god has created keeps me from talking in such a filthy way, i am by no means a goody goody, i cuss, i drink, i smoke, i drive fast and tailgate when people dont get out of my way, but i am not on here proclaiming to be something that i am not. i have read tons of these things and this is the very first one that i have been compelled to comment on. the world will always be filled with stupid degenerates, god made them too. so for every degenerate on here...know that the transgender may be reading ur comments but when they are done not one of them thinks to themselves "u know what, these stupid idiots are right, i am who i am and there is nothing i can do about it, i should just give up" NOT ONE!!! they read ur nonsense, probally laugh at ur stupidity and then are just that much more determined to do what makes them feel normal, whatever that means to them and there is not anything that any of u can do to stop it. write ur congressman, start a petition, but there is NOTHING U CAN DO TO STOP THEM, and that alone is enough for them to keep on keepin on!!! all of u transgender reading this....i have nothing but love for you and the decisions you make to be happy. Peace

    193. I really feel the need to leave a comment. This is not a perfect world. This world is not how God truly intented it to be. There is hatred, murder, and birth defects. My feeling is if there can be physical birth defects, couldn't there just as well be the type of defect that happen in te brain. Female brain in a male body and vice versa. When a baby starts out in utero, they all start out with a female brain. Who's to say that perhaps the brain changes to male but the body doesn't.
      C'mon people, that's why there are doctors to help these people. I feel like there are some honest to goodness people out there that something happened to their brain in utero that caused a cross somewhere and resulted in a mismatch. I do feel badly for people who feel as thogh they are in the wrong body. This is only my personal veiw on this I don't know one way or the other if this is a wrong thing to do or not. In some ways to me it makes since.

    194. I agree with the last poster. so refreshing.

      it is also a fact gender is more in the brain than in physical genitals.

      They used to cut the penis off babies who had ambiguous genitilia. just made them girls. oh what a mess that was and is!

      Better to leave it alone. Am seeing more and more people who are fine to be sortof both !

    195. you are right with your brain theory. i even watched a special on that very thing. studies have been done on those transgenders that have volunteered and yes there brains that of the opposite sex. seems to make perfect sense now doesnt it. i totally forgot about that.

    196. What does it matter anyways.
      I understand that it's your opinion, and you're entitled to it.
      So, here's mine.

      Saying what you say doesn't change a thing. Not a thing. Why does it bother YOU so much what SOMEONE ELSE is doing. Or how they're living their life. As long as they're not harming you, then why hate? Aren't you suppose to "love" everyone? That's what gets me about christians, they don't practice what they preach. It's a sad world. I wish people weren't so ignorant to things, but they are. And there's nothing I can do to change that either. So I wouldn't bother to try, nor do I care to. Live your life. And I'm so sick of the bull about God not "approving". You are not God so you canNOT speak for God. You shouldn't attempt it anyways, not everyone has the same beliefs as you. So yours are IRRELEVANT to any of this. People really need to quit focusing on the outside, sounds cliche, but it's true. People are beautiful, if only you'd take the time to REALLY look. You'd know that. And learn to embrace and love people.

    197. so i see that all of you have many comments on this subject and thats fine. I don't think that ANYONE has the right to say what is right and what is wrong with others and who are you to judge them. true i don't agree with changing your sex because that IS the way god made you. but to all you judgmental ASSHOLES look at your life and think about something you would change before looking at someone else's life and trying to say what is okay for them to change.

    198. so i see that all of you have many comments on this subject and thats fine. I don't think that ANYONE has the right to say what is right and what is wrong with others and who are you to judge them. true i don't agree with changing your sex because that IS the way god made you. but to all you judgmental people look at your life and think about something you would change before looking at someone else's life and trying to say what is okay for them to change.


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