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  • Saturday, April 28, 2007

    Botox Before and After Photos

    Botulinum toxin type A whose trade names include Botox ®, Vistabel ®, Dysport ® and Neurobloc ® is a method of filling wrinkles on the forehead, between the brows and around the eyes without surgical lifting and without a surgical knife... Read More Botox-The name of the Game.

    botox before and after

    botox forehead result

    no more wrinkles

    botox wrinkles besides eyes

    eye wrinkles removed

    For information on this surgery procedure read Plastic Surgery-Botox


    1. u are fucking kidding me right.
      those pictures are of people pulling a face and then normal.
      come on!

    2. I don't think you can move your forrehead after botox. That's why people look so weird when they've gotten it. You should look at Nicole idman or Meg Ryan

    3. i'm sorry but both of you are wrong if you knew the insides and outsides of botox like i do, then you would realise how ridiculous and ignorant your comments are. Botox is also no surgical so to use people in the public eye is fairly pointless, as the majority have generally crossed this non surgical treatment with surgical treatmenta i:e a face lift

    4. I have had Botox twice in the last eight months and none of the people that know me have worked out what I have done as I havent gone overboard with it, I get forehead, crows feet and frown lines done. They all just comment that I look radiant and rested, and put it down to a happy marriage and great sex!!!

    5. i don't even need a botox, i have my natural beauty

    6. I had a botox a year ago and I'm completely satisfied with the result. My surgeon is a good person. I'm thinking of doing a tummy tuck this summer, hope it turns out good too.

    7. I believe every person has a choice in what they want to look like.When you age you look at pictures from even five years ago and realize your not as young, your skin not as health. I have not had botox as of yet however i have been weighing the decission. Before speaking ill about something research it.get a free consult and open your mind to the possiblities of wanting to remain beautiful while you have the years to experience life. i know when I'm 70 i'm going to be beautiful, and feel 50.No the pictures aren't fake I have those same crows feet it;s called genetis, sun damage,and looking older than you feel. Anyone who's considering a procedure do whats best for you. don't do it for anyone but you.

    8. i had botox in the summer in the czech republic results were great i will get it again at easter 30

    9. I have had Botox injections and they always look natural, leaving me looking younger and "rested." I never "overdo it" and I follow my doctor's orders. After having Botox injected, for the next couple of hours, you are told to "make faces," such as raising your eyebrows, smiling really big, frowning, etc. so that you don't get that fake "frozen" look. I am very pleased with the results, because I have a wonderful board certified doctor.

    10. Most of their wrinkles have disappeared completely. This is proof that Botox treatment can make you appear as youthful as ever. People need not worry about looking old these days since there are a lot of procedures that can actually reverse aging. One of the most effective methods would be Botox treatment.


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