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  • Monday, May 21, 2007

    Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery Addiction

    Plastic Surgery.. I wonder how I got into it. When I was 19 and had all the money in the world, I noticed that my nose was a bit pointed. One of my friends suggested me to have a rhinoplasty (nose job) done from a local surgeon, so i thought "why not give it a go?" Then I had a nose job done from that doc. The thing that surprises me now is I didn't even bother knowing if he was a Board Certified Surgeon or not. Anyways it felt good to have a new nose, it looked good on me. As time moved on, I got attracted to other plastic surgery procedures too. I was growing my hips, tucking my tummy and everything that I wanted to do and now, sad to say, I've turned into a cosmetic surgery addict.

    Well I'm not alone in this race. I studied about this addiction over the internet and found that there are millions of other women who are addicted to cosmetic/plastic surgery. Maybe it’s the shape of their nose, breasts, or even calf muscles (or lack thereof) that they’d like to change. Everybody wants to look beautiful, I don't blame myself but the thing I forgot was "We can't look perfect" because there's no such thing as perfect looking person. It's in the eyes of the viewer how you look like. But the stats they never lie. Research by Baaps released in May found there were 22,041 cosmetic operations excluding Botox injections in Britain last year, up 35% on 2004. These included 5,646 breast enlargements. Surgeons are getting richer and patients are getting addicted. The addiction is due to the pshycological impact that people (esp. women) have by looking at those celebrities (who themselves have surgery to look good). In the hunger of looking like a celebrity people dive into the pool of plastic surgery neglecting the issues related, surgery gone wrong cases and without proper study of the procedure.

    The addiction is a chain process like in my case where it started from Rhinoplasty and ended up in a liposuction (which I had last week). One procedure which makes your certain body part beautiful leads to the decision of another surgery procedure. The procedures in demand are rhinoplasty, botox, tummy tuck, liposuction, face lift, breast implant/augmentation/reduction, labiaplasty and so on. Labiaplasty/Vaginoplasty is the recent name of the game. It's how women make their vagina look good by reducing the size of their labia and playing around with other sensitive skins around there.

    Addiction is a consequence of dissatisfied surgery procedure also. Say a case where some girl wanted to have a nose of Nicole Kidman but she ended up having the nose of some ugly betty. An other reason is AGING. Now when will women realize that cosmetic surgery can't fight aging. YOU HAVE TO GROW OLD and those wrinkles are natural but they're addicted towards BOTOX and they never stop doing it over and over again.

    Celebs need to find a place where they can throw money and this is the best place. Sharon Osbourne, the television presenter, openly said that she spent up to £300,000 on plastic surgery including having her breasts, legs and bottom altered. Now that's a huge amount. Cindy Jackson, 50, from London, has spent a reported £50,000 on nine operations involving 21 procedures since 1988, which she documents on her website. She has had cheek implants and reshaped her knees by using liposuction from her waist.

    Dr Eileen Bradbury, a consultant psychologist at the Alexandra hospital in Cheadle, near Manchester, treats patients who have become hooked on cosmetic procedures. “People can become addicted to the anticipation, the excitement and the attention they receive,” said Bradbury. “There is a short-lived result of feeling fabulous. But the post-procedure high fades, life goes back to normal and all the mundane problems come back so you need to go for another fix.”

    I blog about all the Plastic surgery procedures and before and after pictures. If you're having a major surgery, please study about it before diving into the pool. You can read my blog and find many other related websites on the internet. Don't make yourself look ugly by having a bad plastic surgery.

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