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  • Friday, August 17, 2007

    Hair Transplant Photos

    The Hair Growth Cycle
    A healthy follicle repeatedly goes through three phases in its life: growing, transitional, and resting. -->
    Growing Phase
    In a normal scalp, about 90% of hair follicles are growing at any one time. Each follicle stays in the growing phase for two to six years. How long an individual hair grows depends on how long it is in the growing phase. After the growing phase, hair enters a brief transitional phase.
    Transitional Phase -->
    The transitional phase typically lasts two to three weeks. Less than 1% of your hair is in this phase at any one time.
    Resting Phase -->
    Hair follicles rest for two to three months. At the end of the resting phase, the follicle "sheds" its hair. Then the growing phase begins again.

    surgeon performing transplant

    thicker hair after transplant

    got rid of baldness

    Richard before and after hair transplant

    These are some common examples of Hair Transplant Surgery. Hope you like 'em. For more information on Hair Transplant and Replacement read this article About Hair Transplant.


    1. Yes, hair loss is a real problem in our days and even children suffer it. Locks of Love is very good and helpful organization. I'm very glad when I see that people are full of energy to help other people if they can.

    2. I was suffering from hair loss a few months back.

      Trust me i feel like hell and was very depressed. I want to look good and feel good.

      Being desperate and i cannot afford a transplant, I bought this hair loss guide from

      I begin to try all the various techniques taught to stop hair loss and stimulate the hair regrowth.

      Now, I swear that my hair have became thicker and my hair loss have stopped gradually.

      But please note that this is not a miracle guide, you still need to instill some DISCIPLINE in you in putting in effort to apply the techniques. All you need is like a 15 minutes commitment per day !

      Anyway, I am very glad of my decision to purchase the guide.

      Hope it will help anyone who are suffering hair loss right now !

    3. When a common person listens the word hair transplant surgery, the image comes to his/ her mind is that it is a very complex procedure which is very painful and costly. ILHT feels proud by changing the minds of many people who have gone through hair transplant surgery at ILHT.
      ILHT hair transplant surgeons operate the patients with most up to date equipment and with their lots of successful experiences and expertise they complete the surgery in a very little time and to the patient's surprise the procedure is pain free.

      Hair Transplant surgery is normally done by removing hair from one part of the body and transplanting to the other part. Transplant operations are normally done on out patient basis and by giving local anesthesia to patients which lasts for few hours. However the process can vary depending on the hair transplant technique recommended for individual person and the type of hair loss that person is having.

      ILHT comprises a team of hair transplant surgeons who are well experienced and treat each case according to its nature. If you are facing hair loss problem and you feel you need hair transplant please avail the opportunity to have free consultation session with our expert.

    4. Sometimes, people wonder why and how some people have hair that looks like if they had just been to the saloon and to their surprise they look the same way most of the times. This thing is very disastrous for few people and they want to know how they can also improve the looks of their hair.

      Our expert team suggests you some methods to improve your hair growth and keep your hair in good and healthy condition.

      • One of the most important tips for your hair is to have the hair cut that suits to your style. It is very important to have proper hair cut in order to keep your hair in proper shape.

      • You should understand that every person is blessed with a different type of hair like fine, thick, wavy, straight and so on. Try to keep your hair in a natural way by not adopting the artificial hair colors, chemical applications, cuttings etc.

      • Use hair products only after consulting with the expert rather than to just use them due to their attractiveness and style.

      • Nowadays, some people use rollers to give curls to your hair. Use rollers accordingly like use unheated rollers on damp hair and use heated rollers on dry hair.

      • The roots of the hair are very important. Make sure that when you apply hair products apply to roots first and then go down.

      • Many people face problem that as time passes during the day their hair start looking dull and rough. The best solution for this is to apply the product like gel to your hair with a little water to give them their look again.

      • Use quality products like shampoos and conditioners to properly nourish your hair and keep them healthy.

      We have tried our best to give some tips about healthy hair but still if you are facing some specific problem regarding your hair, feel free to contact our expert team.

    5. “Tired of dealing with hair loss? Looking for a permanent and Natural Solution? Want a hair transplant procedure that is guaranteed? If you say "YES" then you've found the right hair transplant center. Losing hair is more about losing you. Men and women look better with hair

    6. My hair transplant surgery was ruined by Dr Nicholas Agnesi of Hairline Clinic in Akron and Independence Ohio. He disregarded my specific wishes, wiped the pattern that I drew off my head, and got the hairline all wrong. He also harvested the wrong hairs from the base of my skull.

      The hairs he took don't grow well at all. They never have. He should have taken the hairs at least on inch higher. Everyone agreed that I had plenty of donor hair but Dr Agnesi didn't bother to take the best hairs. He just rushed through the job and took the wrong hairs at the base of my skull.

      When I let Dr Agnesi know what he did wrong, he said that he might be willing to replace the bad hairs after I talk to the president of Hairline Clinic Rob Hoffman. It had to be his call. But when I talked to Rob Hoffman at the Akron location, he refused to even look at the bad work. He just pretended everything was fine and refused to do anything about it. No fix. No refund.

      I knew those hairs would never grow well so I was left with no choice but to rip all those bad grafts out myself before they healed. It was a nightmare but I got it done. Now I'm out thousands of dollars and I have nothing to show for it but a bad memory and a nasty scar at the base of my skull.

      Dr Agnesi also works for Advanced Hair Restoration of Ohio.

      Now I'm talking to an attorney and trying to find a new HT doctor who will do what I wish and pay attention to detail.


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