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  • Thursday, March 1, 2007

    Silicone breast implants - what's the big deal?

    So why is everyone making a fuss about silicone breast implants?
    Well, silicone breast implants feel more natural than saline implants. They look more natural in how they move in the body as well. That's it. Period.
    Are there any downsides to silicone implants? Sure. It is already all over the internet - you need to be 22 years old or older. MRI follow-up is recommended throughout your life. The implants will rupture at some point in your life, requiring removal or replacement (same with saline implants). The incision for the surgery will need to be longer than used for saline implants.
    What will the fate of silicone implants be? Around the world, where silicone implants have not been temporarily taken off the market, 80-90% of implants used are silicone. This clearly demonstrates a strong patient preference.
    Will feel and look of silicone implants outweigh scars, follow-up, etc.?
    Time will tell.

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