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  • Tuesday, February 12, 2008

    Breast Augmentation & Reduction Surgery Costs

    Breast augmentation costs vary from doctor to doctor and depend on a number of factors. Average breast augmentation costs as of 2000 were $3112, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, although these breast augmentation costs do not take into account anesthesia or operating facility fees. More accurately, breast augmentation costs range between $3000 and $9000, including all of the additional fees. (Depending upon the state, breast augmentation fees can be considerably lower for identical products and services.)

    When considering breast augmentation costs, patients should keep in mind that the lowest price may not be the best idea. Breast augmentation costs that seem too low in comparison to others probably are. Occasionally, these discount breast augmentation costs result in later financial or medical problems, with hidden charges or poor surgical care. Similarly, the highest breast augmentation costs do not mean that the surgery will necessarily be superior. When interviewing different surgeons, consider breast augmentation costs as well as the surgeon's reputation, layout of the facilities, and your personal rapport.

    Breast augmentation costs can be high, but many patients have found that they can easily get financing for breast augmentation costs. Doctors may offer financing through their offices, or work with an outside financing program.

    Here's a data I collected from for general Breast Surgery procedures:

    Breast Augmentation - $3,360
    Breast Lift - $3,965
    Breast: nipple enlargement (cosmetic only) - $1,792
    Breast: nipple reduction (not w/breast reduction) - $1,516
    Breast reduction (women) - $5,351

    So the average total cost ranges from $3,000 to $10,000. The cost of breast augmentation varies widely, depending upon factors such as the surgeon's skill, the region where you have the surgery performed, whether the surgery takes place in the office or in a hospital, what type of surgery you choose, and what type of anesthesia is used.


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      thaks for the prices very useful

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    3. I'd say these are pretty good estimates...the range across the country is quite broad. I've heard of surgeons in the major markets charging even $20K or more for breast implant redo, but that's a slightly more complicated surgery than an initial breast augmentation. I work with a Birmingham cosmetic surgeon and I'd say for the most part women pay for what they get. Do your homework, find a skilled doctor who takes the time to get to know you, and take good care of yourself after surgery - those are the steps toward priceless results.

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      i always watch the show doctor90210and i am amazed by the reults and the detaled and very upfront prceures!
      im from sydney australia and i have weird boobs lol sound like im proud of it yes...well im not they r horrible and for years ive wanted a lift or even an implant but i was scared of the costs i was told every 5 to 10 years i have to have them redone!
      if i had not have been curiouse about a labia reconstruction surgery i saw on doc90210 and looked for the info on sugerys threw google i wouldnt have read ur page and clicked on breast implants and augmentation!
      u say i never have to go back to redo them? is this correct and if so can u please re inform me lol im even more determined to go for a surgery but i want to wait until i finish having my babies (3 more to go to compleate a family) then i will do it
      im only 20 will be 21 in april 2008 and i am reallly interested
      is there a way u can contact me ana i trust american doctors more then the aussies we have to many no english speakers here that cant even pronounce their adress properly hahaha seriously!!
      here is my email
      i hope you can email me ide love to chat with you
      your page is FANTASTIC mate and i now have less fear of the procedure!

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