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  • Friday, September 21, 2007

    Rhinoplasty Photos

    Rhinoplasty is the medical terminology for what most people refer to as a nose job, nose plastic surgery, or nose cosmetic surgery.
    In this procedure there are several goals that a patient may be trying to achieve. Some individuals may be seeking to correct and reshape the nose by targeting these frequent items:
    - Reducing or increasing size
    - Removing a hump
    - Adjusting or changing the shape of the tip
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    Some before and after pictures of Rhinoplasty:

    Rhinoplasty before and after picture

    female nose job

    rhinoplasty on pointed nose

    male rhinoplasty photo

    smoothing the nose

    So wanna get a nose job done?


    1. Now i want one even more.

      Do you know if it is il/legal to perform nose jobs on under 18's in the UK?

    2. Sorry dear, you must be at least 18 to perform rhinoplasty.

    3. You can have it under your parent's supervision but if you're young, I suggest you to wait for your nose to shape up with your age and decide later if you want to have it or not.

    4. What in the world...?

      All except the first one look really weird and unnatural.

    5. they all look better than the "natural". none of them look wierd. maybe you just live around alot more ugly people.

    6. The second and the second-last ones looked better before the nose job. Now they just look kind of dull.

    7. I have a question. Does anyone know if the swellling under your eyes, after rhinoplasty, can stretch the skin enough to make large, or larger bags under your eyes?

    8. its not illegal to have a nose job at under 18. I was 17 when i had my nose job.

    9. ok lets say we do have parent's supervision,would 17 be a good enough age to get a nose job?

    10. yea if parents agree things become simple. make sure the surgeon you choose is a good one, board certified, dont worry about the expense, good surgeons cost you more. wishing luck to all the rhinoplasty candidates.

    11. How much does rhinoplasty cost? and do the surgeons have a diagram of some sort, so that you can see what your nose will look like after the operation, before the operation?

    12. When I was younger I was creating my modeling portfolio. I was concerned about my nose and was thinking about having it changed. My photographer told me not to touch it. That someday it would be my "thing" like Crawford's mole or Tyra's eyes. I decided it was a beautiful feature. I got picked on about it but mostly just kinding around by my family. But I think I would look kinda plain if I looked like everyone else. :)

    13. I had a rhinoplasty a year ago, and while the result is good, I sometimes miss my "old" and imperfect nose. If I knew then what I know now, maybe I would have left it. I look at these before pics and see beauty now in the imperfection of how one is born. But I am happy with the decision I made, too.

    14. im fifteen years old and i wan a nose job so bad, i know i would look SOOOO much better if i had it done. whens the earliest i could get it done and have a successful result.

    15. I had one about a month before i turned 16. i had my parents consent, but, in canada at least, you dont need permission once you've turned 16.
      for girls, 16 is usually when your pretty much fully grown, and therefore a good age to get a nose job. but for guys, its more like 18, because before that your face is still changing.
      im so happy with my nose job, i have no regrets what so ever and im thankful i was able to have it. plastic surgery is not wrong. if having it makes you happy, and it doesnt hurt anyone else, its right.

    16. Don't forget that the change you're lokking for in permanent,
      why would a human being like everyone hide the reality, shame on you bastards...
      beauty is beautiful, uglyness is also beautiful, reality and honesty are the beauty of the world.
      uglyness of spirits never disapears

    17. about two years ago i was ready to get a nose job. my nose is slightly "imperfect but now that i am two years older, i look so much different! i didnt go through with it and im so glad because i actually like it now. its wierd how our views change over ime. dont do something permenant if youre not completely sure!! you may miss what you had!!!

    18. i paid to get mine done, only bc people made fun of em. but i liked how i looked and i got guys all the time i got cared and backed out i am soo happy even though i lost money i dont care that shit is scary plus it looks so fake

    19. i heard a nose job is free on the nhs if your under 18,in the uk is that correct?

    20. For people who are under 18, I aam just the same and the best advice is talk to your parents and see if they can support you on getting a nose job. I did and now i'm getting a nose job next year in before the easter holiday. I'm 14

    21. what about if you are 16 and want a nose job done with ur parents supervision?


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