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  • Monday, March 26, 2007

    Is Post-Operative Seroma Slowing Recovery after Tummy Tuck?

    Question: I had a tummy tuck 7 weeks ago. I am having random extreme pain below my incision on my pubic bone. I it feels like someone is holding a hot iron or like a biking wax. I was hospitalised 2 weeks after for having a seroma. That has been drained a few times. I have no swelling or infection. My Dr says it could be the nerves regenerating. Of my friends who have had the surgery no one has experiened this. I am usually vey active and can not exercise. I am getting very discouraged. As soon as I have a good day, 2 bad days come.. is this at all normal?

    Answer: The postoperative complication (seroma) you experienced will necessarily delay the healing of the wound. You can consult your surgeon with further questions about your symptoms.

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    1. I know this feeling...I had it for a week after removal of 40cc of fluid and it finally went away..thank god..advil was the only thing that helped. I hope it doesn't come back..I'm 4 weeks post of for tummy tuck and lipo. And breast aug. I'm still at 20cc fluid but they won't take it out inless its over that.


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