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  • Monday, December 3, 2007

    Jocelyn Wildenstein and Bad Plastic Surgery

    jocelyn wildenstein photo

    If you're wondering who this lady is you must be new in the land of cosmetic surgeries. Wiki describes this lady as:

    "Jocelyne Wildenstein, sometimes referred to as "The Lion Queen" or "The Cat Woman," is a wealthy socialite who has frequently been seen in the tabloid press due to her numerous cosmetic surgeries. Her extreme appearance has led to the press giving her the nickname "The Bride of Wildenstein," a reference to The Bride of Frankenstein. Wildenstein has allegedly spent £2 million (US$3,933,800) on cosmetic surgery over the years. In 2004 she was named the world's scariest celebrity by a plastic surgery website."

    No wonder she looks awful with her time and again cosmetic surgery addiction. I heard that her husband cheated on her and to win him back she transformed herself to look like a cat coz her hubbie likes big cats. But's she's turned herself into a monster. Her husband said “She seems to think that you fix a face the same way you fix a house”. Phewww... poor lady.

    More pics of Jocelyn:

    wildenstein after cosmetic surgery

    Wanna know how miss frankestein looked like before having $4 million cosmetic surgery? Check out these pics

    original jocelyn image

    jocelyn before surgery pic

    So.. planning to follow her footsteps? Cosmetic surgery is not a game readers!! it's not a crime either. Learn about it before having it.

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    1. It's fairly obvious that she has mental problems. It's body mutilation. Some people do it to themselves. She's chosen to have a surgeon do it to her.

    2. she was beautiful before all these surgeries :(

    3. OMG!!!!! Scary woman

      Great blog.

      1. ikr when i saw it it scared me!!!!

    4. I wonder if she thinks she looks better

    5. Dear mother of all that is holy!!!

    6. OMG who would so this to someone..... I know money talks especially when you don't have much but my God I couldn't do this to anyone. Did she have parents, friends etc somebody would have had to say STOP

    7. The sight of her is so horrible that its humbling

    8. she used to be pretty

    9. I read that she find her really beautiful nowadays. Some people said that she suffers from self-hate (kind of autophobia), others that it's normal she could find herself lovely as she is,after all these mad surgeries.
      I think she distort the reality and the perception of herself to help herself endure the humiliation and the herself disgust.She just doesn't realize how she really looks like, thinking her face like a cat. She became insane, and imagine one second if she recovers mentally, she will woke up sane one day and look at her in a mirror: she couldn't stand herself! So, it's just better she never realize the truth. But what I can barely imagine it's she actually have a love affair with a stylist? Is it possible?! What a stylist he could be....
      (Sorry if my english's poor, I'm just french!)

    10. If you are considering chin and cheek augmentation, then you should make sure you chose a doctor who you can trust and has experience performing the procedure. If done correctly then it can be very successful and change the way you look.

    11. plastic surgery is scary its not for me

    12. Show your greatest gratitudes of God Creation.. Say no to plastic surgery. Regards..

    13. So long as she has a nice nose, she's beautiful to me

    14. Was that a passion or she really don't know where to use her money? But actually when we said surgeries this is not just for beauty purposes but as well as for those who had physical illness. It is specially design to cure people not to make worst but perhaps some of our doctors had gone too far. Gladly I found the Plastic surgeon Los Angeles who introduces me the beauty of surgeries without sacrificing a bit.

    15. wOW, that is exactly how I want my lips and eyes done, Iam saving money to do it for my future, I luv her as my plastic surgery idle!

    16. The scariest part of Ms Wildenstein's story is that she married her plastic surgeon BEFORE he started working on her, and he divorced her later. Ick. Can you imagine?

    17. I think the NAMES of the COSMETIC SURGEONS who disfigured this woman should be published.

    18. OMD! how can someone do this to herself?


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