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  • Tuesday, November 20, 2007

    Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong worries

    This is an anonymous comment on my Breast Reduction Gone Wrong page.

    I am a 33 year old mother of 5 and I also have and breast enlargement surgery. I had my done August 30th 2007. I have 550cc in the left breast and 570cc in the right. So far so good I have had only a few complaints. My right side seem to be much more firm that the left side and also I have some concerns that my right breast is some what larger and sits a little higher on my cheast that( bothers me)somewhat.However my Dr. says it has only been a couple months it will take some time. My husband says he can't tell the difference but I CAN !! I have talked with many women that have used the same Dr. as my self and we all have the same look to our body even years later the right breast is always higher on the cheast wall. I go back the end of November for my last re-check so well see what He has to say. (WISH ME LUCK) All in all I have to say compaired to what I had before this has not been to bad.

    Yeah honey it's good that everything went fine. We wish you luck for healthy pair of breasts. And yeah thanks for sharing your surgery experience.

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