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  • Friday, May 4, 2007

    Hydrogel: Sugar Filled Breast Implants

    The FDA has lifted the ban on silicone gel filled breast implants, but some women are still leery. So far the only alternative to silicone has been saline filled implants which most women and doctors aren't fond of.

    silicon implants

    Hydrogel may be the best of both worlds. Silicone filled implants have a more natural look and feel than saline, but they were banned in the U.S. until November, 2006, because of potential health risks. Saline filled implants are completely harmless, should they rupture, but because of their liquid nature, they are generally less desirable. Hydrogel is a water-based filler that contains naturally occurring sugars, and has a gel-like consistency. Hydrogel filled implants look and feel more like silicone filled implants, without the potential health risks.

    Although Hydrogel implants have not yet been approved by the FDA, they may soon be the answer for women who still fear silicone, but want a more natural look and feel than saline can provide.

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    1. One of the reviews I read it says that. "If a doctor tells you they don't have complications, they're either not operating or they're lying to you,".


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