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  • Thursday, September 20, 2007

    Nicole Kidman and Plastic Surgery

    There's a lot of buzz around the internet when Nicole Kidman appears on TV or some Awards function. The reason? Plastic Surgery and Kidman have a strong bond between each other. Some of the things Nicole loves dowing are rhinoplasty, brow lift, cheek implants, lip collagen, and lots of botox. People don't find Nicole unattractive; rather they are simply baffled by how different she looks now compared to when she started. Aging is allowable, but looking like a different person is odd.

    Nicole Kidman Rhinoplasty

    You can tell from the above pic that she's definitely got a nose job.


    1. Hi,
      Did Nicole changed her eyes color?
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      Waheeed Elqalatawy

    2. eye color? its just different lightin! But her nose seems less of a v shape and the pointy bit isnt on the 2nd pic!

    3. maybe on the first pic the nose look bigger because she is smiling.i saw her moms nose once and is exactly the same.

    4. No, her eye colour isn't changed. It only looks like it because one's a photo shoot while the other is a red carpet shot. They always makes eyes brighter for magazine covers.

    5. Cheek implants?! That's just stretching the "allegations". Her cheeks look exactly the same.

    6. On the "before" pic her head is turned down a little bit compared to the "after"--I think we are just seeing the nose from a slightly different angle. Otherwise the tip has a similar width. I don't think she had any work done on her nose.

    7. Wow! Her before picture is so much more beautiful! Her after picture just makes her look...pedestrian. When people have plastic surgery (if they don't end up looking horrible), they end up looking wholly unremarkable...not noteworthy at all...very plain...and like they no longer have any unique feature to show the world. Beauty is in what you do, how you treat others, not in the face you wear when you're doing it. Someone could have a flawless aspect but I would not want them anywhere near me if they were cruel or hateful.

    8. this is screwed up. her face is leaned forward during the picture, also this IS a magazine picture. obvoiusly there is a ton of alterations done in photos for magazines so i don't know what the big deal is. this is Nicoles natural beauty.

    9. hideous! I think she's trying to draw attention away from the fact she's a hermaphrodite


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