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  • Wednesday, July 4, 2007

    Cosmetic Surgery Prices

    If you're in UK, have a look at it, even if u're not in UK, still take some idea about the prices.

    Breast enlargement
    (also known as Breast augmentation, breast implants )

    BUPA Hospitals £3,400 - £5,000
    Capio From £3,800

    Breast reduction surgery
    (also known as Reduction mammoplasty)

    BUPA Hospitals £3,700 - £5,500
    Capio From £4,650

    Breast uplift surgery
    (also known as Mastopexy, mastopexia )

    BUPA Hospitals £3,250 - £5,500
    Capio From £4,400

    Ear correction surgery
    (also known as Otoplasty, pinnaplasty, correction of bat ears, ear pinning)

    BUPA Hospitals £1,100 - £2,800
    CapioFrom £2,250

    Eyelid Surgery
    (also known as Blepharoplasty, eyelid reduction )

    BUPA Hospitals £2,850 - £3,600
    Capio From £2,600

    Facelift surgery
    (also known as Rhytidectomy )

    BUPA Hospitals £4,200 - £5,800
    Capio From £4,650

    (also known as fat removal)

    BUPA Hospitals £1,550 - £5,000
    Capio From £2,600

    (also known as Nose job, nose reduction, nose reshaping)

    BUPA Hospitals £3,000 - £4,000
    Capio £3,050 - £3,700

    Tummy tuck
    (also known as Abdominoplasty)

    BUPA Hospitals £3,800 - £5,200
    Capio From £4,350

    (Proof to these prices are in )

    Oh! and Ma'am, here are your bills, :) Always investigate the price before having a cosmetic surgery.


    1. Hello, i'm 19 years old and i am looking at having this surgery. I always thought i was normal up to the age of 17/18 when i started to realise that none of my friends had the same problem as me. I also found that porn stars have small labia so this put me off knowing that my boyfriend of 3 year watched porn and found this attractive. I would barely even let him go near the vaginal area or even touch it. This effected my sex life. I have had comments from a pervious boyfriend that he preferred smaller labia because they are neat and tucked away. Not only had this made me more aware that i am abnormal, but my previous boyfriend joking around in conversation has called it a 'bulge'. This has really made me self concious. I will barely let him touch there because i think it's ugly and disgusting. It feels like just a big lump of fat and skin. i don't think it is attractive whatsoever. I'm so scared because when my boyfriend touches me i always push him away and make excuses like i want to do things to him instead, because i prefer it. However, really, i would like the pleasure. Having large labia has also gotten in the way of sexual acts such as recieving oral. Because there is so much excess labia my boyfriend never knows where to touch, to help him out i have had to pull the hood of my clitoris up just so he can attempt to give me pleasure, which i barely feel because i am so self concious about my labia. I am constantly worrying and thinking about them when i'm about to have sex, and, i realised from reading previous posts, i have had to have been drunk every time i've had sex, aside from my 3 year relationship and the one i'm in at the moment. There are a few other problems i have which have been written on this forum by other women too- i'm embarassed to get dressed in front of anyone because i feel like i have a 'bulge' where there shouldn't be one. It has started to hurt during sex, which leaves a stinging sensation, and overall just feels uncomfortable, embarrassing, and un-womanly. I am seriously considering having surgery, because if i don't this will effect me for the rest of my life, it has already ruined my sexual relationships and i don't want it to ruin the one i'm in now.

    2. Hi,

      Im a 28 yr old guy.

      Yes some guys might have a problem with a girl having larger inner labia, just like some girls have a problem with a guy's penis being too small or large. Its a personal preference and yes it might one day cause you a problem with a guy you otherwise like.

      But what you need to remember is that the majority of us, I would say a good majority, don't care either way and that probably as many as don't actively like big labia DO like big labia.

      The only guys who like girls who look like porn stars, or girls with porn-star-like bodyparts are either 13 or not worth your time. Forget that.

      A guy who can't find your clit needs showing. He couldn't find it because he didn't know or didn't care, not because of how you look. It ain't hard to find them. If he couldn't find it next time you should think about getting rid of him if sex is important to you.

      I understand it goes deeper than someone telling you its ok and you're normal but hopefully it will help to have someone point some of these things out. Personally I like em all ways and think guys that don't are a bit weird.

      Please if you can get an opinion from someone independent (ie someone you won't be paying to perform a procedure if they say you need it, so your NHS GP if you're in the UK) on whether they would advise any surgery. A lot of girls have surgery they don't physically need because they're convinced they are abnormal and they just aren't. Don't cut up your beautiful lady parts for no reason!!!!!!!

    3. Thank you, i'm starting to accept the way i am now. I do realise my current boyfriend doesn't care, my case probably isn't even as bad as some girls out there. And as for showing him, i did, and recieving oral pleasure is so much better now. :) it reassures me that you say that the majority of guys really don't care about how small/large a girl's labia are. Thank you. As for seeing a GP, i had an appointment booked. I didn't go because i felt stupid. I know now my boyfriend doesn't mind. I haven't asked him about it, he loves giving me pleasure though and i think that's all that matters to him, not the way my parts look. I might still be a bit self-concious, just because of the way my labia look, but i don't think i'll be willing to pay 4 grand for surgery to correct something that isn't wrong, and that is perfectly normal. I think it is unecessary really. I am just happy i've been able to read the posts on this site and see that other girls have larger labia, and have had at some point in their life the same issues as me. I want to say to those girls if a man loves you because of the way you look and not because of the way you are personality wise, then he's definetely not worth bothering with. I also think if you're having difficulty getting pleasure because of your labia, talking with your partner definetely helps, you don't have to mention that you're self-concious, just point out what he's doing right and what you like, and you will soon forget about it. Good luck.

    4. i'm starting to accept the way i am now. I do realise my current boyfriend doesn't care, my case probably isn't even as bad as some girls out there

    5. A cosmetic surgery could give physical and psychological benefits. When you look great , naturally you would feel great. Self esteem and confidence can be boost by a surgery with good result.

    6. Our UK wide network of breast enlargement clinics and cosmetic surgeries cover all types of surgical procedures such as breast augmentation, liposuction and facial treatments.


    Feel free to post comments on whatever you think about surgery or anything.

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