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  • Saturday, September 15, 2007

    Large Labia Problem

    Read the following case:

    I have been sexually active since I was 14, and I am now 19. I have no issues regarding sex, but I do with my body.

    For years now, I have been aware that my labia minora are larger than my labia majora, approximately by 2-3cm. They do bother me and I have always wanted to have them reduced, though my partner is not in favour of this, as apparently he finds it attractive.

    I have always wondered whether their size was in any way related to the fact that I was sexually active at quite a young age? Could this have caused it?

    The reason I ask is that I do not remember them being that size before this time. Is it possible to have them reduced? I have not spoken to my GP about this as I find it extremely embarrassing.

    My Suggestion:
    No, the size of your labia is not related to sexual activity. Many women are like you, and it's perfectly normal.

    If you had the money, you could certainly find a plastic surgeon or gynaecologist who would 'reduce' them for you. But why bother? Like all 'plastic surgery' operations, this one would carry a risk of something going wrong. The expense would be great. And your partner finds your present appearance attractive.

    So I would advise against having this done.

    Best wishes.

    BUT if you think it makes your vagina look ugly, I suggest you to study about Labiaplasty and take a decision to perform this surgery on your labia. Here are some pictures which will help you to see the cases of large labia click on the image below.
    Labiaplasty information

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    1. what do they do with the left overs?

      I am hungry.

    2. The vulva is unique to all. Leave your labia exactly as is. There are many who would appreciate it just the way it is.

    3. I went to a surgeon called Dr. Morris Ritz plastic surgeon in Malvern Melbourne Victoria. I was 20 at the time. I thought there was something wrong with my labias too. Just because they did not look like the girls on the net I'd seen in you know, online porn etc...
      I did not know that those girls on porn had had their labias chopped. I now know that THEY are the ones who are NOT NORMAL. Unfortunately, I am now one of THEM TOO. Because Dr. Morris RItz exploited my age and my naivety by encouraging me to have an operation I did not need and he should have told me I was very NORMAL. And he also said the pain afterwards wouldn't be anything a headache tablet wouldn't cure. I cannot even begin to desribe the pain I was in afterwards. I was so traumatised by it that I had to see a counsellor afterwards. I was not expecting it and the counsellor explained that because I was not properly informed and was expecting to wake up with a head ache kind of pain, but instead felt as if someone had tortured me in my most private place/ PLEASE DO NOT HAVE THIS DONE- Your boyfriend is a normal heterosexual male and that's why he finds your labias attractive! The labias that are presented in porn that are all trimmed etc... are aimed at SICKOS because only little girls have labias like that- so the online perves are probably just pedophiles anyway. It's all ! a BIG CON - Real men don't care. I think Hungry Man is a pretty gross guy but his sentiment says t all really-- He likes all labias, any size, any shape, any part- even the bits that have been cut off.
      Honestly, if a guy is taking the time to figure out how your inner and outer labia look together, he is not a normal guy. Men who love women don't think about things like this and by the time they're down there- they are most definitely not thinking about what it looks like.... A "weirdo" might- and only a "weirdo" - A "weirdo" like Dr. MOrris Ritz would chop a young woman's normal labia without telling her she was normal and without telling her that she'd feel the kind of pain I did. It's all a CON by weirdo, perverted men. Don't do it.

    4. Dr. Morris Ritz was recently mentioned on a segment by sixty minutes for mutilating a patient. He's absolutely SHONKY and should not be practising. Look at the channel 9 website, sixty minutes, the Beauty Trap, by Tara Brown on 27th August 2010.

    5. As a guy I love them all. I do find its a special treat if they are bigger,fatter,longer. Most guys as one girl said before-- guys are lucky to be there to begin with. I will not bring a ruler if you don't. To all the beautiful women of the world.

    6. Why would you want to reduce your femininity and beauty by mutilating your (presumably lovely)large labia?

      You said your boyfriend likes them the way they are and is against any reduction. Most men would agree.

      Labial reduction is a sleazy scam used by unscrupulous surgeons to rip off and demean women by playing on their fears.

      Please don't do it.

      What if your boyfriend went and had half his penis removed?

    7. Thank you all for posting these comments. i had my daughter read them, she thought she had freakishly large labia and really wanted surgery. She has changed her mind.

    8. Nothing is more beautiful than natural. Period.

    9. There is nothing good like having a wife with larger labia!!! Do never complain!

    10. mmmm yum yum I love eating big lips xx


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