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  • Monday, April 9, 2007

    Botox ® - The name of the Game

    Botox ®
    Botox Injection
    Botulinum toxin type A whose trade names include Botox ®, Vistabel ®, Dysport ® and Neurobloc ® is a method of filling wrinkles on the forehead, between the brows and around the eyes without surgical lifting and without a surgical knife. It is a prescription only drug in the UK. Botulinum toxin will be referred to as Botox ® for the rest of the article as this is the most widely known trade name.


    Botox ® may also be used on wrinkles on the lower part of the face and neck, often in combination with dermal fillers. Currently there is a whole range of methods and products which can smooth your skin. Silicon, collagen and other substances are also used.

    How does Botox ® work?
    When the Botox ® toxin is injected into specific muscles in tiny amounts Botox ® blocks neuromuscular transmission and gradually initiates muscle relaxation. This means that when you laugh or frown, the overlying skin becomes smoother and unwrinkled while the untreated facial muscles work normally, and facial expressions are not affected. The use of Botox ® has a significant effect on areas such as wrinkles around eyes, frown lines, forehead, or at the top of the nose, and has proved far better then using collagen.

    How long does the effect of the Botox ® injections last?
    The result is visible within 3-10 days and lasts from 3 to 6 months. Then, it is possible to repeat the procedure so that its effects are prolonged.

    What happens during the Botox ® procedure?
    Your skin will be cleaned and then small amounts of Botox ® will be injected into the area to be treated. You will be advised not to massage or rub the treated area and to treat it gently for 24 hours following treatment. The treatment is undertaken without any anaesthesia and generally takes 30mins approximately depending on treatment areas. the client can leave after application and return to their normal life.Generally there is no pain associated with this treatment (depending on your own personal pain threshold). Some redness can occur at entry point, but generally this procedure is common at lunch time and patients are known to go straight back to work after the procedure.

    Botox Before and After

    What are the risks of Botox ®?It is very hard to predict exactly how Botox ® injections will affect your muscles. You may therefore find that the results are not what you intended. Very occasionally patients who receive Botox ® injections in the forehead experience a drooping of the eyelids or eyebrows, although this is temporary and will resolve itself when the effects of Botox ® wear off. Rarely double vision or blurred vision can occur and you should seek medical attention if this happens to you. The risk of side effects following treatment is reduced by going to an experienced practitioner.
    Some brands of botulinum toxin may not be licensed for cosmetic use in your country. If this is the case medical, dental and nursing practitioners have a responsibility to explain that these medicines are not licensed for cosmetic use and ensuring that the patient understands this.

    Botox ® is a temporary solution
    The effects of Botox ® are temporary. If you are looking for longer lasting solution, you may want to talk to your doctor, dentist or surgeon about alternative techniques.

    How much does Botox ® cost?
    In the UK Botox ® costs approximately £200 per session although it will be cheaper in other countries.

    For before and after images see Botox Photos


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