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  • Tuesday, June 3, 2008

    Celebrity Boob Jobs gone wrong

    Janet Jackson

    janet jackson breast implants

    Well I'm not sure if she really had it but I've got comments from her fans (some may not be)

    • Probably most of the world saw..those things are hanging pretty low and lazy. Plus, she used to be it wouldn't be too abnormal for her to have those size cups.
    • I agree. Those things looked like sacks of pudding. That was pretty gross. She needs implants.
    • yes absolutey! breast dont stay that firm at her age and especially after giving birth
    • janet is well past her expiration date. breast implants on her would be like putting a 5k paint job on a '78 toyota celica. like it matters.
    • judge yourself from her picture above.

    Vivica Fox

    vivica fox bad breast implants

    Here's what ppl had to say:

    • Gross. Not just her boobs, but her whole body. Vivica was naturally beautiful. Why would anyone do this to themselves? Sad.
    • Holy crap, she's deformed! I wonder if that's scar tissue or something around her implant? I've seen it before and it can make breasts look lumpy or oddly shaped, but I've never seen one that looked caved in.
    • I don't think its a sticker either, no one can be that daft to go out on two seperate occassions and not notice the dent it creates.
    • The dented boobie is bad enough, but her face looks kinda haggard and her hair looks like it went through a wind tunnel. Not a good look.
    • No, something is very wrong with her boob.
    • No dahling, I think it's those 1-inch clear plastic adhesives that you stick under the boob to make them appear perkier. You can practically make out the outline. They obviously don't photograph well.

    comments appreciated. thanks all.


    1. Those people are a disgrace they should get a life. She is naturally beautiful and always will be. Shes better than the people who put gallons of botox on their face.

    2. idk dats crazyy dats all i gotta say..if yuh know ur boobs fuck up just dont wear a dress dats show ur boobs out dat simple...and dey got money so dey can just fix it or sumthing cuz dats just sooo stupid 2 wear a dress so open and thinking dey wont get a pic and judge yuh...ppl so dumb dese days

    3. why would u even wear a low cut dress if your breast was disfigured by surgery... is it a fake pic as i dont think anyone who had a botched up surgery would show it off like that



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